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Present yourself on! There is nothing like being “actually” with a great teacher or presenter. Their energy and ability to connect with their students or audience are not to be replicated. There are times though when that isn’t logistically or financially possible, or when it is simply doesn’t make sense. There are also times when teachers or students are not present and need to be caught up on the ideas that were shared. One tool that I think has a lot of potential to support staff development and student learning is This easy to use web site allows you to upload a presentation to it and then record a video narration to it while you advance the slides.

Creative Barcode and Creative Commons: complementary bedfellows Just six months after its launch, and five months after the IPKat posted this little piece, Creative Barcode has attracted a good deal of attention, not least on account of a question which many folk have asked the IPKat and others: “How does Creative Barcode differ from Creative Commons?” Maxine Horn, CEO of Creative Barcode, has kindly accepted the Kat's invitation to explain: "The shortest answer is that Creative Barcode and Creative Commons they are complementary. However, they do have a few pertinent points of difference. Cern residency programme unites artists and physicists Cern has launched a programme that aims to bring together artists and physicists at its laboratory near Geneva. Collide@Cern -- which falls into a wider Cern policy for engaging with the arts called Great Arts for Great Science -- is a three-month residency programme for artists to be mentored by leading scientists, supported by a stipend of €10,000. The head of Cern's arts programme, Ariane Koek, said: "The arts touch the parts that science alone cannot reach and vice versa. Collide@Cern gives Cern, artists and scientists the opportunity to engage in creative collisions that can occur when these two areas of human creativity and ingenuity come together." The first part of the scheme -- Prix Ars Electronica -- was launched in August at digital arts festival Ars Electronica. The chosen artist will spend two months at Cern and then one month at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, the festival's studio space.

TRANSFORMING LEARNING CULTURES < back TRANSFORMING LEARNING CULTURES IN FURTHER EDUCATION (FE) [the TLC Project] Welcome to the TLC Project! < back Aims and Objectives The principal aims of the Project are: Holy Fonts, Batman! Google Docs Gets 450+ New Fonts According to their latest product blog post Google Docs, which is now a part of Google Drive, now has more than 450 fonts available to all users. To access all of these new fonts select "add fonts" from the bottom of the font selection menu that you've always used. Selecting "add fonts" will open up a new menu in which you can mix and match fonts to your heart's content. Census – The Ada Initiative We ran the first Ada Initiative Census of open technology and culture in March 2011. We aimed to find out where the women are, and how they perceive their community. We're ready to share the results of this, our first project under the Ada Initiative banner. In this post, we'll set the scene with a simple set of response breakdowns. Number of participants

Will Dropouts Save America? Michael Ellsberg is the author of “The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late.” I TYPED these words on a computer designed by Apple, co-founded by the college dropout Steve Jobs. The program I used to write it was created by Microsoft, started by the college dropouts Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Teacher Mentoring as Professional Development. ERIC Digest. Teacher mentoring programs have increased dramatically since the early 1980s as a vehicle to support and retain novice teachers. However, researchers and facilitators of mentoring programs are recognizing that mentors also derive substantial benefits from the mentoring experience. This digest examines research on how mentoring contributes to the ongoing professional development of experienced teachers. Benefits to mentors include improved professional competency, increased reflective practice, teacher renewal, enhanced self-esteem, improved teacher collaboration, and development of teacher leadership.

- Eight ways to create screencasts and slideshares 0 Comments April 11, 2012 By: Joyce Valenza Apr 11 Supporting tools for decentralized metadata - Creative Commons The use of decentralized metadata to drive discovery allows creators and curators to publish information about works without relying on a central authority, and allows developers to utilize that data with seeking permission from a gate keeper. However, self publishing requires a certain degree of technical expertise from creators and curators. Two tools can help ease this burden and aid deployment of the necessary metadata.

I tweeted out your idea. very cool. Thx by pdk117 Aug 2

Really powerful way to incorporate TED into your learning environments. by altucker Aug 2

A new initiative from TED, for a revolution in education by amsika Mar 10

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