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Free Bookmark Manager | Fav-Links Bubble Browser :: Entirely new approach for your Evernote data! What is BlinkList bookmarking tool? BlinkList is a powerful productivity tool that makes is much easier for anyone to share and save their links for later. Save any link in one easy click We give you a browser button to save web pages you like in one click. Make sure that you never lose a cool web page again With BlinkList you can save a local copy of any web page on your computer. That way, even if the web page disappears, you will always have a local copy that you can get back to later. Access your links from any computer We give you a website so that you can easily access all of the links that you saved from any computer. Find any of your links in 0.18 seconds BlinkList has a lightning fast search engine that will help you find the links that you are looking for in the fraction of a second. Easily share links with others While browsing the net, you can share links with friends in just one click. Quickly save your favorite articles of the day and read them later offline Share links in groups Follow your friends on BlinkList

Del marketing online al Content curation: más allá de la agregación de contenidos Uno de los aspectos del marketing de contenido que está ganando un auge cada vez mayor es el content curation. Según Beth Kanter, la curación de contenidos es el proceso de elegir y filtrar entre la inmensa cantidad de información que se vierte en el medio online y presentar aquella más destacada, de forma organizada, en base a un tema específico. El propio Enrique Dans también nos arroja un poco más de luz sobre el término “content curator”, poniendo de relieve su importancia y relevancia en la red de nuestros días. Tal y como destaca el propio Dans, el “content curator” consume contenido, lo filtra, lo recopila, lo comparte, y aprende a partir de las respuestas al mismo. La diferencia principal respecto a la aggregation content es que la curación de contenidos se realiza de forma manual y siempre se añade cierto valor. Llegados a este punto, ¿en qué se diferencia de la simple agregación de contenidos? Cuenta con altas posibilidades de indexación. Ideal para compartir. - Visual Bookmarking Made Easy Spicynodes OpenTopic pearltrees alternative > ist aber weniger komplex, sonst OK Manifesto For The Content Curator: The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future ? Every hour thousands of new videos are uploaded online. Blog posts are written and published. Millions of tweets and other short messages are shared. To say there is a flood of content being created online now seems like a serious understatement. Until now, the interesting thing is that there are relatively few technologies or tools that have been adopted in a widespread way to manage this deluge. We pretty much just have algorithmic search, with Google (and other search engines) as the most obvious example. The real question is whether solutions like these will be enough. What if you were to ask about the person that makes sense of it all? The name I would give it is Content Curator. In an attempt to offer more of a vision for someone who might fill this role, here is my crack at a short manifesto for someone who might take on this job: In the near future, experts predict that content on the web will double every 72 hours. Interested in hearing more about content curation?

With Bundlr you can select the most relevant content about your favorite topics, be it photos, videos, tweets, presentations or articles. Research for a work assignment, pick your favorite music videos, cover real-time breaking news or wrap up an event are just some examples of things you can do. by sergeykucherov Feb 27

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