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How to change someone’s mind, according to science. Quarreling kids - boy shouting at little girl, isolated (iStock) The universe is constantly clamoring to change your mind about something – whether it’s in the form of Twitter feuds, political debates or Mountain Dew’s horrible “puppy monkey baby” Super Bowl ad. But how many of these appeals to alter our views really succeed? A new paper from researchers at Cornell University sheds some light on how and why people are convinced to change their minds.

The researchers analyzed nearly two years of postings on ChangeMyView, a forum on the internet community reddit where posters present an argument and invite people to reason against them. These arguments on ChangeMyView range widely in terms of topic. “People don’t define who they are, their genetics and environment do,” reads one. Unlike the mindless clashes you often see on Twitter or Facebook, commentors on ChangeMyView explain their reasoning at length. "Winning arguments," Chenhao Tan et. al. See also: The world's smallest language has only 100 words — and you can say almost anything.

In addition to making Toki Pona simple to learn, the language’s minimalist approach is also designed to change how its speakers think. The paucity of terms provokes a kind of creative circumlocution that requires careful attention to detail. An avoidance of set phrases keeps the process fluid. The result, according to Lang, is to immerse the speaker in the moment, in a state reminiscent of what Zen Buddhists call mindfulness. “What is a car?” “You might say that a car is a space that's used for movement,” she proposed. The real question is: What is a car to you? As with most things in Toki Pona, the answer is relative. “We wear many hats in life,” Lang continued, “One moment I might be a sister, the next moment a worker, or a writer.

The language’s dependence on subjectivity and context is also an exercise in perspective-taking. To create her new language, Lang worked backwards—against the trend of a natural lexicon. “I think colors are a good example,” she offered. Baby Deer Refused To Leave Side of Man Who Rescued It (WATCH) I was reading through all the negativity and stupidity this morning while drinking my coffee and something said, ‘how about some good news?’ , so I typed in GOOD NEWS and found your site… Ahhh!

John Longo Oh my, you’ve made my day! I can’t tell you completely how happy you’ve made me. - Dany Thank you for writing your newsletter, Some Good News! I enjoyed reading the positive stories. . . . - former Sec. of State Colin Powell Your daily stories have allowed me to rekindle a certain appreciate for the good things in life. . - Trey Aubrey I think there needs to be a change of consciousness with the news ... to try to seek a higher ground. . - Oprah Winfrey When I read the newspaper, I look for the good news because every thought we think changes our biochemistry.

. - Dr. I think the press, including TV journalism, has an ethical responsibility, a sacred responsibility, a service mission ... to make good news just as entertaining (as we've made sexy the violence). - Marianne Williamson -Bridget Driscoll. The Best New and Short Webcomics of 2012. SExpand I'm surprised more people haven't been talking about King of the Unknown. It's on a little hiatus right now, but it started up last January and has been pretty sweet so far.

The art is %$#@ing great, and it's just the right amount of insane. I absolutely adore Murata's comic, though...that was one of my absolute favorite things of this past year, webcomic or not. Disney's Line-Jumping For Disabled To Change Because Of Abuse. Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy. Here's How to Get Rid of Traffic Jams. We have HOV lanes (or carpool lanes as we call them) and now also have HOT lanes in Los Angeles, and they can help, but during rush hour it's a crap shoot, especially the non-toll carpool lanes.

All it takes is one slow driver who decided to get in just because they've got other people in the car to ruin it for everyone else. And some people will just assume they can speed through, even though even the carpool lane can get jammed. I once saw an accident on the 405 (north, near LAX) in the carpool lane - traffic had slowed, like it always does on the 405, and a car slammed into the back of another one because they didn't notice and started hitting the brakes too late. Parts of the 110 and 105 were turned into toll lanes but you can get in them free if you have 2 or more people in your car (or 3 or more if that's the requirement). You still need to have a transponder in your car, which can be set to either 1, 2 or 3 people, so you only pay the toll if it's set to 1.

Flagged. How Good Are You At the Language of Cause and Effect - CE exercise.pdf. A Farm Grows in Brooklyn—on the Roof. Mark J. Miller This story is part of National Geographic‘s special eight-month “Future of Food” series. For most urban dwellers, visiting a working farm requires a journey into the countryside. But in a growing number of world capitals, a farm is just a short elevator ride away—on the roof. In Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Montreal as well as several U.S. cities, farms have been built atop multistory buildings. "Five years ago, there were virtually no rooftop farms," Steven Peck, founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, told National Geographic. Peck says that as fossil fuels become more expensive and the number of urban dwellers continues to rise, urban farming will help feed the population without increasing the cost and pollution of food transport.

Rooftop farming was born out of the green-roof movement, in which building owners partially or completely cover roofs with vegetation atop special waterproof membranes. To Get Help From A Little Kid, Ask The Right Way : Shots - Health News. Hide captionNeed a hand with those dishes? iStockphoto Motivating children to stop playing and help out with chores isn't exactly an easy sell, as most parents and teachers will attest.

But how you ask can make all the difference, psychologists say. If you say something like, "Please help me," the kids are more likely to keep playing with their Legos. Being called a helper makes kids feel like they're embodying a virtue, says Christopher Bryan, a psychologist at the University of California, San Diego and one of the researchers behind the study. "It's really important to all of us to be good people," Bryan says. In the study, experimenters rounded up around 100 preschoolers, and divided them into two groups. "Then we got the kids playing with some really fun toys," Bryan says.

While the children were playing, an experimenter gave them various opportunities to lend a hand. The phenomenon isn't unique to kids. "Helping isn't something you can fail at," Bryan says. Health Tips, Food and Recipes, Funny Jokes and Cartoons, and Sweepstakes | Reader’s Digest. Current Events, News Bites, Cool Features, and Fun Stories. Elvis Presley Biography. Musician and actor Elvis Presley endured rapid fame in the mid-1950s—on the radio, TV and the silver screen—and continues to be one of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll. Synopsis Born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley came from very humble beginnings and grew up to become one of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll. By the mid-1950s, he appeared on the radio, television and the silver screen. On August 16, 1977, at age 42, he died of heart failure, which was related to his drug addiction.

Since his death, Presley has remained one of the world's most popular music icons. Early Interest in Music Musician and actor Elvis Aron Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi. Raised by loving, working-class parents, Presley's family had little money, and they moved from place to place frequently. Advertisement — Continue reading below First No. 1 Hit Soon, Presley was everywhere—on the radio, television and the silver screen—working as a musician and actor.

Sixth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets. Quandary version 2 example mazes. Example mazes Here you can take a look at a range of different example exercises created with Quandary version 2, to get some ideas about the range of different types of activity you can create with the program. The Evil Landlady (an interactive adventure)Choosing the correct article (a diagnostic maze)First aid for an accident (a procedural example)How computer-literate are you? (an example of a survey/questionnaire)Castaway (a more sophisticated interactive adventure)Investments (modelling financial transactions)Complex transaction examples (demonstrating all the varieties of transaction in Quandary 2) You should also look at the Quandary Tutorial, which is also made using Quandary.

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