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Language Arts

Language Arts
Rearrange the letters to make a word. Use the clue below to help to reveal the mystery word. Rearrange the letters to make a word. Correctly spell the Back To School words below each picture. Match the words to the pictures. Drag and drop each word label onto the matching picture. Correctly spell the Color words below each picture. It's Pacman with a twist. Read each clue. Practice your typing skills Winter style! It's color by Alphabet! Complete the crossword puzzle by typing the name of picture that appears by each row or column. Correctly spell the Autumn words below each picture. It's Pacman with a twist. It's color by Alphabet! How many words can you find in two minutes? Connect dots to make each letter of the alphabet from A To Z. It's color by Alphabet! Correctly spell the Winter words below each picture. Match the words to the pictures. Practice your typing skills Christmas style! Practice your typing skills Zombie style! Eat the letters in the correct order to spell each word.

School-Home Links Reading Kit: Third Grade Activities Table of Contents A r c h i v e d I n f o r m a t i o n School-Home Links Reading Kit - February 1999 Cover page | A Word to Families and Tutors Listed below are 100 School-Home Links activities for the third grade. Education Place® for Students Students Home Find your textbook! Choose your state. About Us - 3D Virtual World for Kids Leading Kids Educational Game Company Launches Online & Mobile Learning Adventures Featuring DreamWorks Animation Franchises Since 1991, JumpStart (also known as Knowledge Adventure) has set the standard in kids’ educational games by making learning fun, and has been designing games under two flagship brands, JumpStart® and Math Blaster®.JumpStart has also forged partnerships with brands such as DreamWorks Animation to produce creative and innovative educational mobile and multiplayer online games. Over its 20-year history JumpStart has remained dedicated to producing quality educational products, earning the trust of millions of teachers, parents, and respected organizations such as Common Sense Media and The National Parenting Center. A subsidiary of Knowledge Holdings, Inc., the company is privately held and based in Torrance, California. JumpStart designs and produces award-winning products under two primary flagship brands:

Word Puzzles Word Searches In each of the these word searches, words are hidden horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, forwards or backwards. Can you find all the words in the word lists? Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game Have you ever played the carnival game where you try to toss chips into a cup to win a fabulous prize? This version may not snag your kid a life size stuffed giraffe, but it will give him a boost with writing and spelling. Sure it's fun, but beneath the carnival atmosphere is a game that helps reinforce beginning sound-letter combinations. So bring out the paper cups and let's build some words! What You Do:

Sign up for your Reading Eggs Free Trial Reading Eggs Will Teach Your Child To Read, In Just Weeks. Register For Your FREE Trial Now. Reading Eggs makes learning to read easy and fun by combining books with online reading games and activities. Theme Poems In this online tool, elementary students can write poems based on shapes from five different categories: Nature, School, Sports, Celebrations, and Shapes. Within these categories, 32 different shapes are included. By selecting a shape, students are learning how to focus their writing on a particular topic or theme. In addition, as part of the online tool, students are prompted to brainstorm, write, and revise their poems, thus reinforcing elements of the writing process.

List of children's books made into feature films This is a list of works of children's literature that have been made into feature films. The title of the work and the year it was published are both followed by the work's author, the title of the film, and the year of the film. If a film has an alternate title based on geographical distribution, the title listed will be that of the widest distribution area.

Candy Land: Sight Word Edition! There are so many fun games out there to teach sight words, but this might just be my new favorite! I mean, who doesn't love Candy Land? As soon as I put this game out in the classroom, the kids instantly seemed excited! To make Candy Land: Sight Word Edition, I found the game on sale at Target for super cheap (only $5!) then typed up a list of Dolch words, cut them apart, and taped the words to the color cards with clear packing tape! Classroom Decorations - Bulletin Board Supplies for Teachers Early childhood education is greatly enhanced by a variety of classroom decorations. Children are naturally drawn to fun, colorful shapes and patterns. In addition, anything they perceive as being fun and exciting will heighten their ability to absorb and retain information. Classroom decorations also serve the function of taking the children through each year’s seasonal changes and the celebration of national holidays as well. When teachers engage young students in craft projects making classroom decorations and bulletin board decorations students feel that the classroom belongs to them – igniting a sense of pride.

MES: Games, Free Printables MES English Certificate Templates Printable Cards Phonics Worksheets Worksheet Makers ESL Listening End User License Agreement: You are free to download any resource from this site as an end user and grants you an End User License with the following restrictions: You may not redistribute, copy, modify, transfer, transmit, repackage, charge for or sell any of the materials from this site. You may use photocopies or printouts for distribution to your students. MES reserves the right to terminate or make changes to this agreement for any reason and without notice. Word Families Advertisement. is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. (Already a member? Click here.) Word families are groups of words that have a common feature or pattern - they have some of the same combinations of letters in them and a similar sound.