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Locus Online: The Website of The Magazine of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Field

Locus Online: The Website of The Magazine of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Field
Sat 19 Apr 1:00 pm Nominees for the Hugo Awards and for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer have been announced by LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction... Nominees for the 1939 Retro Hugo Awards have been announced by LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in London, England,... "The Colossus of Northern California": A Review of Transcendence by Gary Westfahl

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Quantum Realities - Specualtive Science Fiction E-Magazine Submission Guidelines E-Magazine Overview Quantum Realities is a new e-magazine that focuses on publication of material related to speculative science fiction with an emphasis on controversial social science fiction. Historical Tapestry: Into The Wilderness by Sara Donati It is December of 1792. Elizabeth Middleton leaves her comfortable English estate to join her family in a remote New York mountain village. It is a place unlike any she has ever experienced. And she meets a man unlike any she has ever encountered--a white man dressed like a Native American, Nathaniel Bonner, known to the Mohawk people as Between-Two-Lives. Determined to provide schooling for all the children of the village, she soon finds herself locked in conflict with the local slave owners as well as her own family. When I first heard of Into The Wilderness I must confess I was a bit doubtful that it was the book for me.

Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works: Overlooked Gems Great Science-Fiction& Fantasy Works science-fiction & fantasy literature:a critical list with discussions "He went to a high glazed bookcase full of vellum-backed volumes; from where he stood Prospero could read titles like Aristotelis Opera and Mysterium Cosmographicum. Standing on a cane-bottomed chair, the man lifted down from the top of the case a huge untitled volume with the Seal of Solomon stamped on the side." Clarkesworld Magazine - Online Science Fiction and Fantasy : Submission Guidelines Clarkesworld Magazine is a Hugo and World Fantasy Award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes short stories, interviews, articles and audio fiction. Issues are published monthly and available on our website, for purchase in ebook format, and via electronic subscription. All original fiction is also published in our trade paperback series from Wyrm Publishing. We are currently open for art, non-fiction and short story submissions. Fiction Guidelines Stories must be:

Finding Your Way Into Your Story - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS® I recently avoided a workshop assignment that should have been completed in no more than an hour because I couldn’t find a way into my story. This workshop generates significant, raw material for me. New characters and compelling stories emerge; sentences flow, and everyone contributes imaginative, heart-stuttering stories. It’s a word-feast, and I was strolling along eating it all up, licking my fingers—when it vanished, and I found myself with word-sticky fingers, staring at a blank page. I had characters, an idea, but they were elusive. It Came from the Slush Pile by Carol Pinchefsky - Intergalactic Medicine Show December 2005 It Came from the Slush Pile "I got a cover letter in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, where I had to piece it together. I put together the first couple of pieces and said, 'I can't believe I'm wasting my time on this.'

Genre-ville book map My Wasps journey started, like so many others, in Sudbury about 20 years ago when I started attending matches with a mate, sadly gone now, whose family were like Wasps royalty - former captains and chairmen and the like. It took us on to Loftus Road, where the ownership of Chris Wright ushered in what might now be thought of as the golden age. I was a season ticket holder for a good while and loved the old cramped ground. It was at Loftus Road that the Club came the closest to building a large enough following to support it in the modern professional era. And many times since I've wonder if the Heineken Cup triumphs that followed, as well as England winning in 2003, might have sparked enough interest to drive crowds towards the 18 to 20 thousand level that might have made it London's true rugby home. It wasn't to be and not long after we packed off to the unlovely, unatmospheric Adams Park, tucked inconveniently away in what might be the least accessible corner of High Wycombe.

Top 100 Science Fiction Blogs By Kelsey Allen Science fiction works tend to engender an enthusiastic following in the academic and literary world. Whether you’re interested in books, movies, TV, or a little bit of everything, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of the Internet’s many science fiction blogs. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 of the best of these blogs to satisfy your craving for all things sci fi. Weird Tales - Submission Guidelines We closed to fiction and poetry submissions February 26th of 2014 at 6PM Eastern time, and plan to open again in the Fall of 2014. We will announce new themes at that time. We pay three cents a word for unsolicited submissions published in Weird Tales Magazine. We pay a $10 flat fee for under 500 word pieces of flash fiction published on this website. Each issue of Weird Tales has a theme. If your story relates to these themes, your response time will be sped up.

Project: Start a Commonplace Book Creating a commonplace book can help you keep track of your educational journey. It’s a place to record favorite quotes from the books you read, ideas you have, and questions that arise from your studies. Over time, your commonplace book will turn into a record of who you’ve been and how you’ve changed. You can use it to track the progress you’ve made and reflect on the thoughts that have shaped your life. This article will show you how to get started.

All Possible Worlds: A magazine of science fiction and fantasy stories. - All Possible Worlds Story Submission Guidelines - We are currently accepting submissions of quality science fiction and fantasy writing of 500 to 6,000 words. We are willing to include genre hybrids (a fantasy mystery, space comedy, or technological horror, for example). We want well-written stories that entertain - stories that the reader cannot stop reading until the story is finished.

If you like ... The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown Books featuring codes, religion, the art world, conspiracies, fast moving action, historical or scientific details, biblical tie-ins… A Christchurch City Libraries booklist. 9 items The Templar Legacy Book - 2006 The ancient order of the Knights Templar possessed untold wealth and absolute power over kings and popes until the Inquisition, when they were wiped from the face of the earth, their riches lost.

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