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The Dead Sea Scrolls - Home. Interesting Articles. How a fake Google news story spread online. PR Web issued a retraction of its Google-ICOA post, saying that "even with reasonable safeguards" it was a hoax.

How a fake Google news story spread online

Fake news report about Google sheds light on Web news pitfallsPress release saying Web giant bought Wi-Fi company was a hoaxIn rush to publish, many online outlets failed to double-check accuracyNEW: CEO apologizes, promises changes (CNN) -- It was big news in the tech world -- or at least it would have been if it had been true. Google, so the story went, had purchased ICOA, a Wi-Fi provider, for $400 million. Some news organizations pounced, with everyone from long-established outlets like The Associated Press to new-media tech blogs like TechCrunch reporting the news Monday. But hours later, both companies would deny the story, which PR Web, a site that distributes press releases for a fee, says was planted by someone falsely claiming to represent ICOA.

You, win the $500M Powerball jackpot? It's not happening. Chance of a ticket winning a Powerball jackpot is 1 in 175,223,510You have a better chance of hitting two straight holes in oneA record $550 million Powerball jackpot is up for grabs Wednesday (CNN) -- Last March, when the people of America were drooling at the thought of winning a record $656 million Mega Millions jackpot, we poured an icy bucket of mathematical reality over your head: You weren't going to win.

You, win the $500M Powerball jackpot? It's not happening

And you didn't. Three winning tickets were sold, but you weren't involved. It was never going to happen. Egyptian courts suspend work amid protests against Morsi. CAIRO – Egypt's two highest appeals courts suspended their work Wednesday to protest presidential decrees that gave the country's Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi nearly absolute powers, state television reported.

Egyptian courts suspend work amid protests against Morsi

Judges of the Cassation Court decided in an emergency meeting that they will not return to work until Morsi rescinds his decrees, according to state TV. The country's lower appeals court also decided Wednesday to stop work nationwide. The Gaza Invasion: Will It Destroy Israel's Relationship With Egypt? - Eric Trager. The new Egyptian president is torn between the security establishment and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Gaza Invasion: Will It Destroy Israel's Relationship With Egypt? - Eric Trager

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City. (Ahmed Zakot/Reuters) The fact that Israel endured over 800 rocket attacks from Gaza in the past year before commencing yesterday's military operation against Hamas suggests that Jerusalem hoped to avoid the current flare-up. Among other concerns, the Israeli government knew that another Gaza war would ignite the neighboring Egyptian "street," and since Egypt's post-revolutionary government would have to be more responsive to popular sentiments, a downgrade in Israeli-Egyptian relations would be likely.

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood -- Hamas' Egyptian cousin -- as Egypt's new ruling party exacerbated those qualms, given the Brotherhood's longtime opposition to the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and refusal to acknowledge Israel's rightful existence. At the moment, Morsi is seemingly being pulled in two directions. Will the Peace Hold Between Egypt and Israel? For Egypt’s neighbor and peace partner, Israel, the drama unfolding in the center of Cairo during the past several weeks has caused considerable consternation.

Will the Peace Hold Between Egypt and Israel?

While the two countries have benefited from a peace treaty for more than 32 years, the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty is unsettling. Now that the announcement has come, and Hosni Mubarak has stepped down, who will succeed him? What role will the Muslim Brotherhood play? 1119-US-ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS.jpg full 600. World History Classes. Christmas — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts.

Of Christmas Trees — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts. Canada German settlers migrated to Canada from the United States in the 1700s.

of Christmas Trees — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts

They brought with them many of the things associated with Christmas we cherish today—Advent calendars, gingerbread houses, cookies—and Christmas trees. When Queen Victoria’s German husband, Prince Albert, put up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1848, the Christmas tree became a tradition throughout England, the United States, and Canada. Mexico In most Mexican homes the principal holiday adornment is el Nacimiento (Nativity scene). You, win the $500M Powerball jackpot? It's not happening.