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Ancient & new Hebrew Alphabet

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Sumérien / Sumerian

Hebrew - Letter by letter. Hebrew calligraphy, alphabet for "small" letters. Phoenician alphabet. Hebrew alphabet General (Google page) The Hebrew alphabet (in capital letters). Foundation Research: Secrets of the Hebrew Letters by Cynthia Gage for Atlantis Rising magazine. Over the next ten years, Tenen investigated a potential biblical code; he bought nearly 3,000 books on sacred traditions-Hebrew, Christian, Moslem, academic, occult and even channeled material.

Foundation Research: Secrets of the Hebrew Letters by Cynthia Gage for Atlantis Rising magazine

In 1978 he and his wife, Levanah moved to San Francisco, where PBS aired The Prisoner series on TV. The Tenens offered to do an impromptu live wraparound for each episode: "When the episode with The Code came along," says Tenen, "I realized the audience was mostly open-minded college students, so I held up the first line of the Hebrew text of Genesis and told them it was a legitimate communication, but didn't tell them it was from the Bible. " Tenen then invited the audience to participate in deciphering the code. He received many interesting suggestions, but the breakthrough came when students from a local high school suggested he try counting in base-3.

Convinced he was onto something, Tenen began searching for a way to fund further research. The Evolution of the English Alphabet Chart [In Progress] – Yehweh Not Yahweh. The Evolution of the English Alphabet Chart shows how over the last 4000 years the English alphabet along with at least 13 other major alphabets has evolved (or rather mutated) out of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet.

The Evolution of the English Alphabet Chart [In Progress] – Yehweh Not Yahweh

The harmony in graphology (shape) of the letters of the alphabets is strikingly similar from alphabet to alphabet. This proves the Jews are not the only ISHaRaALites. Also it reveals that the the key to unlocking the the Name of the Creator is through the two-houseidentity of the (bloodline) ISHaRaALItes. I compiled it using by using many different alphabetological and liguistic, webpages and books.Some of the charts from these sources are shown further down the page; others I have yet to reference.

To view image—left click on it, and then right click and your zoom tool should appear, or you can right click and then save as to your PC. a) Y—this has been moved from the hand and arm pictograph (ID [Modern Jewish Hebrew (MJH) yod]) row to the tent peg (UU [MJH waw]) pictograph row. A to Z. Proto-Canaanite / First Tongue / Ark of the Covenant. New Discovery Supports Belief ThatArk Of The Covenant Is In Yemen Five lines of ancient script on a shard of pottery could be the oldest example of Hebrew writing ever discovered, an archaeologist in Israel says.

Proto-Canaanite / First Tongue / Ark of the Covenant

November 1, 2008 -- The shard [right] was found by a teenage volunteer during a dig about 20km (12 miles) south-west of Jerusalem. It contains symbols believed to be that of an ancient alphabet called proto-Canaanite or First Tongue. Experts at Hebrew University said dating showed it was written 3,000 years ago - about 1,000 years earlier than the Dead Sea Scrolls. This era roughly corresponds to the time of the First Temple, ruled by the biblical figures of David and Solomon and may predate the time this same alphabet was being used by the Queen of Sheba (allegedly wed to Solomon) in what is now Yemen.

Scientists caution that further study is needed to understand this. The archaeological site is located in Mareb, Yemen, in what is known as the "empty quarter. " Hebrew Bible Study Tools.