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Stick och virkmönster

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Ekollon och eklöv – litevirkning. Efter att ha sett lite ekollon och eklöv som andra hade virkat blev jag väldigt sugen på det själv.

Ekollon och eklöv – litevirkning

Så nu har jag gjort mig några små söta ekollon och eklöv. Är väldigt nöjd! Det roliga med ekollonen är att man kan ta av deras hattar, det älskar jag! Och trots att man kan ta av och på dom så sitter de tillräckligt bra för att sitta fast även om man vill hänga upp dom! (se bild längre ner). Steen i stugan: Virkade svampar. IN THE YARN GARDEN – Crochet, creativity and inspiration. Free Crochet Pattern: Sturdy Market Tote. One of my favorite, favorite things about summer is hitting up the farmer’s market.

Free Crochet Pattern: Sturdy Market Tote

For me, it’s not only about the fresh, local produce, it’s about the experience. Yes? Yesssss. :) Daisy_Coasters. Make a Set of Five Ombre Crocheted Coasters. In this tutorial we’ll be making a cute set of crochet coasters.

Make a Set of Five Ombre Crocheted Coasters

The pattern uses US terms and stitches include slip stitch (sl st); double crochet (dc); chain (ch); and a magic ring. Learn how to make a set in rainbow shades, or an on-trend ombre set. Supplies Yarn in a main and a contrast colour, or to get the ombre effect use five shades of yarn in one colour range, like different shades of pink (I used Drops Paris cotton yarn by Garnstudio).A crochet hook in a size suitable for the yarn you’re using (I used a 4mm hook here).A darning needle for sewing in the ends.A pair of scissors. Step 1: Make a Magic Ring. Neon Crochet Pot Scrubbers by Allison Murray.

I don’t like sponges being used in clean up situations… I’ve just heard way too much about germs that live up in them.

Neon Crochet Pot Scrubbers by Allison Murray

But I do like scrubbies. We had a whole pile of the thing that were given as a gift. It was easy to see that they were little crocheted circles of maroon and hunter green, but I couldnt’ figure out what the material was for the life of me. So one day I’m in the craft store when I see one older lady speaking to another older lady who is putting spool after spool of tulle into her cart.

“Are you making tutus?” Spring flower granny square. This weekend the weather really turned to ice and snow here in North Wales and the Log Burners in our house have been working overtime keeping us snug and toasty.

spring flower granny square

As well as enjoying brisk walks in the fresh winter air, I have had a little play with yarn and hook these past few days and here is the result. What do you think? Do you like it? Snowflower Ornaments. Last weekend, with the feeling of having eaten way too much pumpkin pie still in my belly, I got busy decorating my Christmas tree.

Snowflower Ornaments

Actually, I would have done it even sooner if it had been at all seemly. The fact is I love Christmas trees, Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments more than any other part of any other holiday. Little wilde flower square. Crochet Projects. How To Make The Invisible Join - The Lavender Chair. The Invisible join technique changed my life and will most definitely change yours!

How To Make The Invisible Join - The Lavender Chair

I was absolutely amazed with the results when I learned how. This technique is used when working with projects in the round. The invisible join creates a seamless and more professional finish to your crochet projects. Normally, when working in the round, you’d finish off with a slip stitch. Do so, there is always an unsightly bump, no matter how tight you pull your slip stitch. Here’s how! At the last round, instead of joining with a slip stitch cut the yarn leaving yourself a decent tail. Now insert your hook into the front loop of the last stitch you made and into the whole first stitch of the round.

Next you are going to yarn over with your tail yarn and pull through all the loops on your hook. Then lastly, you are going to weave in your ends like you would normally. How To Crochet a Clean Edge Along a Rough Edge. Maybe it's a blanket border. Maybe it's around a dishcloth or sweater. Or maybe along the edge of a scarf or cowl. But anytime you are instructed in a pattern to "work stitches evenly along edge" you are faced with a challenge. Tutorial Simple Joining Square Technique. Crochet School Lesson 21: Reading Crochet Charts. Remember in the last lesson where I said that the simpler the pattern the better?

Crochet School Lesson 21: Reading Crochet Charts

Well how's this for simple? (hover your mouse over to see the difference between the square and the chart overlay) Do you see how you could possibly not even need words to make a pattern if you knew what the symbols were? - Sytt, stickat och virkat. Låt kreativiteten flöda. Vid frågor eller förfrågningar, kontakta mig på 5 sätt att stärka virkat. Flower Power Rug. Motif With color 1, ch 2. 1st rnd: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook.

Flower Power Rug

Join with sl st to first sc. 2nd rnd: Ch 3 (counts as dc). 2 dc in same sp as last sl st. 3 dc in each sc around. Join with sl st to top of ch 3. 18 dc. Fasten off. 3rd rnd: Join color 2 with sl st to front loop only of any dc. **Ch 3 (counts as dc). 1 dc in same sp as last sl st. 1 dc in front loop only of next dc. 2 dc in front loop only of next dc. 5 dc for petal. Turn. Мотивы крючком » Клубка.Нет - Все о вязании крючком.

Crochetedbag. Haekelbeutel. Sunday Flower.

Virkade kransar

Talking Crochet. Easy Pineapple Doily Designed by Sylvia Landman Beginners can learn the basics of crocheting pineapple lace with this lovely, yet simple, doily worked in pretty shades of yellow.

Talking Crochet

Experience Level Beginner. Free #Crochet Patterns: the Moogly Lowercase Alphabet! The Moogly Crochet Alphabet led to a request for Numbers…. and now at last I’ve finished the lowercase set! I kept the same “font” as the capitals as much as possible, making them perfect to mix and match. I hope you enjoy them! These letters can be made with any yarn and the hook you think gives the best result. For these letters I used a US – F, 3.75mm hook, and worsted weight kitchen cotton yarn.

The amount of yarn used for each letter is minimal of course. Click below for the coordinating free applique patterns: The Moogly Crochet Lowercase Alphabet Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue and Favorites Row 1: Ch 11, skip the ch closest to the hook, sc 10; turn. (10 sts) Row 2 – 3: Ch 1, sc 10; turn. (10 sts) Simple Stylish Market Bag. For the grocery store, farmer’s market, or even beach – these cotton mesh bags are incredibly useful, expandable, and durable.

Plus they take up virtually no space when empty. AND they’re super easy to crochet. I posted this bag not long ago, and due to it’s popularity decided to publish the pattern. In the original post I mentioned that it’s made with cotton yarn upcycled from an old sweater – and so is this one! For more information on getting your hands on recycled sweater yarn, see my definitive tutorial Everything You Need to Know to Start Recycling Sweater Yarn. WEB L SUGARNCREAM K DribbleBib. The Lonely Tree Shawl. Lacy Infinity Scarf, my free crochet pattern. I finished my infinity scarf! But it’s still at least a couple of months before I will be able to wear it as autumn arrives late to California. By June Gilbank & Free Crochet Patterns. Sunroom Spiral Scarf - Crochet. Hi There Folks, How are we all today? Well when I woke up there was a definite chill in the air. I don’t even want to think about it yet but could it be that autumn is creeping up on us? Oh no we want more sunshine, more flowers blooming and more time outside.

Thread and Beads Infinity Scarf. I have a surplus of crochet thread. And I almost never buy it.


Mormorsrutor med Prästkragar/Daisy Squares. De här underbart vackra mormorsrutorna med Prästkragar får en nästan att känna doften av sommar, inte sant!? Tapestry Crochet - Harlequin Pattern Tutorial. Hello! Crochet ric-rac. Mønster på hue med vri. Virka färgglad grytlapp. Gäststugan behövde nya grytlappar och detta blev resultatet. Narcissus Lace Tunisian Stitch. To make the Narcissus Lace Tunisian Stitch, you’ll need to get your long afghan hook and make a foundation chain with a multiple of 4 stitches. Stickade halvvantar - gratismönster. Nesting Rainbow Owls. Mandala. Little Mouse Pattern. Daisy Granny Squares Pattern. Dahlia Mandala Pattern. Little Spring Mandala Pattern.

Granny Mini Mandala Pattern. Fleurs au crochet. Happy granny hat pattern. Mönster: spetssjalen Lataa. Virkad hyllremsa. Joining Granny Squares. Loop-the-Loop Flower - Free Crochet Pattern. Valentine Flower Free Crochet Pattern : Maggie's Crochet Blog. Vickie's Large Flower - Free Crochet Pattern. 91382_low.pdf. Spindelsjalstutorial. 67_crochet.pdf. Mönster på virkad uggla. Betsy Makes ....: Colourful Cowl with Pattern. Betsy Makes ....: Crochet Baby Bunting & Pattern. Granny-in-the-middle Flower. A to Z in Crochet Crochet Pattern. Free Patern. Free Bracelets Crochet Pattern Link Directory. Free patterns. Virka & Tova. Virkade lock. Mina gratismönster, översikt.

Draksnuttefilt. Med mönster. Virkad snuttefilt. Virkade ljuslyktor i pastellfärger. Blooming Flower Cushion. Crochet Owl Pattern... Whale crochet applique free pattern. Välkommen - Korg i Anya. Gratismönster « Garngrossisten. Crochet & Knitting.

Knitted Bunnies « Jo so and sew. Virka en enkel sjal. The heartfelt company: Bubbly crochet edging. DROPS Design - gratis stickbeskrivningar. Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch Pattern pattern by Janis Cortese. 290 Basket Weave Crochet Dishcloth. Free Knitting Patterns. 29 geniala knep alla som städar önskar att de borde vetat tidigare. How to Clean a Copper Pan. 15 tillfällen när det går precis lika bra med ättika!