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Gallery - Portfolio

AZMAKRIEG | Kemp Remillard Concept Art and d-sign Skip to Content Scroll Down!! CGW class Star Citizen More G.I.Joe G.I.Joe ‘Super VTOL’ Train robots and autonomous helicopters Mustache Ride Gee Eye Joe Void Star Creations They expect results « Older Entries Untitled Page Le blog de monsieur sylvain Jeudi 7 juin 2012 4 07 /06 /Juin /2012 11:35 Acrylic on wood and paper (55x55cm) Mardi 29 mai 2012 2 29 /05 /Mai /2012 12:15 (acrylic - 40x65 cm) Jeudi 24 mai 2012 4 24 /05 /Mai /2012 15:25 acrylic - 28x40 cm Lundi 21 mai 2012 1 21 /05 /Mai /2012 09:07 Lundi 14 mai 2012 1 14 /05 /Mai /2012 12:27 Vendredi 27 avril 2012 5 27 /04 /Avr /2012 09:51 Vendredi 20 avril 2012 5 20 /04 /Avr /2012 10:49 Mardi 17 avril 2012 2 17 /04 /Avr /2012 09:38 Mardi 10 avril 2012 2 10 /04 /Avr /2012 09:33 Petite installation "pascale" dans la vitrine de la Galeria Pequena à Francfort sur le Main avec des lapins en papier et 1 cochon d'imposteur. Lundi 2 avril 2012 1 02 /04 /Avr /2012 11:47 Sylvain Mérot 2012 - Editions Eyrolles Vendredi 30 mars 2012 5 30 /03 /Mars /2012 10:58 Lundi 26 mars 2012 1 26 /03 /Mars /2012 12:25 Set de 10 cartes postales dans une superbe boîte tout nouveau tou chaud (série limitée 250 exemplaires) Lundi 19 mars 2012 1 19 /03 /Mars /2012 13:58 Mercredi 14 mars 2012 3 14 /03 /Mars /2012 17:02

The Art of Lawrence Mai Useful Photoshop Layer Styles Tips and Tricks Layer Styles are special effects that can be applied to Layers in Photoshop, and change the appearance of whatever contents that layer has. You can use them to get awesome results easily and quickly. This tutorial will show you some really useful, and time saving, tips and tricks for dealing with Layer Styles. Tip 1: Adding and Modifying Effects You can double click the layer to open the “Layer Style” dialog box, then click whatever effects you want to add, and modify the settings. Alternatively, you can click the Add a layer style icon down the Layers panel (Window -> Layers) to go directly to the effect you want to apply. Once a Layer Style is applied, a small “fx” icon and an arrow will appear to the right side of the layer. To modify an effect, you can double click it from the expanded list, or click the Add a layer style icon then choose the effect you want to modify. Tip 2: Disable Auto-Expanding the Effects List Tip 3: Hiding and Showing Effects Tip 4: Removing an Effect

Des photos qui ressemblent à des peintures Alexa Meade réalise ces photographies qui ressemblent à des peintures en peignant ses sujets pour un résultat surprenant : Et pour mieux comprendre comment ça marche : ( Source ) Maciej Kuciara // Concept art for film and video games SPARTH GW: Tell us about yourself. S: Well, to sum it up, I have been an artist since I was five. I lived abroad for many years as a kid, went back to France at the end of the eighties until 2003 when we decided to leave for Canada. In 2005, we had to solve a dilemma: leave Montréal where people are great, but where the weather was so hard to endure. We finally settled down in Dallas and I have been living here since. GW: Looking back, who or what had the biggest impact on you? S: I’d say my parents for having made the choices they did and having lived abroad for several years. GW: How much of a role has networking on internet forums and having a website had on your career? S: I suppose art sites and art blogs did have a lot of impact on my art and creativity, since it's always extremely inspiring to discover a new artist every day. GW: Why leave Ubisoft with so many prestigious projects lined up? S: I felt I had done my time in UBISOFT. GW: What was the original attraction to working at ID?

30 Great Examples of Graffiti Art Graffiti art became a mainstream expression of showcasing artistic skills in the early 60′s. The style is famous of its use to depict strong political opinions, it is popular amongst activists and aspiring and campaigners. Banned in various cities across the globe, this form of artistic expression uses flamboyant and vibrant colors to depict controversial messages. In recent times, this form of art has gained widespread fame in countries like Cuba and Mexico that are plagued by notorious and controversial issues. Various renowned artists of proclaimed graffiti as the most powerful art movement in the recent times.Graffiti is frowned upon by authorities due to its use to depict sensitive matters in a bold and blunt manner. Check out some great examples of Graffiti Art that will leave you awestruck. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Graffiti Designs, Graffiti Fonts, Print Ads, and Top Graffiti Designs. Advertisement King of Style Dream Graffiti

untitled sparth - depot - custom shapes i haven't posted for ages. and i guess it would be wise to open a new sketchbook on CA, where i'll be able to gather some of the latest stuff, as well as having a new spot to 2011.the initial reason why i want to open that new sketchbook is because of several techniques i've found out and started using within photoshop, and that some of you could benefit in various ways. if i can use that sketchbook as a repository for all the findings, it will be all good, and i'll be able to come back to it easily.we've been talking a lot with thom scholes about it, and we're still experimenting and pushing this thing forward. also, kekai, as well as other artists and friends, have started messing with the technique. it's super exciting seeing stuff pop up that way.