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Construct London
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Bleed The power of disruptors | The State of the World’s Children 2015 Innovation should not stop at adjusting existing procedures and business models: We need disruptive innovation that transforms the relationship between aid agencies and those they seek to serve. Innovation is popular in development and humanitarian work, thanks to pioneering efforts of a global network of inspiring organizations and individuals, a number of whom are contributing to this year’s State of the World’s Children report. But is innovation being done as well as it could be? Cynics see innovation as little more than branding and hype, while optimists see it as the route to fundamental transformations in international cooperation. The answer, as ever, is probably somewhere in the middle. However, I am convinced that by changing how we think about innovation in development and humanitarian efforts, we can ensure that it is more able to realize its transformative potential. These are the innovations that I believe are most worthy of the term.

BERG \ Design for Print, Screen & Environment Zuki | Creative WordPress Magazine Theme Anagrama | Brand Intelligence Group The Avery Review | Self-Design and Public Space Self-design has entered a new era—an era of mass production. Today, hundreds of millions of people around the world are creating their doubles, their avatars, and their public personas on the Internet. Contemporary means of image production such as photo and video cameras are relatively cheap and universally accessible. Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter give global populations the ability to make their photos, videos, and texts readily available; these social media circumvent traditional institutions of censorship and control even as they create new methods in the management of personal information. But this realized utopia is increasingly experienced as a radical dystopia. A related problem seems to be more important to me: Who can look over and compare the hundreds of millions of videos, photos, and texts that circulate through contemporary information networks? Thus, the Rousseauistic faith in the equation of sincerity and zero-design has receded.

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