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 Design inspiration and Resources

 Design inspiration and Resources
It takes a lot of practice and effort to become a successful creative artist. Whether it’s in writing, design, 3D modeling, development, or any similar field. Creative ideas typically happen on-the-fly and usually branch off from a separate thought pattern. When the idea strikes you should take action and get it down before you have the chance to forget. This article will cover some techniques for planning out your creative ideas. The initial concept needs to be refined in order to produce something magnificent.

Blog Archive » 7 Tips For Creating a Print-Based Design Portfolio This is a bold statement, but building a portfolio is quite tricky because everyone seems to have a differing opinion on how it should be done. Building a portfolio is about showcasing your work and therefore, it should be an expression of your personality and design style. Most online articles tend to offer advice on just web-based portfolios. 4 Strategies for Working With Designers Without Killing Each Other Fourteen years ago, in my first job where my title was “Information Architect,” I clashed with a designer. We were working at a large advertising agency that was known for stunning design work. The art directors wielded a level of power at the agency that I have never seen anywhere else, and the result over the decades was a portfolio of gorgeous print and TV ads. The design-first method had worked well for this agency, winning them awards and a long roster of Fortune 500 clients, so they naturally decided to use this approach in their newly launched web department, too. Things went well for a while, until I attended a kickoff meeting for a new website project. The designer came to the meeting with an already completed graphic design, before any information had been provided about who the site was for or what it would do.

Ultimate Designer Toolkit PSD to HTML tutorial using 960 Grid System Sign up to download this tutorial plus 60,000+ more premium design items. This tutorial will teach you how to convert a PSD layout into a CSS / HTML valid website. This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to convert a PSD file into a CSS / XHTML website in less than 60 minutes. […] 90 Inspirational And Creative Portfolio Designs Portfolio usually known as your work identity over web or showcase of your works which helps you to get paid. There are many forms of Portfolio like file/paper based designs or print based designs or web based online designs. Here we talking about web based online portfolio designs which is easy to accessible and convenient to approachable. Designing of Portfolio is a quite difficult job for an artist as he needs to show his ability of design in it which leads him to get busy with new clients.

All time lovable kid's plat as ... Pin Pres by OOO My Design is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored. Pin Pres has won Josep Ros furniture design [via] All About Website Sidebars: Content, Design, and Examples Design What goes into your sidebar? Some site owners may choose to fill it up with anything - a place for anything and everything, just like a website junk drawer. However, a sidebar can be valuable real estate on any website, and depending on what the website's purpose is, can help further reach the goals of the website. In this post today we'll talk about sidebars in detail, from what goes in them to how they're designed. Building a Digital Concept Car It is far more effective to sit in a chair than judge its comfort by a picture of it. Web Site Browser Application Kiosk Mobile Application Desktop Client Digital Appliance Paper Prototype Click-Thru Screenshots Click-Thru HTML Interactive HTML+JavaScript Flash or Silverlight Adobe Air or MS WPF

36+ Resources To Craft The Perfect Portfolio A portfolio can be an amazing platform as it showcases your work, skills, experience and personality to potential clients and employers. However building a killer portfolio that is a lead generator on a consistent basis is a tough task. Whether you’re a designer, developer or writer, taking the time to craft a quality, professional portfolio that outshines your competitors, suits your needs and gives you a better chance of a successful and sustainable career is extremely important. With this in mind i chose the Portfolio theme for this week’s Theme Thursday as every creative can find something of value in these articles, from crafting the perfect portfolio to promoting your work better for optimal results. Portfolio Creation

Themed Teen Rooms (For Artist, Dancer, Rockstar and Scientist!) When we combed Carre’s site a few days back for some neat wardrobe designs, we couldn’t help but notice the set of themed teen room concepts they had for youngsters. Their teen room collection is broken down into four sets: Artist, Dancer, Rockstar and Scientist. Each set comes with its own set of props.

Which CSS Grid Framework Should You Use for Web Design? Ever wondered how all those slick "magazine" themes for WordPress and other platforms were created? Many, if not all, were designed using a CSS Grid Framework - at least in essence if not in actual fact. That is, you can use an existing CSS framework or build your own from scratch. While it's possible to design complex web page layouts without a framework, it's arguably an act in masochism. In this article you'll get an overview of the current batch of Frameworks and which you should choose to use. What is a CSS Grid Framework? About Design Chemical Bangkok What Is Our Background? Our experiences are wide ranging and cover several different types of industry and careers including; engineering, nuclear, airlines, rubber plantations, banking, supply chain management, purchasing, business management and of course web and print design. We have worked in both Europe and SE Asia with significant experience in the UK, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. It is this experience as both business managers and owners in several very different environments, combined with our knowledge of web design and printing, that gives us a better insight into how currently available technologies can be applied to benefit your business and create opportunities to grow online.

How to Prepare a Portfolio for a Graphic Design Job Employment: How to Prepare a Design Portfolio with focus on the Graphic Design Portfolio A portfolio is an important process and package, whether you are fresh out of school, a designer, a freelancer, an art director, or seeking employment in the graphic design field. A portfolio gives studios a view of your potential as a representative of their company. It helps prospective clients determine whether you are capable of fulfilling their project's design needs. Many questions may arise during the development of your design portfolio. Bunk Beds and Lofts for Kids and Teens' Room We had already featured furniture from Tumidei before in our post on Contemporary Teen Rooms, but the Tiramolla series from them emphasises on maximising space utilization and is ideal for a shared kids or teens room. Take a look at some of their lofted bedrooms: We have a featured a lot of teen room ideas before. See them here: Teen Room Designs

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