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The Artwork of Sterling Clinton Hundley The Fox Is Black Artist Creates Self-Portraits On Different Drugs, And The Results Are Insane (Photos) In what could be considered the craziest/most creative drug experiment ever, artist Bryan Lewis Saunders pushed himself to the limit when he decided to take a different drug every day for a few weeks. Not only was he not sober, but he also drew a self-portrait of himself while under the influence of these drugs each day. Now of course, we wouldn’t ever suggest trying this at home, and we’re quite frankly not sure how this guy was even able to survive this. After all, there’s no doubt that this takes a toll on your body. Nicotine gum Klonopin Dilaudid Risperdal Abilify Trazodone Hydrocodone/Oxycodone/Xanax Abilify/ Xanax/Ativan Absinthe Adderall Ambien Ativan/Haloperidol Buspar Butalbitals Butane Honey Oil Cephalexin Cocaine Computer duster Cough syrup Crystal Meth Dilaudid/Morphine Morphine IV G13 Marijuana Geodon Hash Huffing gas Marijuana Huffing lighter fluid Loritab Nitrous Oxide/Valium Psilocybin mushrooms Nitrous Oxide Percocet Pruno Marijuana resin Ritalin Salvia Divinorum Seroquel Valium Valium I.V. Valium I.V. Xanax

Deja View Bryan Lewis Saunders - Self-Portraits On March 30th 1995, I started doing at least one Self-Portrait everyday for the rest of my life. At present I have over 8,000 of them. Like fingerprints, snowflakes and DNA they are all different, no two are the same. For hundreds of years, artists have been putting themselves into representations of the world around them.

stuff. (by ido yehimovitz): IPHONE PIMPIN - "Slide to open" i've decided to make an iphone wallpaper (and hopefully some more in the future, if i'll be able to commit to the task) for you humble folks. a little token of gratitude for all the love and support you guys been showing both here and on FB. so enjoy and..err.. stuff edit: had some requests, so i've added a tablet version, retina supported. now you can pimp out your tablet as well. enjoy! Sergi Brosa Blog Rebecca S waltzforluma: "Holo Pearl" from Steven the Swordfighter. This is a medley of all of Holo Pearl’s music in the episode. Since she’s a broken facsimile of Pearl, we used a glitchy piano and an erratic collection of sounds.Music: Aivi & SurasshuArt: Joe Johnston I love Holo Pearl’s fight theme so much. 10:24 pm • 13 April 2014 • 2,746 notes joethejohnston: Sorry for the wait everyone, En garde!! 9:59 pm • 8 April 2014 • 2,608 notes Steven Universe returns this Wednesday at 7:00 4:18 am • 8 April 2014 • 2,643 notes Working on Sadie’s design… listening to Jeff Liu’s guitar… so wonderful 8:47 pm • 6 April 2014 • 1,417 notes rottenoak: Back in the early 1990’s, when anime was still called “Japanimation” and The Simpsons still featured Phil Hartman, no one could have conceived of the concept of Bartkira. 10:32 pm • 3 April 2014 • 1,781 notes ianjq: SU is coming back at a new night and time— Don’t miss out! 11:26 pm • 2 April 2014 • 4,638 notes radrappy: 1:27 pm • 10 March 2014 • 2,399 notes F, G7, Cmaj7, G7,

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