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Joining Granny Squares

Joining Granny Squares
When I join my Granny Squares together I always choose to crochet them rather than stitch them. Its just the way that appeals to me, although many of my hooking buddies prefer the stitching method. I guess it's a personal preference. And as many of you have asked me to supply this information, here you have it :: my take on joining the Grannies, in usual Attic24 style with waaaaay too many pictures I suspect. But hey, I want you to get it and not struggle with it, and I think pictures do the job better than words. Ok, firstly put your two squares together, Right Sides together. So your hook goes through the outside loop of the square nearest to you.... ...then through the outside loop of the square farthest away. Start at the right hand corner, you are working right to left. Put hook through OUTSIDE LOOPS of the corner stitches, and hook your yarn through both loops. (Note :: I am using a contrasting red yarn here to join so you can see it easily, but best to use a matching colour.

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Flower Hexagon Granny How-To In my search for a Granny Hexagon to make blankets for my girls, I just couldn’t find one that I really LOVED. Then I realized that there were some gorgeous crocheted flowers with six sides, and I could make a hex from one of those. So this pattern was born. I will do my best to teach it to you. ETA: I have had many questions about what yarn I used. It is Lion Brand Cotton Ease, and 3 years later, it is still holding up very nicely!

51-English free crochet flower patterns and doily doilies tutorial how to creative with cotton yarns alpacayarn yarn wool knittingyarn cotton merinoyarn woolyarn cottonyarn knittingwool Crocheted flowers are the ultimate decoration. Quick to create and they add stylish flair to any hat, sweater, cardigan or bag. Here's how to make just one crocheted flower crochet a flower. For lots of granny square patterns go to my granny square and triangle page. Crocheted appliqués are popular for sewing as embellishments to purses or clothes. The Invisible Join Hello! Would you like to know how I join all the seams of my knitting and crochet? You would?! That's great. Non-sew Methods for Joining Squares and Ways of Sewing Motifs Together Joining Crochet Pieces Ways to Join Crocheted Squares or Motifs Using a yarn needle ...

Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set What goes around comes around, and wiggly crochet is definitely coming around again! It’s popping up on Pinterest and Ravelry, in rugs and afghan squares. Usually worked in squares and rectangles, with a base mesh and ruffles worked on top, it’s got a great 3D big pop look. But I wanted to play around with the idea and maybe take it a new direction – and the Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set is the result! Loop-the-Loop Flower - Free Crochet Pattern Dreamz wooden crochet hooks are Maggie's favorite! Click the banners below for some of our most popular patterns, available via mail or download! Loop-the-Loop Flower Size: Varies depending upon yarn and hook size

Whip Stitch Hello Lovelies, I thought I would do a little tutorial on how I'm sewing my granny squares together for your lovelies . I've also included the method I'm using for weaving in my ends . You can sew together any motif that fits closely to the next . The effect you get when sewing together motifs is much more solid than the Join as you go method. Joining Squares as-you-go I've been making granny squares for eighteen months now and in that time I've made a great many for blankets and cushions, all of which have been joined together after the squares themselves have been made. Then a few weeks ago when I had an idea to make a throw out of small three-round granny squares, I decided to test out a join-as-you go method. Quite honestly, the thought of sitting down with a huuuuuuuuge stack of small squares and attempting to crochet them all together actually filled me with alarm. So I was really THRILLED when this joining-on-the-go method did indeed work out. It has really made a big difference to the way I feel about tackling a project composed of many small parts, because lets face it, the joining procedure is the least favourite part of blanket-making, and if that can be eliminated, well then, thats what I would call a REsUlt.

Peace Sign Granny Squares PatternPetals to Picots If you have a tween or teen daughter, you probably know how popular peace signs are right now. So when my daughter asked me to make her an afghan, I wanted to make her something really cool … peace sign granny squares! And of course I wanted to share the pattern with you too Here’s what you need: Valentine Flower Free Crochet Pattern : Maggie's Crochet Blog Flowers are one of the mainstay gifts for Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love to receive flowers from their sweetheart? This Valentine Flower free crochet pattern is an easy skill project that you could use to crochet a bouquet of Valentine’s flowers for your special someone. Granny Join Just a warning before we get started with the tutorial, there's LOTS of pictures and I may go into too much detail, but that's just what I do. ;-) By the way, this is the yarn I use. Dc/treble: this refers to the same stitch.

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