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An informal email

An informal email

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ESL First Day Introduction Games Age/Level: Any Time: 15 to 20 minutes Players: Individual Preparation: 3 blank cards or pieces of paper for each student Aim: To help students introduce themselves to the class You can use this card game on the first day of class to help students introduce themselves. This introduction game works best with small class sizes. 10 Phrasal Verbs That Are Useful for Business Communicating with native English speakers in a business setting means you’ll hear phrasal verbs at least once, if not several times, during a conversation. Phrasal verbs can make the conversation confusing and difficult to follow for non-native English speakers. As defined in the Grammarly handbook, phrasal verbs are verbs used with another word (an adverb or preposition) to create a commonly used phrase. Phrasal verbs are idiomatic — you can’t deduce the meaning of a phrasal verb by interpreting each of the words it contains literally. For example, if you say, “I’ll look into the mirror,” you are going to direct your sight to a mirror. In this case, look into is not a phrasal verb; it’s simply a verb followed by a preposition.

untitled B1 – PET – Unit 3 Grammar reference Verbs followed by to or – ing some verbs are followed by the –ing form of another verb: Everyone enjoys listening to music. I have finished reading my book. Other verbs like this include: ELLLO Views #1091 Change of Clothes Danny: So, what kind of cloths do you like to wear? Alex: I like to wear casual clothes. And that's why I really don't like what I have to wear to work sometimes because it's just not what I would normally wear. Danny: So what do you normally have to wear to work then? Alex: Oh, I have to hear a tie and kind of like suit trousers and sometimes a suit coat. Danny: Really?