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Resources for teachers

Resources for teachers

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Gardner Gardner'sMultipleIntelligences Bloom'sTaxonomy Home Multiple Intelligences/Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Matrix Multiple Intelligences/Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Matrix: Blank Version English C1-Oral Skills Monday, November 15th – Teaching/American Education System Useful Expressions for talking about Teaching(2) EXTRA MATERIAL Programme for International Student Assessment, also known as PISA. FINLAND Here

List of Menu Pages - List of Menu Pages Easy Things for Beginners Crosswords GrammarHearing Listening Sentences PatternsPodcastsPronunciationProverbsQuizzesReadingSlang & IdiomsSpellingTongue TwistersVOAVocabularyMobile and Tablet Compatibility FUN ONLINE GAME: Guess the sound - Free teaching resources to teach kids: worksheets, flashcards, games, activities, tips and much more! You can support by clicking on the ads in each post. Thank you and please visit us again :) Guess the sound is a really fun online game to revise lots of vocabulary in an entertaining way! My students love it. I’m sure yours will as well!

3. Integration of Blooms' Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligence in English Classroom Introduction: Intelligence is a term which by and large is understood differently by different people. Few researches and theorists believe intelligence as static and everyone is born with it and it remains the same. According to the newer researches intelligence is the extent of one believes one can do. Giving your opinion Jack: Oh! Hi Gemma. How’s it going?Gemma: Oh. KS1 Literacy Drag and drop the names of the classroom items on to the picture. The name box will turn green if correctly placed. Drag and drop the names of the animals on to the picture. The name box will turn green if correctly placed.

Using Mr. Bean to Teach Present Continuous (Speaking Activity) English Current Skill focus: Speaking Grammar: Present Continuous (Present Progressive) ESL Level: Pre-intermediate to Intermediate Number of students: 2 or more Equipment needed: projector/video screen Time Required: 15 minutes