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Open Source & Circular Economy are Collaboration with Unknowns. (en;–) This is only a sketch for a longer article i will probably not find the time to write. But i wanted to share this thoughts. Why does the open source development methodology and the goal of a circular economy are such a great match? There are several reasons. Let’s have a look into that first for Open Source and then Circular Economy. Open Source There is a lot of effort put into Open Source these days. Open Source was coined to describe practices of software development. This is not very different from other collaboration in teams in any project. And in an Open Source project and in the teams that work on them you have this also. But in Open Source you share the information publicly and very often as an invitation to others to join and contribute to the project.

You don’t design the processes for Claudia, Taio and Rakesh and the things you know about them. Img Raw Data (ppx file) Circular Economy But who will this someone be? One: We live in a globalized world. Sharon Prendeville sur Twitter : "Very inspired by @Openenergymon @TrystanLea @rachels42 @WoonTan work on #LCA of #Open #Hardware #OSCEdays. Open Source Circular Economy Days London Tickets, City of London. Invalid quantity. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available.

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This option is not available anymore. Please read and accept the waiver. All fields marked with * are required. Click OK to confirm your order. Top findings from the open dataset of UK makerspaces. We've published the open dataset of UK makerspaces. What have we found and how can it be used? Over the last few months, we’ve created an open dataset of UK makerspaces. Our goal from the beginning has been to build something useful and useable for makerspaces, researchers, and anyone with a general curiosity. Along the way, we’ve gathered identifiable data on makerspaces’ locations, space, tools and materials, membership and users, amenities and services, external relationships, legal structure and founders, as well as aspirations and challenges.

There’s also some anonymised data on makerspace turnover, income, expenditure and business rates. While this data helps give a detailed snapshot of UK makerspaces, we appreciate there’s a lot to wade through. What we found in the open dataset The number of UK makerspaces has grown considerably in the last decade. There’s a wide variety of tools on offer across UK makerspaces, including digital and manual tools.

Opportunities for the dataset. The OSCEdays Forum is up! - Invitation to join us - General Discussion - Open Source Circular Economy Days. Open Source Circular Economy Days | POC21 Call for Projects! Open Source Circular Economy Days | Mission Statement. Multistory | Open for Business. Open for Business is the largely untold story of British manufacturing and industry through the lens of some of the world’s greatest photographers. The programme has a dedicated website at The UK’s traditional manufacturing base has been, and remains, critical to the success of the British economy, yet it is an under-reported story.

The focus on Britain’s industrial skills has acquired even greater resonance following the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, which reminded national and international audiences of our history of innovation from Brunel to Berners-Lee. Open for Business documents success stories, large and small, that reflect Britain’s changing industrial and cultural heritage. Multistory is working in partnership with Magnum Photos to commission 9 world-renowned photographers to document and record manufacturing industries in 9 British cities. Stuart Franklin, UK Bruce Gilden, USA Bruce Gilden is one of the most renowned street photographers in the world. LinkedUp at a glance | LinkedUp: Linking Web Data for Education. LinkedUp – Linking Web Data for Education Project The LinkedUp Project is a FP7 Support Action which pushes forward the exploitation and adoption of public, open data available on the Web, in particular by educational organisations and institutions.

To address these goals, LinkedUp provides a range of activities, including the establishment of the LinkedUp Challenge and a corresponding evaluation framework. These are aimed at identifying and promoting innovative success stories which exploit large-scale Web data in educational scenarios as part of robust applications and tools. The project is made up of consortium partners each with respective roles in the LinkedUp project.There are also a number of associated partners with an interest in the project.The LinkedUp Challenge has an advisory board consisting of renowned experts in the fields of open data & data management, semantic web and web-based education.

You can download the second version of the LinkedUp project fact sheet. Key outcomes. LEGO Presentation: Open Innovation Eco-System and Toolbox. Here you can check out a presentation on how LEGO proceeds with their open innovation efforts. The presentation was given by Stiven Kerestegian, Senior Manager, Open Innovation at LEGO during a conference I recently co-organized in Denmark. Open Innovation at LEGO - (click for the presentation) Some highlights: • LEGO divides innovation objectives into categories and levels such as Business, Product, Communication and Process • LEGO pursues open innovation because participation is the new brand • LEGO has 20 million+ adult fans • A reputation of open also brings high expectations • LEGO works with 4 value pools; employees, entrepreneurs, kids and AFOL’s and companies and institutions • Open innovation adoption strategy based on broad communication (humor), knocking door to door (private groups), role models (from CEO to blue collar), gift and prices (cake) and HR (KPI’s and employee reviews) inShare49.

Demand for Raspberry Pi, the British £22 computer, crashes website | Technology. A new British computer that costs just £22 went on sale at 6am on Wednesday morning – and immediately sold out, crashing the websites selling it in the process. The Raspberry Pi is intended to inspire a new generation of schoolchildren to learn to program, just as the Sinclair Spectrum and BBC Micro did in the 1980s, which led to the burgeoning UK games sector.

As small as a credit card, the first versions of the Raspberry Pi, which are being sold through the components companies RS and Farnell, are intended to go to developers who will then write software that people can use to write their own programs. The ideal, says Eben Upton, the founder of the charity behind the scheme, is to give one away to every child as they reach a new school year so that they can do their own programming and learn to control computers, rather than be controlled by them. The devices have a USB port for a keyboard, Ethernet port, SD card slot, and an HDMI port for video output. And its web browsing capability. Blog | Ultimaker | the fast, easy to build, affordable 3D printer – 3D printing for everyone!

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