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Folio Focus - Gallery of Design Portfolios

Folio Focus - Gallery of Design Portfolios

10 Of The Most Stunning Portfolio Designs Having a great portfolio is the basis of getting attention from the right kinds of customers these days and it doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether you specialise in website design or anything else, you will need a great portfolio. There are a lot of portfolios out there and some of them are shocking. However, here are 10 of the most stunning portfolio designs out there. Enjoy! 1. This is a great portfolio design that has been designed to look like a notepad with doodles on it. 2. This is a stunning looking portfolio that is quite dark but is exceptionally well designed. 3. This is a bit of a different kind of site design as the website is designed to look like a house. 4. This is a very well designed portfolio that is actually very minimal, however, it does look great and really gives you all the information you need. 5. This is yet another quite minimal portfolio but the design of it is absolutely fantastic and it looks great on a good monitor. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

CSS Showcase Design Gallery, Deals, Tutorials & Community | Design Shack Unmatched Style Advertising Portfolio By Ed Mahony of Putting together a portfolio (or book) Most people in advertising should have a portfolio. Copywriters and art directors, of course. But account handlers, and, in particular, account planners, should, also, be able to offer up ideas in some sort of portfolio-like format. The following is an outline for how to put together a portfolio. Print pieces. Extra work (but not a substitute for main work) you can include one-off ideas / other items in general: General one-off ideasNew media (demonstrating that you are interested in new media as well as traditional)Scripts (radio / TV)Non-advertising work (related to your art director or copywriter work) The important point, though, is to make the main body of work stand out / be easy to access (and not get mixed up with the extra work). Finally First and foremost you want to wow portfolio readers with creative (and relevant, from a brand-positioning perspective) pieces – pieces that would work in the real world.

CSSRemix Web Creme | Web design inspiration html inspiration | HTML/CSS Web Design Inspiration How to Prepare a Portfolio for a Graphic Design Job | Graphic Design Portfolios Employment: How to Prepare a Design Portfolio with focus on the Graphic Design Portfolio A portfolio is an important process and package, whether you are fresh out of school, a designer, a freelancer, an art director, or seeking employment in the graphic design field. A portfolio gives studios a view of your potential as a representative of their company. It helps prospective clients determine whether you are capable of fulfilling their project's design needs. Many questions may arise during the development of your design portfolio. The following information and resources can help guide it in the right direction. Some general tips: Include about a dozen designs in your portfolio. The following are links to some good articles and other resources for planning a design portfolio. Carnegie Mellon University Design Portfolio Guidelines Portland Community College Portfolios: Some suggestions for developing your portfolio and The mini-portfolio Graphic Design Portfolios Portfolio Books

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