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Related:  E-LearningContent ResourcesUcenjetichyvlkbooks and learning - course-builder - Latest Course Builder source zip file - Course Builder My favorites ▼ | Sign in Project Home Downloads Wiki Issues Source Terms - Privacy - Project Hosting Help Books and Resources for Remembrance Day Remembrance Day is an important event for students and teachers and there are some fabulous resources available for use in the classroom and the library. We have collected our favourites to share with you. This simple and easy to use website allows your students to plant a virtual poppy online and share a message about thoughts, feelings or stories they might wish to tell for Remembrance Day. There is no sign up or email required and students may make a donation if they wish, however, this is optional. What’s really special about this site is that each poppy is a click-able image with a story shared.

Courses Cybersecurity Launch your career in a high demand industry that projects 2 million new jobs annually by earning a Cybersecurity MicroMasters Credential from RIT. MicroMasters Program Schools and Partners: RITx Availability: Current Robotics PERSPECTIVES ON FUKUSHIMA » Nuclear Decommissioning Report I recently attended the Environmental Remediation Technologies Summit in Tokyo, Japan, along with colleagues from 32 other non-Japanese firms. The summit was facilitated by the U.S. Departments of Energy, Commerce, and State; with cooperation from Japan’s Ministry of Environment, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and officials from Fukushima prefecture. The objectives for the visit were to: 1) provide a status of cleanup and recovery activities not only at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, but also the 18,000 square miles of contaminated lands, and 2) facilitate discussions related to the latest D&D technologies that could add value in the cleanup effort. One of the most compelling lessons learned from the accident is that there was and continues to be a lack of a central, comprehensive response plan.

10+ Windows 7 services you may not need Every version of Windows has shipped with a core set of system services that must run so that the system can perform basic operations. However, your organization may not necessarily need to have all the services running, and disabling unnecessary services can enhance performance and security. I put together a list of 13 services you can disable on your Windows 7 systems that will probably not negatively affect your business operations at all. I say "probably" for a reason. Crowdsourced Classroom Opens Door to Interactive Learning In theory, the idea of online courses sounds extremely convenient. In reality, sitting in front of a computer screen passively watching a video and then filling out standard multiple choice quizzes can quickly become boring. This is what Gregor Freund, the CEO and founder of Versal, aimed to combat when he and his team created an interactive, crowdsourced online classroom where anyone can design an online course. Versal, which is set to launch on July 9, will initially feature about 15 to 20 "learning gadgets," which are tools instructors can use to build an interactive learning site without requiring any coding knowledge. So far, the gadgets include widgets with which to embed surveys, quizzes, reference tools, images, text, and interactive graphs. "I looked at the online educational space and didn't like the quality of the courses offered," Freund explains.

What are the Fallacy Files? I began collecting and studying logical fallacies about twenty-five years ago, when I first became interested in logic. This collection took two forms: A collection of named fallacies—such as "ad hominem"—that is, types of bad reasoning which someone has thought distinctive and interesting enough to name and describe. S. J. Jekat/G. Massey: The Puzzle of Translation Skills. Linguistik online 17, 5/03 Susanne J. Jekat / Gary Massey (Zurich/Winterthur) All countries - Climate Action Tracker The Climate Action Tracker reveals major differences between the ambition levels of countries when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the lead are the Maldives, who have proposed to become climate-neutral by 2020. Also at the high end of the scale are Bhutan, which proposes to stay carbon neutral and Costa Rica, which proposes to become carbon neutral by 2021 if international support is provided. They are followed by Japan, Norway, Papua New Guinea and South Korea, all of whom are proposing to reduce their emissions significantly. In the 'medium' range are developing countries such as Brazil, Chile, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa. Many of them propose to reduce the growth of their emissions by the 2020’s.

The Open Innovation Marketplace The Open Innovation Marketplace, published in the Spring of 2011, introduces groundbreaking strategies and models for leveraging the world’s best innovation sources to drive far more value from new products, services, and business models – and do it with far less risk. Drawing on their experience building InnoCentive, authors Alph Bingham and Dwayne Spradlin show how to dramatically increase the flow of high-value innovations your organization can discover—and deliver. Through detailed case studies,from leading innovators such as Procter & Gamble, Eli Lilly, and NASA, Bingham and Spradlin demonstrate open innovation at work in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, software, aeronautics, and beyond. They show how to construct Challenges that focus innovation on critical business needs, can attract breakthrough strategies and solutions, and how to transform your enterprise to do it over and over again. Free Downloads Chapter 6 of The Open Innovation Marketplace is now available for download.

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