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The Fox Is Black Ushuaia DAVID OREILLY annette marnat Deja View URANIUM | Véronique Meignaud Creatures 1/2 . Rough done for a canceled project at Gameloft, 2010.. Screen Printed Cards 2/2 . Here is one of the screen-prints projects I’ve worked on the past few months. . . Christmas Contest : Results . (randomly picked) (randomly picked) I hesitated a long time before picking the 3rd winner ; they were a lot of good word associations.

stuff. (by ido yehimovitz): IPHONE PIMPIN - "Slide to open" i've decided to make an iphone wallpaper (and hopefully some more in the future, if i'll be able to commit to the task) for you humble folks. a little token of gratitude for all the love and support you guys been showing both here and on FB. so enjoy and..err.. stuff edit: had some requests, so i've added a tablet version, retina supported. now you can pimp out your tablet as well. enjoy! les calepins de lapin Rebecca S waltzforluma: "Holo Pearl" from Steven the Swordfighter. This is a medley of all of Holo Pearl’s music in the episode. Since she’s a broken facsimile of Pearl, we used a glitchy piano and an erratic collection of sounds.Music: Aivi & SurasshuArt: Joe Johnston I love Holo Pearl’s fight theme so much. 10:24 pm • 13 April 2014 • 2,746 notes joethejohnston: Sorry for the wait everyone, En garde!! 9:59 pm • 8 April 2014 • 2,608 notes Steven Universe returns this Wednesday at 7:00 4:18 am • 8 April 2014 • 2,643 notes Working on Sadie’s design… listening to Jeff Liu’s guitar… so wonderful 8:47 pm • 6 April 2014 • 1,417 notes rottenoak: Back in the early 1990’s, when anime was still called “Japanimation” and The Simpsons still featured Phil Hartman, no one could have conceived of the concept of Bartkira. 10:32 pm • 3 April 2014 • 1,781 notes ianjq: SU is coming back at a new night and time— Don’t miss out! 11:26 pm • 2 April 2014 • 4,638 notes radrappy: 1:27 pm • 10 March 2014 • 2,399 notes F, G7, Cmaj7, G7,

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