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Intermediate/ Cert 3 material

Contents - Find the law - The Law Handbook. Vla resource police powers your rights in victoria. State Library of NSW. Magistrates' Court of Victoria. Virtual Court Experience Introduction Section 1 – Going to court for a criminal matter Tips for going to court Before the hearing A criminal matter (video) Virtual Tour of criminal court Section 2 – Going to court for a family violence intervention order hearing.

Magistrates' Court of Victoria

VicRoads. Courts and tribunals. Get Wise - AMEP Research Centre - Macquarie University. 'I'm stuffed': migrants boggled by Aussie slang. Nance Haxton for The World Today Updated While Australians might think we speak standard English, newly arrived migrants often struggle with the unusual colloquialisms that make up our everyday speech.

'I'm stuffed': migrants boggled by Aussie slang

To overcome that language barrier, an Adelaide TAFE teacher has designed a website so people learning Australian English can translate some of the sayings they hear. Wi-fi, dual-flush loos and eight more Australian inventions. Australians are perhaps more famed for their sporting feats than for their technological innovation - but a new children's book aims to change that.

Wi-fi, dual-flush loos and eight more Australian inventions

Australia Unlimited - Meet Australia’s innovators, creators and entrepreneurs - Australia Unlimited. Kbora Ali's story - Australian Military Behind the News. Weekdays: 02/06/2017 watch BTN Investigates Have you seen or heard something in the news you'd like explained?

Kbora Ali's story - Australian Military Behind the News

Add Question Welcome Book Gallery Over 12,000 kids have sent in their message to refugees.View Kind Classrooms We challenged schools across the country to show a little kindness to their local community.View the gallery. Compare Australia To United Arab Emirates. With its 5,628,805 people, United Arab Emirates is the 112th largest country in the world by population.

Compare Australia To United Arab Emirates

It is the 115th largest country in the world by area with 83,600 square kilometers. The Trucial States of the Persian Gulf coast granted the UK control of their defense and foreign affairs in 19th century treaties. In 1971, six of these states - Abu Dhabi, 'Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah, Dubayy, and Umm al Qaywayn - merged to form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They were joined in 1972 by Ra's al Khaymah. The UAE's per capita GDP is on par with those of leading West European nations. Languages spoken: Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu. Getting Virtual Teams Right.

Anna Parini “Virtual” teams—ones made up of people in different physical locations—are on the rise.

Getting Virtual Teams Right

As companies expand geographically and as telecommuting becomes more common, work groups often span far-flung offices, shared workspaces, private homes, and hotel rooms. When my firm, Ferrazzi Greenlight, recently surveyed 1,700 knowledge workers, 79% reported working always or frequently in dispersed teams. Armed with laptops, Wi-Fi, and mobile phones, most professionals can do their jobs from anywhere. The appeal of forming virtual teams is clear. Peer-to-peer rental: The rise of the sharing economy. LAST night 40,000 people rented accommodation from a service that offers 250,000 rooms in 30,000 cities in 192 countries.

Peer-to-peer rental: The rise of the sharing economy

They chose their rooms and paid for everything online. But their beds were provided by private individuals, rather than a hotel chain. WorkSafe Victoria. Classification and labelling for workplace hazardous chemicals poster. Site Information and assistance HomeSafety by topicBullyingHazardous chemicalsIdentify, assess and control hazardsLicencesLifting, pushing and pullingSafety data sheetsMore topics >Safety by Industry and BusinessAgricultureConstructionManufacturingTransportSmall businessMore Safety by Industry & Business >Resources and publicationsModel Codes of PracticeGuidance materialsReportsCase studiesFact sheetsMore resources and publications >Contacts in your state/territoryAustralian Capital TerritoryNew South WalesNorthern TerritoryQueenslandSouth AustraliaTasmaniaVictoriaWestern AustraliaCommonwealth Search form.

Classification and labelling for workplace hazardous chemicals poster

How to Apply For Jobs in Victoria, Australia - Live in Victoria. Watch the following video to find out how to create a resume specific to each job, what details should be included and how to make yours stand out.

How to Apply For Jobs in Victoria, Australia - Live in Victoria

Download the transcript for the Resume Design video (DOC, 27 KB) In Australia, people usually apply for a job through a written application. Your job applications need to be of a high standard and tailored for each job to give you the best possible chance of being selected for an interview or testing. Job applications usually include a cover letter expressing your interest in and suitability for the role and a copy of your resume, also known as a Curriculum Vitae or CV.

Applications should be tailored to specific jobs and demonstrate that you have: Resources: Tutor Resources - 5 Intermediate. Res ht pre4 2health feelings 151005. Australian Parliamentary System. Parliament and Government. Parliament An Overview The Parliamentary System The Australian Constitution of 1901 established a federal system of government.

Parliament and Government

Under this system, powers are distributed between a national government (the Commonwealth) and the six States (three Territories - the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, and Norfolk Island have self-government arrangements). The Constitution defines the boundaries of law-making powers between the Commonwealth and the States/Territories. The Constitution: Full Description (HTML version)| PDF] Back to top The Commonwealth Parliament The Parliament is at the very heart of the Australian national government. There are five important functions of parliament: to provide for the formation of a government; to legislate; to provide the funds needed for government; to provide a forum for popular representation; and to scrutinise the actions of government.

Australian legal system.