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How To Crochet Loop Stitch

How To Crochet Loop Stitch
I came across this beautiful loopy stitches few months ago, a reader sent me a picture and asked if I know how to crochet it… I didn’t have a clue that time, curiosity leaded me to find out more and spent some moment to practice and master the skill. Here I am, sharing with you how to crochet it (scroll down for the video demo). I am doing a couple of projects by using this loop stitch, detail to follow soon. It is called loop stitch or fur stitch. So far, I haven’t found any abbreviation for it, so I am going to call it by name… Loop stitch. The loop can vary from long to short, depends on how long you want it to be. There are 2 ways of crocheting it, 1 strand over or 2 strands over into the stitch. The working is similar to as crochet a SC (single crochet), the only thing that you have to do is to wrap the yarn onto your finger and pull both strands through the stitch….. watch the video demo for better illustration. Additional info you may want to know: 1. Print / Download PDF

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Bavarian Crochet in Rows Some time ago, I happened across a style of crochet I had never heard of before called Bavarian crochet. Legend has it that a mother and daughter of Bavarian descent created it, but no one knows for sure. In any case, it is a lovely textured stitch pattern. Our example shows it worked in rows, but traditionally it is worked in the round. The resulting fabric is textured and thick, yet still drapes really well. Crochet Overcast sweater This one is the sleeved version of the Overcast vest. I made it for this holiday and you can see it by the festive-shimmery yarn type. Click here to <3 this pattern on Ravelry Materials: ( I used ) 4mm crochet hook Light weight/ DK yarn: shimmery burgundy color ( about 500 gr for the sample – size M/ 100 gr per skein ) ( Check out at my Yarn shop – free worldwide shipping ) Buttons Yarn needle Scissors Abbreviations

Knitting Abbreviations Glossary This is a comprehensive glossary of common knitting abbreviations that you are likely to find in a pattern. Wherever it's relevant, I've included links to videos which cover the technique. inch(es) Crochet: Poinsettia Coaster {Pattern & Tutorial} Are you done with Christmas crafting? I am almost done and I am so happy to have designed and made some Christmas theme coasters this year…. I called them Poinsettia Coasters as they have the colors of the poinsettia flowers!!!!

Cable Stitch "Jenna" Headband Crochet Pattern I created this headband and pattern when a friend of mine, Jenna, wanted a custom cable headband for the winter! Thank you Jenna for your great idea! This is my favorite fall/winter accessory! Pattern: Link’s Hylian Shield, Sword and Sheath Link was crocheted using an original pattern by Becchin, translated by Tanoshimou. Check out the following links (haha, no pun intended) to help you make your own hero of Hyrule: Becchin’s ‘person core’ page that Link is based on: he has great step-by-step photos (click here)Becchin’s photos of Link as well as a very useful video showing the process (click here)Tanoshimou’s translation of Becchin’s pattern into English (click here)MY step-by-step blog post to see how I used the above resources to make this adorable Link (click here) I followed Tanoshimou’s pattern except for the hat, as I found the pattern written out produced a hat that was far too big for Link. I kept single crocheting 42 all the way around from rows 12-18, went counter-clockwise for row 15, and then went around clockwise for rows 16-18 (I did not take it past row 18).

How To Make Yarn From A T-Shirt – T-Shirt Yarn Tutorial · Knitting Apr I’ve got a bunch of old t-shirts, likely you do too! Up until a bit ago I was making shopping bags from them (cut off the sleeves, cut off the neck in a scoop and tie shut the bottom, easy!) but you only need so many grocery bags, so this is too cool. Make your own yarn using the old leftover t-shirts that you wear every day, but are seriously showing some wear. This might not be a good thing as in my quest to accumulate the largest stash on the planet, my t-shirt population may become extinct.

Butterfly, Flower & Leaf I love making small ornaments for embellishment and here are the Spring motif crochet patterns of butterfly, flower and leaf. Since they only have 2 rounds of crochet, thus, they are pretty simple and quick to make. You can use stash yarns or lace threads of various colors to crochet, the finished size depends on what kind of yarn or lace thread you used. I used lace thread and DMC perle cotton #8 which are the stashes from my previous projects of crochet bead necklace and lace trim handkerchief. The lighter / thinner the yarn or thread you use, the smaller the finished piece will be if crochet with a matching hook size. Butterfly, flower & leaf are popular embellishment.

Bavarian Crochet Baby Blanket I discovered Jenny King's Learn to Do Bavarian Crochet while I was browsing through crochet books on Amazon and couldn't resist giving it a try. The book is relatively inexpensive, which is a good thing, because all you're really getting here is one pattern. Then you get explanations of how to shape that pattern as a square, triangle, or rectangle and numerous pictures showing what it would look like made up into various items. The book does contain full patterns for shawls and blankets, but after the initial starting shape is made the further instructions really aren't necessary since they are exactly the same for all projects.