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Atomic Rockets

Atomic Rockets
Your imagination has been captured by the roaring rockets from Heinlein's SPACE CADET or the Polaris from TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET. But are such rockets possible? How does one go about defining the performance of these atomic-powered cruisers? This document gives some hints and equations that will allow back-of-the-envelope calculations on such matters. Though horribly simplistic, they are far better than just making up your figures. This site was mainly intended for science fiction authors who wanted a little scientific accuracy so they can write SF "the way God and Heinlein intended" (Arlan Andrews's Law). The engine and the torchship pages explain how easily do some of the calculations using Nomograms. . While this site originally focused on rocketry equations, as you can see it has grown to encompass other topics of interest to SF authors and game designers.

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TTA Press - Interzone: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Contributors' Guidelines Contributors' Guidelines It is strongly recommended that you study the magazine before submitting. Being familiar with what we publish will obviously greatly improve your chances of acceptance. Non-Fiction The Martin SeaMaster & Convair Sea Dart v1.0.7 / 01 jul 15 / greg goebel * The 1950s was an era of aggressive innovation in aircraft design, not all of which was successful. Two of the more interesting exercises were a pair of advanced seaplanes, the Martin "SeaMaster" flying boat and the Convair "Sea Dart" hydro-ski fighter. Questions to guide you in worldbuilding for fantasy or science-fiction — Veronica Sicoe I’ve been busy worldbuilding this week. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the process of writing sci-fi, and it makes me all giddy and drooly like a kid that’s been dropped into a toybox. Since I revisited my collected materials for the worlds I’m writing in, and have overhauled one of these entirely, I grabbed the opportunity to put together a list of important worldbuilding questions to share with you. Not every author goes about worldbuilding the same way — and that’s perfectly fine, since not every genre needs it, and not every story is focused primarily on the setting. Also, not all aspects of a world or society are equally relevant to that particular plot. But even if you’re only using the setting as a wallpaper, you still need to understand how it works and why, so that you don’t accidentally slip and kill the reader’s suspension of disbelief.

SpinCalc <H1>Sorry ...</H1><P><STRONG>Your browser doesn't support JavaScript programs.&nbsp; Please consider upgrading.</STRONG></P><HR> an artificial-gravity calculator in JavaScript [About the Calculator]

The Alternative-Science Respectability Checklist Believe me, I sympathize. You are in possession of a truly incredible breakthrough that offers the prospect of changing the very face of science as we know it, if not more. The only problem is, you’re coming at things from an unorthodox perspective. Maybe your findings don’t fit comfortably with people’s preconceived notions, or maybe you don’t have the elaborate academic credentials that established scientists take for granted. Perhaps you have been able to construct a machine that produces more energy than it consumes, using only common household implements; or maybe you’ve discovered a hidden pattern within the Fibonacci sequence that accurately predicts the weight that a top quark would experience on Ganymede, expressed in femtonewtons; or it might be that you’ve elaborated upon an alternative explanation for the evolution of life on Earth that augments natural selection by unspecified interventions from a vaguely-defined higher power.

Boeing Bird of Prey - Stealth Aircraft Technology Demonstrator - History, Specs and Pictures - Military Aircraft, Helicopters and Drones Staff Writer (Updated: 4/25/2016): The realm of stealth aircraft ultimately required dedicated technology demonstrators to prove various qualities sound or unsound. Boeing and McDonnell Douglas teamed to produce such a vehicle in their private venture "Bird of Prey" - a single-seat, single-engine demonstrator intended solely for furthering other projects - namely the X-32 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and X-45 Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) which were to arrive later. Only one Bird of Prey was ever completed and this product achieved its first flight on September 11th, 1996. It served up until retirement in April of 1999, completing a total of 38 total flights providing critical data. As with Lockheed's "Skunkworks" secret programs label, McDonnell Douglas adopted the "Phantom Works" name to cover projects deemed "off the beaten path". This led to the Bird of Prey never receiving a formal "X" designation throughout its testing life.

reality check - Could Mobile cities exist? - Worldbuilding Stack Exchange Hovering cities are too impractical, as my own answer to the link post goes into detail about. If your low to the ground you run into trees, mountains, etc. If your higher up you run into heavy winds. More importantly, the energy expenditure is just not realistic. However, one very similar idea is quite simple to do. Boat cities. Sci Fi Scoop Fox To Renew ‘Human Target’ And ‘Fringe?’ With the second series of Human Target having aired and Fringe having been moved to the Friday night slot, the question arises whether these shows will be renewed by For Entertainment? Looks like Fringe gets more excitement than Human Target, so there are still decisions to be made about both shows.