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Home of the Mozilla Project

Home of the Mozilla Project

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Web O'(pen) Wonder de Mozilla Mozilla supports a wide variety of exciting open web technologies, and we encourage their use. This page offers links to interesting demonstrations of these technologies, including some that were popular in the Demo Studio, which has since been retired. If you know of a good demonstration or application of open web technology, please add a link to the appropriate section here. 2D Graphics

Introducing Popcorn Maker Brett Gaylor launching Popcorn Maker at the Mozilla Festival this morning Today at the Mozilla Festival, we’re extremely proud to launch the 1.0 version of Popcorn Maker, a free web app that makes video pop with interactivity, context and the magic of the web. Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video. Using Popcorn Maker’s simple drag and drop interface, you can add live content to any video — photos, maps, links, social media feeds and more.

Meeting Maker The same great on-demand scheduling & workspace management software with a new name On-demand scheduling software For years PeopleCube's on-demand scheduling software has been the choice for many organizations who automate the time consuming process of meeting scheduling, room scheduling, managing flexible workspace and alternative workspace, and much more. Analyzing and Optimizing Campaigns This is part II of the series on Analyzing and Optimizing Campaigns. I wrote in my previous post that when analyzing campaigns many web analysts just focus on the web analytics data. Some venture to include the cost and impression data of the campaign but they still don’t have a complete view. In this post I will show you how their lack of complete view results in wrong analysis and wrong conclusions. Below is the data I used in my last post.

Network Neutrality What is Net Neutrality? Network Neutrality (or "net" neutrality) is the concept of online non-discrimination. It is the principle that consumers/citizens should be free to get access to - or to provide - the Internet content and services they wish, and that consumer access should not be regulated based on the nature or source of that content or service.

Firefox/Roadmap Please do not edit this page without permission. Thank you! Firefox Desktop Strategy In 2012, Firefox will deliver incredible user and developer experiences in four areas. Mozilla Mozilla's Mozjpeg Should Make Firefox Faster By Zach Walton · March 6, 2014 The JPEG has been around for more than 20 years now. When technology gets that old, you either take it out back or teach it some new tricks. Mozilla is opting for the latter even as it prepares for a … Mozilla Unveils New Line Of Firefox OS Devices By Zach Walton · February 24, 2014

Media 100 Media 100 Suite is fast, full-featured video editing software for Mac OS X. Featuring an easy-to-use, responsive interface and broad support for 4K, 2K, HD, and SD standards, Media 100 Suite delivers broadcast-quality output for tape and file-based workflows. Integration with Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Studio enables you to share projects among After Effects, Color, and Final Cut Pro. You can export projects to Final Cut Pro for further editing and revisions, import Final Cut Pro sequences into Media 100 Suite, or export a Media 100 Suite sequence to Color for advanced color grading. Media 100 Suite supports optional video I/O interfaces from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Matrox, and RED and provides AVCHD, AVC-Intra, FireWire, Panasonic P2, and Sony XDCAM acquisition interfaces.

China’s Li Urges Tough Food-Safety Rules as Guangzhou Tests Eggs Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang called for harsh punishments against food-safety violations as officials removed eggs that a shopper claimed were fake in southern China’s Guangzhou city. Li said China faces a grave situation in ensuring food supplies are kept safe and authorities should take a proactive approach to deter violations, the official Xinhua News Agency reported late yesterday. China will continue measures against criminal offenses in food scandals and seek to establish a long-term mechanism to check food safety in 2012, Li said at a meeting of the State Council’s food safety commission, which he leads, Xinhua said. The measures would add to China’s crackdown on food safety since six babies died and 300,000 others were sickened by formula milk tainted with melamine in 2008, in the nation’s worst food-related incident. Last year, authorities found an unapproved additive in pork and excessive levels of a toxin in some milk products. --Michael Wei.

Network Neutrality Blog Posted on April 20, 2010, 2:09pm | Steven Titch After reading over some of the postings from the few weeks and exchanging emails with Richard Bennett at Technology Liberation Front, I am coming to see how disastrous a decision it was for the FCC to pursue sanctions against Comcast over its throttling of BitTorrent files. True, the case, and the court decision has allowed activists to foam at the mouth about a “crisis” in Internet service. Yet despite the breathless warnings, none of this resonates with the public. The results of a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, posted here by Adam Thierer , that found that 53% of Americans oppose FCC regulation of the Internet. Firefox Future Releases The latest features in a more stable environment Learn more about Firefox Beta The newest innovations in an experimental environment

Mozilla Mozilla is a free software community best known for producing the Firefox web browser. The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads and supports Mozilla products, thereby promoting exclusively free software and open standards, with only minor exceptions.[1] The community is supported institutionally by the Mozilla Foundation and its tax-paying subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.[2] In addition to the Firefox browser, Mozilla also produces Thunderbird, Firefox Mobile, the Firefox OS mobile operating system, the bug tracking system Bugzilla and a number of other projects. History[edit]

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