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WolfDreamer: Enderman Plush Well, I finally got it done. LOL. Actually, I had the doll done for quite a while, but while moving things around and 'decluttering' my work room, I put my notebook in a *safe* place while everything was topsy-turvy. Of course, I promptly forgot where I put it! I finally found it and now I've got the pattern ready. This pattern is a bit more complicated than some. DIY Easy Norwegian House Slippers (the crochet version by Mommyknows) Last week after Craftzine so kindly put my Candy Sushi post up on their site, I found this nifty tutorial for Norwegian house slippers over there as well. I loved them, and the crafty side of me, that I try so very hard to suppress, just came bubbling to the surface. I was going to make these slippers! Crochet Parfait: Day of the Dead Banner I decided to take my skull graph that I made for the Skull iPad Case pattern and use it to make a decorative banner for the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. I made three different skull graphs. You can make all three or just use your favorite and make it over and over. I also show you how to do cross stitch on top of the crocheted, blank skulls if you would prefer to make your skull that way instead of crocheting the whole graph.

Free Crochet and Knit Patterns Slippers: NEW!Apache Tears Slippers (Crochet) - I love the Apache Tears Afghan, so decided to work this design into a slippers pattern. I love it! NEW! DIY crochet pincushion Find-the-pin-with-your-toe isn’t a very fun game. Trust me, I speak from experience. When I started crafting in earnest, I knew I needed a good way to store my pins. A little tomato with a flimsy thread loop wasn’t going to cut it. This pincushion was my first crochet design—not that I invented granny circles or anything. Free Knitting Patterns by Category - 9,000+ Free Knitting Patterns and Crocheting Patterns Crochet Patterns Knitting Patterns Sewing Patterns Cross Stitch Patterns Quilt Patterns Yarn Stores Search for: in: Free Knitting Patterns by category (over 9,000 free patterns!):

Crochet iPhone Case - Quick and Easy Pattern - Dabbles Quick and easy iPhone case. Crochet iPhone Case – Lately I’ve been feeling a burning desire to start crocheting again (I think it was around Christmas the last time I picked up a hook). At this time of year it’s not like we need scarves, cowls or beanies so I wasn’t sure what I should make but then I saw some really cute iPhone cases on Pinterest and thought that would be a great project to get me back in the crocheting game again. I looked at a few patterns and in the end just sort of came up with my own design. It’s ridiculously easy and quick – it took me about an hour and I’m a pretty slow crocheter. Even beginners can handle this fun project.

Ballerina Top Adult size Free Pattern Ballerina Lace Top Adult size By AnnooCrochet Designs (Pattern is for XS size ) You will Need: My Designs - Crystals & CrochetCrystals & Crochet My crochet designs are inspired by many things. My love of nature, trees, flowers, rocks, water. My dreams, visions, and my spiritual connection with all life. I hope you find inspiration and joy in the designs which I share with love.

Color Theory 101: selecting yarns that go together A lot of patterns going around at the moment feature stripes: two or three colors that go together perfectly. You could follow the colors suggested in the pattern sample… but you want to try something a little different. But how in the world do you pick a colors that go together? Color theory. That’s how! Most yarn lines contain a wide range of of colors. Free Crochet Patterns for Self-striping Yarn - Crochet For You Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. The main topic for today’ link list is the specific yarns we love. The idea came for this roundup after I posted on Crochet For You FB page for asking the ideas for next link list.

Quick and Easy Slipper Socks in 9 Women's Sizes - Free Crochet Pattern I have been working on this pattern for a while now. It's one of those things that you start... put down... pick back up... put back down... and then finally finish. I am happy to share this Quick & Easy Slipper Sock Crochet Pattern in 9 Women's Sizes! Feedback is very much appreciated as this is a pattern with a lot of information within it. This pattern has been tested several times (by myself) but with different sizes on my friends, as well as slippers being washed multiple times. Materials: - 74 - 118 yards (small amount) of heavy weight Worsted Weight Yarn - I used Red Heart's Super Saver - I9/5.5mm Crochet Hook - Tapestry Needle for Weaving in Ends