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Coffee Filter Roses

Coffee Filter Roses
Back in my failed former days as a window dresser, I got some good advice from Tanja, the Grand Dame of the cosmetics department. Originally from Romania, Tanja was widely renowned for her eyebrow waxing skills and had arrived at a point in her career when she only had to take one appointment a day, then happily dragged it out all afternoon. Most of the time was spent smoking and laughing and singing gypsy folk songs about beet salad, then more smoking and dispensing advice about important things like men, business, and unwanted hair. Of the many things I learned from Tanja, there are three golden nuggets that stand out; Never brush your teeth with blue toothpaste.Men with excessively bushy eyebrows are likely to cheat on their wives.Women will buy anything wrapped in roses. *Women married to men with excessively bushy eyebrows should expect a lot of roses. A week after Tanja dropped that old chestnut, my new boss gave me the task of revamping a central display table. SHAZAM! Materials:

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Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial - Emmalee Elizabeth Design I’ve had some requests to do a tutorial on the coffee filter roses I made for my wedding. So here it is. Like I said they really are easy once you get the hang of them. A bit of practice and you’ll have beautiful roses in no time. The supply list is simple. You will need: floral wire 22–24 gauge white cone shaped coffee filters floral tape scissors pen Petal template (Martha Stewart and Cassie Mae Chappell have a great one, click here to download it)

The Best Homemade Playdough Recipe Over the years I have tried at least 10 homemade playdough recipes, and some have been big hits, and some have been big misses. I feel like I have finally figured out the best recipe, and I am going to share it with you today. It is pretty easy, and involves ingredients that you likely have at home all the time (except maybe you don’t have cream of tartar…maybe…). This recipe is quick, yields a lot of playdough, and the playdough actually stays good for a long time.

Friday Flowers: Ombre Chrysanthemums I love this project. It's fast, cheap, easy, AND it's fun to say aloud: obmre chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum is one of my favorite words of all time. I like the way it requires you to scrape your tongue across the back of your teeth to pronounce it properly. Chrysanthemum. Tutorial: Rolled Paper Flowers Now that you've had a couple days to dye your coffee filters, I imagine that your crafty little fingers are itching for more coffee-filter-fun... First, plug in your glue gun and make sure you have plenty of glue sticks. Grab your favorite pair of scissors, and a big pile of your lovely coffee filters (or any paper of your choice)

Paper Mache Clay Several years ago I developed a new recipe for a sculptural material I call “paper mache clay.” This material is so easy to use and so easy to make that I now use it exclusively for all my paper mache sculptures. The recipe has now gone “viral” and is being used by artists all over the world. It might be a bit more accurate to call this material “home-made air-dried cellulose-reinforced polymer clay,” but that’s way too hard to say (or type!), so for now, let’s just call it paper mache clay. How to get a terrarium started in 5 easy steps Once established, a terrarium creates an ecosystem that takes care of itself. (Photo: Sonny Abesamis/flickr) You know that sense of serenity you get when walking among lush plants at a botanical garden? There’s an easy way to duplicate that same sense of bucolic calm in your own home or office. One of the good things about terrariums is that they can be easier to care for than many houseplants. How many times, for instance, have you lost a houseplant because you forgot to water it?

Making a Valentine Paper Flower Who wouldn’t love to be given this gigantic paper flower on Valentine’s Day this year? It’s incredible! Find the full tutorial here on Green Wedding Shoes. (images by Studio Castillero)A few other flower themed craft tutorials seen around the web:Hanging Heart Charms at MADEMini Crepe Paper Flower Favors at Oh Happy DayDIY Wedding Day Flower Wall at A Beautiful MessI feel like I’ve been out of the loop a bit with the redesign and the two weeks we were away.Any brilliant tutorials/craft projects out there I missed? I’d love to hear your favorites!

CWTS reveal - the book clutch + how-to Did you see this week’s Crafting with the Stars? We got third place- and we’re moving on to round 2! Yikes! My project was the book clutch…this is the post:A little vintage book… upon further review is actually a clever clutch. This upcycled clutch is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go. Made from a vintage book and old bag found at the thrift store melded together to create this little gem of a purse. Recycle a phone book into a pen organizer Spring is finally approaching, and with it comes a familiar sound… the thud of a new phone book landing on the front porch. In our area, Jo and I are inundated with as many as 4 or 5 new phone books every Spring, from different publishers all trying to compete in the advertising biz. Of course nobody needs that many phone books, and I usually just toss all but one of them in the recycling bin, but this year I decided to try to upcycle one of them into something fun. I managed to turn one into a quirky and unique pen/pencil organizer that’s a real conversation piece on my desk!

Colored Denim Scrap Wreath I’ve been sharing quite a few craft projects lately made with colored denim. This wreath was really easy to make and I really love the way the different colored jeans blend together. There’s some time involved, so it makes for a great project to do in front of the television or even while sitting at the park with the kids. The blue jeans were dyed with simple fabric dye, but you can use fabric paint or even regular acrylic paint. Since I use my scrap jeans for several different colored denim crafts I used dye, just in case anything I wanted to use them for would be wearable and washable. However, anything you are making that will never go through the washer, like this wreath, it’s perfectly fine to use a paint that isn’t specific to fabric.

say YES! to hoboken: DIY: Scratch Off Tickets Put this in your ‘party planning’ list: Homemade scratch off lottery tickets on Artmind (the trick: you mix metallic paint with liquid soap for the scratch off part).I can think of lots of fun ways to use these. copyright 2014 liz stanley // all rights reserved DIY Party Animal Candles Hi there, it’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt with a fun and super easy diy today! As soon as I thought of making these I got a huge kick out of naming them Party Animals. Hilarious, but if you hear groaning…it’s coming from my house. Regardless of how cheesy the name is, these turn out awesome. Your kid’s favorite animal holding that birthday candle minus those red eyes that are oh so typical for plastic creatures, awesome.

Ancient Egyptians Transported Large Objects over Wet Sand, Study Suggests According to a new study published in the journal Physical Review Letters, ancient Egyptians used a simple trick to make it easier to transport heavy colossi and pyramid stones by sledge – they moistened the sand. Drawing of a wall painting from the tomb of Djehutihotep, a semi-feudal ruler of an Ancient Egyptian province, 1880 BC. A person standing at the front of the sled is pouring water onto the sand. For the construction of the pyramids, ancient Egyptians had to transport heavy blocks of stone and large statues across the desert. They placed the heavy objects on a sledge that workers pulled over the sand.

tutorial : reusable snack bag tutorial - Back to Her Roots When I posted last week about tips for a healthy business trip, a lot of people commented on my reusable snack bags! They are a breeze to make! So I thought I’d share a quick resusable snack bag tutorial. These go very, very quickly if you assembly line them. I made a dozen of them in about an hour and a half.