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Goodsie - Easy Online Store Builder - Intuitive design with no code required - Free 30 day trial

Goodsie - Easy Online Store Builder - Intuitive design with no code required - Free 30 day trial
Code Free Design The most flexible and powerful online store builder Goodsie’s groundbreaking new real-time design system is drag-and-drop, modular and supports multi-page, multi-layout e-commerce websites. The visual CSS interface provides all of the formatting flexibility and pixel level customization a developer normally has, but in a code free way that is accessible for those without technical skills. Build Award Winning Sites Stunning themes to get you started

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Too much talk in Analytics & too little action! Too much talk in Analytics & too little action! Posted by Ajay Kelkar on Sat, Sep 29, 2012 Is analytics yet another fad? Is there much more talk about it than real solid action. It does seem so when you look around you as a consumer. Marketers still don’t care, as much, about being relevant to you. Smart Bookcase Features a Ladder That Pulls Out Immediately Bring the atmosphere to you! This new super chic smart bookcase features a ladder that pulls out immediately. This bookcase is made from warm, unique South American hardwoods. Cowbird Is A Community For Amazing Storytellers, And Another Reason To Love The Internet Not yet familiar with digital storytelling platform Cowbird, despite recent glowing coverage from the likes of Wired and The Washington Post? Well, if you like reading, seeing or listening to a good story as much as I do, you will be mighty glad I’m introducing you to the site today. On a sidenote: I’m very happy that my last TechCrunch post is about something like Cowbird, because it’s one of those things that make me ever so grateful for the existence of the Internet.

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Stride, A CRM System Salespeople Will Hate (But Freelancers Will Love), Launches Into Beta Stride, a new CRM system designed to meet the needs of freelancers and small business owners, is launching into private beta today. The product, which was born out of an actual need for a more simplified CRM system, is focused on efficiency, not a complex feature set. It’s not for adding contracts, managing cases, or allocating tasks to a team of salespeople.

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Pour les artistes qui veulent ouvrir une galerie d'art ou pour tout individu ayant la graine de l'entreprenariat, Goodsie permet d'ouvrir un "e-commerce" au design professionnel. Toutefois, il y a des frais de 15 $ par mois. by antoinebrien Apr 18

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