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A Day Made of Glass 2. A Vision.

A Day Made of Glass 2. A Vision.

Technologist Tweets Developing and Reviewing Online Courses: Items for Consideration Clayton R. Wright, crwr77 @ (This document is a revision of “The Criteria for Evaluating the Quality of Online Courses” that the author released in 2003. This revised 2011 document is based on the author’s experience since the original publication date and the suggestions of various e-learning professionals. The document focuses on effective online course components rather than on the qualities of effective instructors, online facilitation skills, or learning outcomes such as the 21st Century Skills developed by the League for Innovation and the Pew Charitable Trusts.) Quality is an elusive concept, as all who measure it can define it differently. From an instructional design viewpoint, a quality online course is one that enables students to achieve learning outcomes in a flexible and effective manner. You should not consider the list of components and attributes as a definitive list but rather a starting point when considering what determines a quality course in your context.

application d'evaluation en classe Plickers Promote Your Website/Business Create easily a Motion Graphics Video to promote your Website or Service, with this After Effects template you will have your own motion graphics clip really to be customize in a very easy way. FEATURES: -CS4 and above compatible -No Plugins required -Full HD (1920×1080 & 1280×720) -Completely editable text -21 Easy to change placeholders, including text, images and/or video, your logo and URL. -8 Different color schemes -1 Minute lenght -Includes Video Tutorial, you will customize it and export even if you have never work with After Effects. -Includes PDF Tutorial (English and Spanish) Audio file “Successful Joruney” not included, you can purchase it from AudioJungle. If you have any Question or need Additional Customization Service, get in touch by email.

Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design Note that budgeting is not included in most ISD models, but as more and more Learning/Training Departments are being called upon to justify their expenses, I'm including it here. Budgeting Learning activities are budgeted in a wide variety of ways, so the degree of estimating the costs will depend upon the organization you are working for. Generally speaking, the closer you are to your customers or clients, the less you have to estimate. For example, a small Training & Development department located within a manufacturing facility might only have to justify its time and capital expenditures, while a training vendor will probably have to give a full development estimate before a training program is approved. Budgeting training is often a difficult chore as plans are often based on training an “average person.” Training Cost Guidelines Listed below are some various costs for estimating training costs. Estimating Development Hours eLearning Development Time Instructor Preparation Time Seat Time

Diffuser des contenus... | Piktochart Infographic Editor Pourquoi adopter des licences libres ? Où trouver des contenus libres de droit et gratuits pour nos contenus pédagogiques ? Par défaut, tout est interdit sauf exceptions législatives (copie privée, analyse et courte citation, parodies, pastiches, revues de presse...) Partager tout en conservant son droit d'auteur Diffuser des contenus réutilisables par d'autres. Assurer l'accès, l'usage et la pérennité dans l'intérêt général et le souci du bien vivre ensemble. Améliorer son travail en bénéficiant des contributions de chacun. Pourquoi autoriser les versions modifiées ? Démocratisation des ressources et du savoir 1- Citer le nom de l'auteur ou pseudonyme 2- Indiquer le lieu de publication et/ou l'url d'origine 3- Préciser la licence en abréviations ou en logo 4- Ou utiliser le code "embed" On parle de "biens communs" d'une communauté de personnes... Comment mettre en œuvre une licence libre ? À défaut, seul le droit d'auteur sera applicable, interdisant tout partage. Préciser le nom de l'auteur

IBM CIO Discusses Big Blue's BYOD Strategy IBM CIO Jeanette Horan has plenty of IT projects and systems to worry about, but perhaps one of the most pressing and timely is Big Blue's ongoing BYOD (bring your own device) rollout, which is aimed at including all of the company's 440,000 employees over time. The IBM workforce is "hugely mobile," with many working at client sites, home offices and other locations outside corporate buildings, Horan said in a recent interview at IBM's office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. IBM has long had a corporate managed mobile-phone plan that historically has focused on BlackBerrys, she said. But over time, more iPhones and other devices began cropping up in the workforce, and IBM decided it was time to get in front of the issue, Horan said. IBM's BYOD program "really is about supporting employees in the way they want to work," Horan said. IBM is also building "fit-for-business" takes on consumer-friendly applications like the popular cloud file-hosting service Dropbox, Horan said.

How to Create Your Own Online Course: 100 Tools, Guides, and Resources How to Create Your Own Online Course: 100 Tools, Guides, and Resources Perhaps you have a special skill, talent, or knowledge-base that you want to share with others, and maybe you’ve heard that teaching online courses can make you a little extra money. The resources below will help you discover how to combine both what you have to offer and what you wish to gain by guiding you through creating and establishing an online course. Learning Management Systems Learning Management Systems host your online class and provide a place for students to receive and turn in assignments, class communication, and more. Moodle. Resources for Getting Your Class Online Read these articles to find out everything from using a free blog to host your class to selecting and implementing a Learning Management System. How to Teach an Online Course using WordPress. Resources for Developing Your Class Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning. Resources for Teaching Online How to Teach an Online Class. How-to Videos

untitled Why will IT STILL not support BYOD? May 08, 2012, 4:08 PM — There's a disconnect in the world of mobile computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in the workplace. Only one third of CIOs say they allow employees to access corporate networks using personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or other personal-technology choices, according to a survey released today by Robert Half Technology. CIOs hesitate to allow full BYOD access because they're balancing convenience and flexibility for employees with security and logistical concerns of their employers, according to conclusions in the Robert Half study. Even among companies that do allow BYOD hardware to connect to the network, only 28 percent offer full technical support. Even for those saying explicitly that they support BYOD, that's not a ringing endorsement. That's been true since the first iPhones came out.

Sloan Consortium Group News Did you know that in education, quality matters is more than a saying, but an actual not-for-profit organization? In 2003, MarylandOnline began a three-year grant program to develop standards to certify online courses and materials. This greatly impacted teaching and learning, and Quality Matters gained state and national recognition. When the grant expired in 2006, Quality Matters continued on and now has more than 550 subscribers comprised of universities, colleges, technical schools, and other academic organizations, including University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Texas A & M University, Penn State, and Regent University. Today, Quality Matters has trained over 10,000 faculty and staff and is the gold standard for online course design. To learn more about Quality Matters, visit Another important standard Quality Matters addresses is "accessibility." Before you can use CaptionTube, you need to be able to access videos on YouTube.