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DROPS Pattern Library: Crochet patterns

DROPS Pattern Library: Crochet patterns
DROPS pattern library contains patterns, and it keeps growing every day! The DROPS designers want you to see how these different techniques will look when applied to a knitting or crochet project. This is a very useful tool when you are looking for inspiration for own designs. Remember that by switching between yarn quality thicknesses and by picking a different knitting tension you will be able to create a new aspect to the design. NOTE: Click on the flag/link under the picture to go to the full pattern. Back to the School of Handcraft Sort by: Yarn quality | DROPS number | Pattern type Vienna To pattern Paris Related:  Crochet/Knitting/Sewing

How to create a crochet bag with ribbon How to create a crochet bag with ribbon Authoress: Chiara&Tizy Materials - 700 gr of cotton (or wool) ribbon (for sale here) - crochet hook nr. 12 - a couple of stiff handles - one brooch or other decorations Advices Don’t worry if the ribbon ball finishes: with good bobbles – that have to stay inside the bag during working – you can connect the ball at a new one! If at the first attempt the base of the bag isn’t good, try again: ribbon is easy to undo, but when the bag is finished, it will be indestructible! Somebody works too “strait” and other too “wide”: work as you like and as your fantasy suggests! Pay attention: working is different from a type of ribbon to another. The bag you can create with this tutorial Process The base 1. The bag 1. The handles 1. How to finish 1. You have only to take the crochet hook… Have a nice crochet bag work! Authoress: Chiara&Tizy, “La Catenella” from Bergamo (Italy) Up and down with a crochet hook…for passion! Link Facebook: La Catenella Delicious variations

Bright and Bold and Happy and Finished. I call this my happy ghan. This was made out of 7 scarf size (54"x5") strips. I added a row of single crochets around each strip, then joined together and edged. The scarf p attern was from a Michael's project sheet and very simple. For this afghan I had two skeins of each color and a size G hook. The finished size on this is 42" x 58", a great cover up on a chilly evening. 1. chain 23, sc in 2nd chain from hook, ch 1, sk 1 st, sc in next st, to last 2 stitches, sc in each, ch 1, turn. 2. sc in turning, ch 1, sc in ch 1 sp across, ending with sc in last sc, ch 1 turn (repeat row 2 for desired length). Crochet a row of single crochet around each length (I used shocking pink). Edging: Row 1 and 2 - sc around. Row 3: SC in 5 st, 4 dc in next st, around, fasten off. Happy Crocheting!

Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern | Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern What is more rewarding in the world than having your baby dressed in an outfit that has been specially crocheted by yourself like booties or cute sweaters. The Art of Crochet you will find is the easiest of all crafts to learn, even for total beginners of using yarn. It takes just an evening to crochet booties and a matching sweater for baby will take a weekend. Baby Booties To make the baby booties just require the basic stitches of : chain stitch (cs), dec (pull up the loop of the next 2 stitches, pull the yarn over then through both of the loops on the hook), and single crochet (SC). 1 Get some worsted weight yarn, equip yourself with a size H hook hook, and start by 5 CS (Chain Stitch). 2 Now 5 SC, two SC in the next stitch; repeat 2 SC in the next stitch, repeat again, 5 SC, 2 SC in the next stitch, SC, 2 SC in the next stitch, SC, and 2 SC in the next stitch. 4 and 5 Even crochet with no increases for these next 2 rounds. Sweater

How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers « Crafts IMPORTANT NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology. You can find the SLIPPER SIZE, YARN and HOOK specifications at the end of this article !!! (To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!) I am an addict. An addict for crochet slippers. It all began when I saw slippers similar to these somewhere on the internet. I loved them so much I couldn’t get their tempting image out of my head. All I needed was a pattern. But because I am terribly, terribly impatient, I found creating my own pattern quicker than looking for an official one on the web. And since I’m no crochet guru, the pattern turned out to be really simple. Actually, these slippers might be the simplest slippers in the universe. Or not. But they might. This is what I did… Round 1: 5 ch (chain stitch); join into ring with sl st (slip stitch) Round 2: 3 ch; 7 dc (double crochet stitch) into the center of the ring; join with sl st Round 3: 3 ch; 1 dc into first stitch; 2 dc into each next stitch; join with sl st Row 14: turn (!)

Granny Spiral Author PKOlson Introduction Spiraling Granny Square Pattern. Materials List Yarn - any, appropriate sized hook for chosen yarn. Finished Size Varies based on yarn & hook size chosen. Gauge Notes This motif begins with a four-color spiral. Colors A, B, C, D (each color is used, in turn, on each round) Magic Circle (adjustable) loop. Make a large loop by putting the yarn tail behind the working yarn (the yarn coming from the skein). The Pattern Begin with color A and a Magic Circle (adjustable) loop. Rnd 1: * [1ch, 1sc, 1hdc, 2dc] in ring, remove hook, joining colors B, C, & D in ring in turn, repeat from *. Rnd 2: Continuing with color A, * [2dc in next sc, 1 dc in next hdc, 2dc in nex dc, 1 dc in next dc], repeat from * with colors B, C & D. Rnd 3: Continuing with color A, * [ch 2, 1 dc in next dc, sk 1dc, 2dc in each next 2 dc, sk 1dc, 1dc], repeat from * with colors B, C, & D. Rnd 4: Continuing with color A, *{in ch2 sp (2dc, ch2, 2dc), [sk 1dc, ch1, 2dc in next End off.

Free Pattern Squares Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version More free afghan patterns:Crochet Afghan Patterns, Knit Afghan Patterns, Baby Blanket Patterns, Afghan Patterns Browse through this list of free pattern squares. These pattern squares are published by Bernhard Ulmann, a Plaid Company. Crochet Pattern Squares The following 48 pattern squares have been reproduced from the book Crochet Primer, 48 Easy-To-Do Crochet Patterns, Volume 64. Knitting Pattern Squares The following 100 pattern squares have been reproduced from the book Knitting Primer, 100 Easy-to-Knit Stitches, Volume 34. We hope you find this selection of free pattern squares helpful. Patterns © by Bernhard Ulmann, a Plaid Company.

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Impossible Hexagon 12 inch Afghan Granny Square – As part of the Crochet Lovers Victoria, Square-a-month crochet-a-long, we were invited to design a square each. From star to hexagon to lacework to square, the differing colour choices give this square a unique look every time. Happy crocheting !! A big thank you to the wonderful ladies who allowed me to picture their squares: Top row (from L to R): my square, then Crystal’s square, and Crystal’s second square. Bottom row: Letitia’s square, Sharon’s square and Daphne’s square. Impossible Hexagon 12” Afghan/Granny Square By Stramenda, tested by LaughingPurple and HappyPeacock Hook size 5.5mm DK (8 ply) yarn – US terms Colours: Square can be made in two or more contrasting colours. Terms: DC – US Double Crochet SC – US Single Crochet TRC – US Treble Crochet Sl st – Slip Stitch Sk – Skip Ch – Chain Sp – space To start: Ch5, join with a sl st to form a ring. Round 1 Ch 3 to count as the first DC, work 11 more DC in the ring; join with a sl st to the top of the beginning Ch 3. (12 DC) Round 2 Round 3 Round 4

Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie Ever since I took up crocheting again, I wanted to make myself a hat. Crocheting amigurumi is fun and all, but once in a while it’s nice being able to wear something you’ve crocheted rather than having it sit on a shelf :) Crochet Pattern Central has a great directory of free hat patterns here. I wanted to find a pattern for a modern, trendy hat, and after looking at countless photos, I found this absolutely beautiful pattern found HERE by Vicki Howell for CARON Yarns. The “Urban Jungle" is a slouchy beanie that is fairly simple to make because it essentially uses one stitch: the puff stitch! Once I learned how to do the puff stitch (Vickie demonstrates this in a video here), I became obsessed with it and made several other items using this beautiful stitch. Before getting to the puff stitches, however, I needed to make a ribbed band. And so, once the strip measured about 22” (56 cm), I sewed the short ends together to form a band. Aren’t the puff stitches gorgeous?

Ideal Crochet Sphere (Mathematically!) with pattern Whenever I have to crochet a sphere, I always pull out the tried and true method: increase by the same number of stitches each row for a little while, work the rows even for the middle bit, then decrease by the same number of stitches each row until you're finished. Once it's stuffed, this makes a decent sphere! Plus, it's a super easy pattern to remember. But it got me to thinking, how would I go about making an ideal sphere? After I got bored asking google, I threw a little bit of math at it. These are two spheres that I made this way: I included the pattern for the 2 spheres at the end of this post. I found it tricky to figure out how to squeeze a weird number of increases into a row where they in no way fit evenly, so let me know how these patterns work out for you if you try these! My conclusion for this sphere method: it's really fun and it makes a pretty nice looking sphere, but the tried and true method is just waaay easier! Also, math is fun! The Patterns: 20 Row Sphere: