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More Ideas Than You’ll Ever Use for Book Reports

More Ideas Than You’ll Ever Use for Book Reports
Submitted by Teacher-2-Teacher contributor Kim Robb of Summerland, BC Create life-sized models of two of your favorite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book. Crouch down behind your character and describe yourself as the character. Tell what your role is in the book and how you relate to the other character you have made. Create a sculpture of a character. Related:  Reading Assessments

Creative Literature Projects Students Love Sometimes it’s difficult to get students interested in literature, especially the classics. Spicing up lesson plans with some creative projects allows students who are not traditionally academically successful to show what they’ve learned in a slightly different way. The results can be refreshing and rewarding! Here are ways you can spice up your lessons as well have examples of what I have done in my classroom. Creating Themed Environments in Your Classroom Creating a classroom party around a themed book topic can be fun and educational. My Great Gatsby Party Mastery-based learning is a classroom management solution for students who don'... A few outdoor teaching strategies that can help to maximize your students’... How to stress and teach kindness. A few teaching strategies to help your students think like optimists. Five classroom management reasons to let your students select their own stories. This is the first year I’ve tried this project, but it was fun and really successful. Poem Parody

Characterization Worksheets Five Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports On Tuesday evening I gave a presentation in Second Life for school librarians and media specialists. One of the topics that I talked about was alternatives to traditional book report assignments. While this post is a follow-up to that presentation, the post on its own should give you some ideas for alternatives to traditional book report assignments. 1. Create book trailers. 2. If stop-motion videos are more your speed, Kevin Hodgson's Making Stopmotion Movies is a fantastic resource for directions and advice on making stop-motion movies. 3. 4. 5.

Ecriture scénaristique Claudine Desmarteau en est à son deuxième parcours « La Culture et l’Art au Collège », le dispositif d’éducation artistique et culturelle initié par le Conseil départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis. Cette fois, elle part de Troubles, roman publié en 2012, où le cinéma tient une place à part entière, pour faire découvrir son univers à une classe de 3e du collège Jean Jaurès à Montreuil. Tout au long de ce parcours, les élèves réalise un petit carnet, où ils écrivent et conservent les différentes activités qu’ils expérimentent avec l’artiste : exercices de style autour du roman ou du film, croquis et dessins de scènes ou d’affiches. Ayant visionné ce film lors d’une séance précédente, lundi 15 février les élèves ont participé à deux ateliers. Depuis 2009, l’équipe du Salon a accompagné 35 parcours La Culture et l’art au collège dans tout le département de la Seine-Saint-Denis, donc 5 actuellement en cours.

Graffiti Wall: Discussing and Responding to Literature Using Graphics Overview Featured Resources From Theory to Practice This lesson is used for discussion of a novel read by the whole class. back to top Literary Graffiti Interactive: Using this online tool, students draw images about a text they are reading. Claggett (1992) states that "the use of graphics will help students make meaning as they read, write, and act, [which] is firmly rooted in current thinking about how the mind works." Teaching students to visualize what they are reading and create graphic symbols helps them develop as readers. Further Reading Claggett, Fran, and Joan Brown. 1992. Armstrong, Thomas. 2003. Dale, Helen. 1997.

62 School Project Ideas Are you a teacher, parent, or student looking for a creative project idea? You should find this list of 62 project ideas to be a great resource for designing activities and projects. When students create projects, they are the active agent in the learning process; the classroom is centered on the student rather than the teacher and the role of the instructor evolves to that of the facilitator. This list should give you great ideas to create projects for any topic of study. Leave a comment below to share how you’ve applied these ideas in your home or classroom. Advertisements: create an advertising campaign to sell a product. I hope this list of project ideas will prove to be a valuable resource in creating projects for your students or children. android:text=”@string/main_title”B

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Ecriture : émission Fce Cult. Papous Jeux littéraires, d’écriture et de langage, où prime le goût du non-sens, l’esprit bouffon, la gourmandise de la dérision. Culture sans gaieté n'est que ruine de l'âme. Cette formule est un impératif... catégorique pour Des Papous dans la tête . Les Papous , c’est une forme radiophonique originale, une provocation ludique à l'imaginaire par le jeu des mots et du langage, un jeu pour le plaisir. "J'aime jouer" disait Georges Perec. Jouer c'est provoquer l'inattendu, une affaire de fêlés, et parfois la fêlure donne de sacrées surprises. © Rébus d'Henri Cueco > Les livres de la bande des Papous > Les vidéos des Papous > La vie du club Les jeux littéraires des Papous : > Jouez avec les Papous à "Dix mots pour des histoires"(en lecture) > 10mots pour une histoire, en prose, ou rimes (en lecture) > 11 mots pour une histoire (en lecture) > Vos essais sur les Jeux Papous > La Textée (en lecture) > Le Clavecin bien trempé ou jeu des homophonies approximatives > 10 Mots pour une histoire (en lecture)