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// knitPro web app

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Free Apps for Knitters and Crocheters Some Thursday Rec’s – Free apps for your phone! Happy New Years Eve! If you are like me then you will be saying goodbye to 2015 at home because you are dull and boring, partying and dancing scares the bejesus out of you and you never could stay up until midnight anyway. So I’ll be knitting, handspinning, and maybe even playing around with my kiddie loom. And I’ll be playing on the internet. Flannel Receiving Blankets I’m starting to think that there is something in the water. Friends, left and right, are turning up pregnant. Thrilled with the good news, I’ve become a receivin’-blanket-makin’ machine. 3 Easy Ways to Chart a Knitting Pattern — so you wannabee a Domestik Goddess? How can a crafter turn an image into a custom pattern for a knitted motif — quickly and easily — without spending a fortune? It’s not as difficult as you might think, and it can be done for little or no cost at all. Suddenly, all sorts of creative possibilities come to mind – custom logo knitwear for the cheerleading squada child’s artwork reproduced on a sweater vest for GrannyImpressionist landscapes rendered on knitted afghans and throws a knitted tote with a rock idol’s portraityour pet’s portrait on a knitted cushion cover… Here, for example, is a chart for knitting a Union Jack flag motif in three colours.

Crochet Poncho Free Pattern EmailShare 104EmailShare I always wanted to crochet a poncho. This idea has long been bugging me. And then it happened: I finally chose the style and found the pattern. Knitting Terms and Abbreviations This is a comprehensive glossary of common knitting abbreviations that you are likely to find in a pattern. Wherever it's relevant, I've included links to videos which cover the technique. inch(es) Selecting yarn colors for stripes using color theory A lot of patterns going around at the moment feature stripes: two or three colors that go together perfectly. You could follow the colors suggested in the pattern sample… but you want to try something a little different. But how in the world do you pick a colors that go together?

Crochet Bedspread Pattern Hello.. Look how wonderful this crochet quilt!!This quilt is standard version around the world! Knit Foundry: Software Buy Knit Visualizer If you are upgrading from 1.x and have a discount code; please use our upgrade page. ** When you purchase our software to download, you will be sent an email with download instructions. The download is time sensitive so you should plan on downloading the software as soon as possible.

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