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Finally. the rainbow beany. for free! - REVolution

Finally. the rainbow beany. for free! - REVolution
yes. you read that right! just finished this pattern and as a big fat thank you to all my loyal readers & followers, i will give it for free. so. grab yourself a nice hot cup of tea. or coffee. maybe some chocolate. or wine. who cares. you are on top of the world! and if if if IF you were just thinking this would be an awesome idea to pin, so more and more of us crafty ladies can share in this free tutorial: maybe just maybe it's an even more awesome idea to use the picture above of my lovely Sanne (wow, what a teeth huh? she's changing, but man scary. haha). because the text on the picture makes it even more easier for people to pin and repin it. because i love my lady! here we GO (oops i see now somebody stole my red yarn in this picture below or i forgot to place it, ahum, just picture RED in please): grab your supplies. i've used "Paris Drops" yarn. because i love the thickness & colors! i started with yellow. obviously. make a chain of 4. hello ring. here we go. still with me? rewind: Related:  Crochet/Knittingmy crochet

Crochet Pattern: Baby’s Dino Hat with Cape Photos of naked babies on sheepskins is sooo yesterday! But of course it had to happen, now that I got real sheepskin for my second grandson Dexter. Now, all the rage is to use props of various kinds. They can be cute or funky or silly or geeky or anything that catches the parents’ fancy. Often it’s something to show the interests of the parents. Just search for “baby photo props” on Google and you’ll get 5 million hits! My daughter Maria wanted a dinosaur/dragon outfit for her newborn son’s photo. I happened to have cotton yarn in the requested colors. Newborn Dino Hat/Cape Size: 14” hat with a 11” cape To make the hat a bit smaller/bigger, just add less/more DC on Round 4 evenly distributed.Gauge: 3DC and 2 rows equal 1” x 1”Yarn: worsted weight cotton – I used Fantasy Naturale from Plymouth YarnHook: US G or 4 mm – the yarn is for US8 knitting needles Cape: Count 10 stitches to the right of the last stitch and insert yarn. Attach blue yarn to the edge. Dorsal Plates ~ Marina

Rainbow mitts for Maia Maia started back at preschool this week and because its so wintery I wanted to make her some new fingerless mitts. The beauty of fingerless mittens is in their simple design… there really is nothing easier to crochet than a small rectangle in Half Double Crochet (HDC). These fingerless mittens are sure to brighten any little girl’s day! Easy Crochet Fingerless Mittens Tutorial (sized for a 4-5 year old) Using a 4mm crochet hook and DK (8ply) yarn of your choice. Pink: Chain 25. Turn and half double crochet in the second chain from the hook and in every stitch across. Red: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Yellow: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Green: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Light Blue: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Dark Blue: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Purple: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Violet: Change colour chain 2, HDC in every stitch across. Like this:

Christmas Hat Santa Hats Photo Props Beanie Winter Hats by YumbabY Woven Square Slippers: A Tutorial | Knitting Interrupted So weaving is great for making flat fabric, and with my loom I can whip up a 12″ square in a couple of hours. But what are you going to do with all those squares? I mean, I can only make so many dish cloths, you know? Then I got an idea. 1. 2. And, using it as a drawstring, pull it tight, gathering up one side of the square to look like this: Now your square looks like this: 3. leaving a hole in the top. Make another one and felt using your favorite method. Ezra hates them, of course, because he hates everything I make for him, but I think they’re pretty awesome. Like this: Like Loading...

Star Seams: a New Paper-Pieced Star, If You Dare One evening while perusing a catalogue, I found a shape that I wanted to try replicating in fabric: this mirror. I love the look of outlined stars (evidence: Lone Starburst), and immediately had visions of this new paper-pieced specimen. This new 12.5-inch (unfinished) block, which I call Star Seams, was born. I tried it out first with some lovely scraps... And then twice again with more limited, deliberate selections. The template looks quite neat on paper. I discovered that you have to be very careful with this template, and since I'm not the most careful sometimes, I had a few oopses. I don't love the process of paper-piecing. While I haven't been able to create the perfect exemplar yet (and may never...), here are the (free) templates I came up with if you're an intrepid crafter. Instructions: print 2 copies of the pattern to have 2 templates for each piece, A to F. Once each piece is complete, 1. join A -> B, C -> D, and E -> F, matching up outside edges and corners. 2. then AB -> CD,

Items similar to Mouse Ears girls red crocheted hat 10 FREE Fingerless Glove Crochet Patterns - 2 | The Steady Hand By Aprile Mazey on May 7th, 2014 153 views I am quite addicted to fingerless gloves. They are not just something to wear during Fall or Winter. Fingerless gloves can also be used as driving gloves, when gardening or working with your hands to prevent blisters or when you work out. I have made a couple of lists already for fingerless glove crochet patterns. Here is another list of 10 free crochet patterns to make fingerless gloves. Like this: Like Loading...

First Beret & Scarf Crochet Pattern If you know how to do chains and double crochets you can crochet this easy scarf and beret. Use this pattern to teach others to crochet or for making quick gifts that will be loved. RED HEART® Soft™: 1 ball 9623 Spearmint will make both the beret and scarf. Note: You may need a second ball to make this set with multi-color Soft. Crochet Hook: 5.5mm [US I-9]. Optional: ¾ Yard of ½” elastic. Beret fits most women.Scarf measures 4¼” wide x 40” long. GAUGE: Beret - Rounds 1-2 = 3” across.

Frozen's Olaf Snowman Hat EASY Crochet Pattern by HulaLoopDesigns Free Crochet Patterns and Designs by LisaAuch: How to Crochet The Star Stitch and Crochet a Warm Cosy Blanket I came across a pattern for a baby blanket using the "star stitch" not only had I never heard of this crochet stitch before, but I had never tried it. SO I taught myself a new stitch. The star stitch is also known (as I have since found out and hence probably why I haven't hear of it before) the Margarite stitch, daisy stitch and star stitch. Very easy to pick up and not only makes a beautiful stitch and pattern, it is lovely to work, especially in nice thick Aran Yarn. I made a lapghan for my Uncle. The star stitch is in multiples of two +5 So I would chain 105 to start Explanation of star stitch Star Stitch. Row 1. Row2: sc in next stitch, sc in eye of previous star made, sc. continue working in this manner to end. Repeat rows 1 and 2 There seems to be some variations of the stich, some books I read say to 3 sc into the eye of the previous rows star. Are you better at Video tutorials to learn how to crochet your stitches. Chain 165 Weave in all the loose ends, neatly. Blanket Border.

Sols(tr)ikke Sirkel i kvadrat… Circle in a square... Her skal eg prøve å skrive ned ei oppskrift. Det finst sikkert mange forskjellige måtar å lage bestemorruter som dette, men her er min metode. Håper de gir beskjed dersom noko er vanskeleg å skjøne. (Heklespråket er lettare å lese enn å skrive ned… ) ETA: You can find an all English version of the pattern here. I will try to translate this to English. (Follow the link to pages explaining the stitches.) Start: Hekle 5 lm, samle til ein ring m 1 kjm i første lm. Start: make 5 ch, join with ss into a ring. 1. runde: 4 lm (=1 st,1 lm), 1 st + 1 lm 11 g. 1st round: 4ch (=1dc,1ch), 1dc + 1ch 11 times. 2. runde: Start i ei av lm-buene. 3 lm (=1 stav), 1 st, 1 lm, *2 st, 1 lm* i resten av lm-buene. 2nd round: Start in one of the ch spaces. 3 ch (= 1dc), 1dc, 1ch, *2dc, 1ch* in the remaining ch spaces. 3. runde: Start i ei av lm-buene. 3 lm (=1 st)+ 2 st i lmb, 1 lm, *3 st,1 lm* i resten av lm-buene. Eg likar samlebandsmetoden, så eg heklar opp ein haug med sirklar før eg tar siste runda.

Girl in Air: How to Crochet Sesame Street Hats Newborn-Adult Sesame Street Hats! I have a pattern to share! I am going to attempt to share with you how to make these OH! So CUTE! Sesame Street Hats. I had a brain storm one day watching my son play with his favorite Elmo doll. I know these hats 'look' hard but trust me YOU can make these. In this tutorial I'm gonna share with you the patterns I found and TRY to explain how to do the other stuff I kinda just made up:0 You might have a better way but this is how and what I used to make these. I used Sugar'n Cream 100% cotton yarn. You'll need 1 skein of each color and a H/8-5.00mm hook. This pattern is for an average baby's head 6-12 months. Oscar in his trash can Big Bird catch in the children's net Elmo riding an Elephant at the Zoo Grover Cookie Monster Use the color yarn of your favorite character:1. So to sum it up and make it sound a little easier it's just 1. For the eyes: Round 1: 3 SC in 2nd CH from hk. Stuff head with polyester fiber fill or stuffing for shape Oscar: Use Black CH 20.

Pokemon Crochet Pattern Index by dawnschafer on deviantART Crochet workshop: Fingerless mittens Make these fashionably stylish and practical fingerless mittens which are worked in a decorative crochet stitch in cosy baby alpaca yarn. Designed by Erika Knight and published in her latest book Crochet Workshop (see bottom of article for book details and giveaway), the skill level is Intermediate and the mittens are one size, to fit an average-size woman’s hand. The finished length is 38cm. Click to enlarge In this project you will learnPractising half treble crochet Working a horizontal thumb hole Working pattern repeats Stitches usedHalf treble crochet; Treble crochet Treble crochet bobbles MaterialsRowan Baby Alpaca DK, a light double-knitting weight alpaca yarn, in one colour: 4 x 50g balls in light grey (208 Southdown) 3.5mm and 4mm crochet hooks Tension8 bobbles and 11 rows to 10cm measured over zigzag lozenge stitch using a 4mm hook. TO MAKE THE MITTENS Foundation chain Using a 4mm hook, make 37 chain loosely. [Repeat patt rows 2–5] 4 times more. Work thumb hole To finish Masterclass