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Lots ofProblems Get instant access to 30 years’ of well-respected, proven questions for Math, Science, Social Studies and English. Easy toUse With Problem-Attic you’ll spend less time preparing materials and more time doing what you love: teaching! More than aTest Generator Problem-Attic is an amazingly fast way to tailor your curriculum, challenge students, and personalize learning.

Seven Ways to Build Your Own Educational Games There are hundreds of places to find educational games and quizzes on the Internet. That said, sometimes you still cannot find quite what you're looking for. In those cases you're better off creating your own games. Here are seven good tools you and your students can use for creating games. Sharendipity makes it possible for students and teachers to quickly create and share simple video games.

Ten Good Video Sources for Social Studies Students and Teachers Yesterday, I published a post about Ten Good Video Sources for Science Students and Teachers. Part two in this series of posts is Ten Good Video Sources for Social Studies Students and Teachers. As a Social Studies teacher, I have used all but one of these sources in my classroom at least once and most of them I've used multiple times. The first source that came to mind when I started to think about this list is Keith Hughes's Hip Hughes History videos. Because of his quality work Keith was recognized as a YouTube EDU Guru last fall.

WJEC Question Bank Question Bank is a free tool which allows you to create practice question papers from thousands of past paper questions. In just a few clicks, you can create your own customised paper from our bank of WJEC examination questions. Find the questions you need, add them to your paper and export your paper with accompanying mark scheme and examiner's comments as a PDF ready to use in the classroom. Question Bank is currently available for:

Recognizing Functional Groups Practice Worksheet Answers Recognizing Functional Groups Practice Worksheet Answers Blank Worksheet Alphabetical Organization of Functional Groups Logical Organization of Functional Groups Print this worksheet and see if you can circle and name all of the functional groups in the following molecules. AIR Portal, Science and Social Studies English language arts and Mathematics Sample Items Released Sample items for Ohio’s State Tests are now available in the Student Practice Site. Students may log in as guests to access five to eight sample items for each of the following tests: Grade 3 and high school English language artsGrades 3-8 mathematics and high school mathematics, algebra and geometry These new items join the practice tests for science and social studies on the site, offering students more opportunities to learn what to expect on state tests.

full notes Mathster: Online Maths Assessment and Worksheets Interactive Assessment Worksheets 27 April 2014 AWARD-WINNING mathematical word problems with different solution strategies. Interactive image maps on various human body systems with definitions. Multiple-choice questions (with instant feedback) on states of matter, food chains and the human body. Reading and comprehension exercises based on 'Matilda' and 'Danny, Champion of the World' by Roald Dahl.

Next Gen Assessments: sparrc Archiving Early America: Primary Source Material from 18th Century America Create A Test: THE ULTIMATE MATHS ASSESSMENT PACKAGE Welcome to Constituting America, sponsors of the We the People 9.17 Contest.