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Knitting - Entrelac Pattern

Knitting - Entrelac Pattern
When I first saw this pattern…. wow, this woven knit strips pattern is so beautiful!!! I definitely want to make this, but how? Thanks to the modern technology of internet, I searched through the web and found some videos that taught about it. I like Planet Purl’s video the most, not only that it is easy to understand, Beth Moriarty has every stitch covered and explained. I am able to cast on and start knitting after the first or 2nd views of the video tutorial. There are 6 parts of video tutorial to complete the entrelac knitting pattern, go through each of them and you will be able to do the same. I am not a proclaimed professional in knitting, but I have the passion to create something out of the needles and yarns. So, you think it is a real woven knit strips? [update: I made this into an Entrelac Messenger Bag] SOURCE: Planet Purl youtube video tutorial. Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners Related:  Knitting and Crochet Techniques

Crochet Sphere Pattern Calculator This is a crochet sphere pattern generator. It's easy to crochet a rough approximation of a sphere, but for mathematically inclined people this is the only method that gives real satisfaction. I'm far from being an experienced crocheter but I've been able to make some quite satisfactory spheres this way (picture on the right). If you have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. To get a customized pattern, simply enter the circumference of the sphere and press the button. NEW: Try the Crochet Lathe: Simply draw the outline and the program will generate the pattern. Piano Keys Quilt Border Pattern" The Piano Keys Quilt Border Pattern makes a delightful quilt border that will surround your quilt with vibrant, playful contrast. Download the Piano Keys Quilt Border Pattern as a PDF to print out the pattern. You'll need to enlarge the quilt block at 125%. Quilt Borders Image Gallery To make the Piano Keys Quilt Border Pattern: Corner square: Sew A to A, then stitch B to side of AA. Use this border on your favorite quilt pattern from the Quilt Patterns page. Not what you're looking for? Find a quilt you love on our Quilt Designs page.Flip through our Quilt Blocks to find one for your next quilting project.Learn How to Quilt or brush up on the basics with our refresher course.

Where to find free knitting patterns - by Rebecca Miller Rebecca Miller - 371577's image for: "Where to Find Free Knitting Patterns" Caption: Location: Image by: For knitters on a budget, there's no better pattern resource than the internet. One great place to start is at the websites of yarn companies. Knitting magazines, whether print or electronic, also keep free patterns at their websites. Thinking less commercially, keep in mind that wherever knitters gather, patterns will be shared. When searching community sites for knitting patterns, keep in mind that this takes a little more detective work than searching through pattern archives. Some of the best places to find patterns are direct from the designers on their blogs. Because most knit blogs are not famous, they take a little work to scout out. Finally, directory sites can bring you lists of hundreds of free patterns online.

101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials These simple handmade gift tutorials will make any crafty person’s heart sing with joy! You don’t need special skills or a bunch of time because these can all be done super fast! Simple and cute…that works for me! Oh, and think of all the money you will save making these gifts. {At least that’s the story I tell my husband…shhhh!} You are going to love these fabulous tutorials!!! You can make all your gifts for years from this list! If you love creative links, please subscribe to Everything Etsy! Thanks so much for all your tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes and pins on my Sewing Tutorials and Free Printables posts…you are the coolest crafty friends! If you want to be doubly awesome, try doing handmade gifts that are also eco-friendly! Handmade gifts make people feel special, don’t you think? ~Kim

L'A.B.C. du tricot aux aiguilles - Artisanat pour tous Allonger une maille, c'est enrouler le fil plusieurs fois sur l'aiguille droite sans de lui faire traverser la maille que l'on tricote. Au rang suivant, la longueur double ou triple du fil enroulé allonge la maille d'autant. C'est un signe conventionnel en étoile, utilisé dans les explications pour délimiter une partie du texte qui doit être répété, évitant d'allonger inutilement les instructions. Les mailles en attente sont celles qu'on laisse sur une aiguille sans les tricoter, parce qu'il faut d'abord finir, soit un côté d'une encolure, soit une manche, etc., en attendant de reprendre de l'autre côté de l'encolure ou de rajouter les mailles du corps du vêtement à celles des manches, etc. On appelle brin les 2 parties du fil d'une maille : l'un placé en avant de l'aiguille et l'autre en arrière. Le fil élastique sert à resserrer agréablement les poignets, les hauts de chaussettes, ceinturer la taille ou le tour d'un bonnet. Le texte est subjectif.

Crocodile Stitch I came across a lovely pattern on that included using, what they called, the Crocodile Stitch. Firstly, I have no problem paying for a pattern that someone has created and posted on the internet. I have no problem paying for an item that I don't want to make myself, from the internet. BUT, I don't think there is any reason to have to pay to learn a stitch. So I really loved this "Crocodile Stitch", but couldn't find it anywhere in an This video, however, only shows how to create the first row, and not the second row and so forth. So to be a good citizen, I will share my method with you, so that you can have a lovely scarf for yourself and your loved ones. Crocodile Stitch Scarf Medium: Crochet Tools: You can use whatever yarn/hook combination you want. l Hobby Lobby. Gauge: Whatever you want! Abbreviations: ch - chain, DC - double crochet Create slip knot. * For the scarf I made above, I chained 18. DC in 3rd chain from hook. Ch 1. 5 DC in first DC Ch 1. 5 DC in second DC.

How to Cable Without a Cable Needle November 7th, 2011 by Jess Now that you’ve learned to use a cable needle, what do you do if you want to start a cabled project and don’t have a cable needle on hand? Don’t fret; you can cross your stitches without using a separate needle! Here’s how to do it. Now, a few notes on this technique. Cabling without a cable needle works best on smaller cables.

Free Craft Patterns | Knitting & Crochet | Red Heart Yarn | Purple Kitty Day 63 – DIY Corona Glasses I cannot even tell you how excited I was when I found this pin explaining how simple it is to cut glass bottles. For our first anniversary, my husband signed us up for a glassblowing class. It was awesome and we had a great time. As we were leaving, one of the artists was turning Corona bottles into drinking glasses for a friend’s wedding gift. I was wondering why these glasses weren’t one of the projects we could choose from that day. I left there thinking that Corona glasses could only be made by the glassblowers and their fancy equipment. You can cut glass bottles at home using materials you probably already have on hand. glass bottles yarn nail polish remover lighter sink full of ice water sandpaper 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The hardest part about this project is getting the cut in the right spot. You can make more than just drinking glasses. Source: Crafty Scrappy Happy Related posts:

Points de crochet - Comment j’ai vaincu… Vendredi 4 décembre 2009 5 04 /12 /Déc /2009 23:17 C’est GigiS et son FreeForm Crochet qui m’ont fait découvrir la beauté du point de poste version crochet, le bullion de son petit nom anglais. Armée des explications en images de Bidouillette, je me suis attelée à la tâche… Mais, force était de constater que ma laine ne voulait vraiment rien savoir : impossible de passer tous les jetés du crochet sans les faire un par un ! Cela me rappelait la difficulté que l’on rencontre en maedup pour passer les cordons à tresser dans une perle. Trop heureuse du résultat, je ne peux m’empêcher de vous faire part de ma technique peu orthodoxe. Une fois ma rondelle classique de crochet servant de base, j’ai débuté le tour par les 3 mailles en l’air réglementaires, puis je me suis armée de deux crochets mis têtes bêches. C’est autour d’eux que j’ai réalisé le nombre de jetés (enroulements) nécessaires. L’opération délicate est maintenant de la faire passer à travers tous les jetés du crochet.

Tunisian Crochet How-To… Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch Welcome friends! This is my first How-To blog post and I am excited to share with you. I am going to show you how to Tunisian Crochet. Some of you may have heard of it and others maybe not. Either way, you will learn how to do it today! Tunisian Crochet is a fabulous way of mixing crocheting and knitting. To start off, you need a Tunisian Crochet hook. As you can see, it’s a long crochet hook… … with a stopper at the end like a knitting needle. If you can’t get your hands on one of these, you can use one of your regular crochet hooks. As far as yarn, feel free to use whatever you have on hand that will work with your hook. Stitches Ch– Chain Yo– Yarn over Sts- Stitches Sk– Skip Sl St– Slip Stitch Did you notice there’s no single, double, treble (etc.) crochets? A big thing you need to know and keep in mind as you do this is that you will go back and forth on your work and never turn. The Forward Pass you will be working right to left and The Return Pass you will work left to right. Chain 15

Joining Yarn - Russian Join - Knitting Community This is an easy join and works well on those yarns that cannot be felted. It requires a yarn needle. It can make things easier if you use a small needle and break the yarn end instead of cutting it. When you break the yarn, the tapered end it creates allows the tail to pass more smoothly through the shaft of the yarn. First, thread one of your yarn ends on a yarn needle. Insert the needle back into the strand of yarn and draw it through about two inches worth (depending on how slippery the yarn is you can increase or decrease this measurement), making sure to keep it inside the wound plies. Pull the needle and yarn tail out along the strand of yarn, leaving a loop at the end. Thread the other piece of yarn on the needle and pass it through the loop you created with the first length of yarn. Run this yarn back along itself as you did with the first. Tug on the yarn ends to tighten the loops. Trim the remaining excess yarn.

25 Free Beginner Knitting Patterns Take a second and think back to when you first started knitting. Were you intimidated by difficult techniques? Was it hard to find patterns at your skill level? Did you want a list of beginner knitting patterns? Preferably free beginner knitting patterns? I remember being frustrated by all the terms and techniques. If you’re a beginner knitter and need some easy patterns to start out with, this list is for you. The following 25 patterns don’t involve much more than knit and purl stitches. For each pattern, I included some of the skills you’ll need and where to find the pattern. Cowl & Scarf Knitting Patterns Where: Ravelry Techniques: Knit, purl, knitting in the round on circular needles How to get it: Free PDF download from Ravelry Where: Purl Bee Techniques: Knit and purl By: Purl Bee Where: Madelinetosh Techniques: Knit, purl, slip stitch By: Madeline Tosh Techniques: Knit By: Elisa McLaughlin 5. Where: Knitty Gritty Thoughts Techniques: Knit, purl, yo Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns Where: JCasa

CWTS reveal - the book clutch + how-to Did you see this week’s Crafting with the Stars? We got third place- and we’re moving on to round 2! Yikes! My project was the book clutch…this is the post:A little vintage book… upon further review is actually a clever clutch. This upcycled clutch is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go. Pair it with a ruffley blouse and some skinny jeans and you’re rockin’ the librarian chic look. (Plus you’re husband won’t feel too awkward when you ask him to hold it!) Smart and fashionable. Did you vote for us? How to make a book clutch:Scour every thrift store for purses with metal frames and a books about the same size. Gut your book: (This is where I stopped taking pictures, sorry!) Now it’s off to make the project for round 2: Decoupage.