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Education Video Slideshows

Education Video Slideshows
Animoto is one of the marvels of Web 2.0. It is a wonderful initiative and a true benefit to teachers and students. — Discovery Education What makes Animoto special? Animoto provides an array of tools for creating videos in your classroom. Cinematic A.I. Animoto automatically analyzes music, photos and video clips, and orchestrates a custom video, leaving you free to focus on the content and narrative of your videos. Spotlight Spotlight lets you give specific image added prominence and screen time in your video. Include text Mix relevant messaging, statistics and quotes among the pictures your videos to educate your audience and inspire them to action. Share and download Animoto makes it easy to share your videos via email, on a blog/website, exported to YouTube, or downloaded to a computer for use in presentations. Explore more product features → Related:  intermediate blended learning

Make Business Video | Animated Video Production | Google Earth Virtual Voyages, Virtual Field Trips: Resources | RIMS CTAP Google Earth Articles: We need our Earth! Resources: Google Lit Trips: Using Google Earth, students discover where the greatest road trip stories of all time took place. 3D Warehouse: This massive collection of user-created content contains 3D model created in Google SketchUp. Laptop Lounge Podcasts: Google Earth Basics: Subscribe to this podcast series for multiple short video tutorials on using the various tools in Google Earth. Google Earth TeacherTube videos: Three short (8 minute) videos have been uploaded to Teacher Tube focusing on Google Earth: Google Earth Lessons: An educational resource for teachers that includes how to's, teacher and student lessons, mini-lessons, and an Icon Legend section. Real World Math: This website is designed for educators who wish to extend the concepts of the math curriculum beyond the pages of the text. Timer: Count down or count up with this helpful online timer. Drive Through Google Earth!

Narrable. Creer un diaporama sonore en ligne Narrable est un nouvel outil web2 qui va faire parler vos images. Narrable permet de faire des diaporamas sonores très facilement. Narrable se présente lui même comme un outil de storytelling. L’utilisation de Narrable est on ne peut plus simple. L’étape d’après consiste à éditer vos images pour raconter une histoire ou illustrer un moment. Project Based Learning I've been at the American School of Bombay for about 18 months now, and I've recently started to reflect on just how far I've come in that time. This thinking was provoked by reading Chapter 4 of Heidi Hayes Jacobs new book Leading the New Literacies - a chapter written by colleagues at ASB about the journey the school has taken in the 21st century. This journey started long before I ever arrived at the school, so it was interesting for me to read about the history of these initiatives in changing ASB into probably the most innovative, cutting-edge school in the world, with a culture of innovation and using technology to transform teaching and learning. ASB started this journey in 2000 with the introduction of a 1:1 laptop programme. ASB is a school that believes in sharing, so in 2008 the first ASB Un-Plugged Conference took place where the school opened up its classrooms to show participants its experiences with technology integration. In 2011 ASB started Superstructing.

HyperCam Wikis for Everyone - Wikispaces - Create & Share Great Cornell Notes Teach with Picture Books Jouer des présentations animées avec Sozi Jouer des présentations animées avec Sozi Sur le même principe que le logiciel propriétaire Prezi, Sozi est un logiciel libre permettant de réaliser des présentations animées mais en utilisant des formats ouverts (logiciel libre sous licence GPL 3.0). Contrairement aux outils de présentation classiques, un document Sozi n'est pas organisé comme un diaporama. Il s'agit plutôt d'un poster où la disposition du contenu est entièrement libre. Le déroulement de la présentation consiste en une succession de translations, zooms et rotations permettant de focaliser l'attention sur les éléments que vous voulez montrer. Créer Une présentation Sozi est un document au format SVG dans lequel une séquence de “vues” a été définie. Visionner Les documents produits par Inkscape et Sozi peuvent être affichés et animés par les navigateurs web prenant en charge le format SVG et le langage Javascript. Partager Ecran Sozi : Plus d'informations ici :

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