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Use Your Home Computer from Anywhere: A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Controlling Your PC

Use Your Home Computer from Anywhere: A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Controlling Your PC
The problem with many of these remote access/desktop tools on the ANDROID platform (for use in connecting from one's smartphone or tablet back to one's desktop/laptop), at least, is that many of them will not do file transfer. It's... oy!.. maddending. Even the Android version of TeamViewer won't do file transfer, whereas the Windows version, when connected to another Windows machine, will... and well, too. But the Android version will not. Again... maddening.

Top 10 Crazy Kitchen Tricks That Speed Up Your Cooking I would like to add that the wider the ring, the easier it seems to be. I had a titanium ring more than twice the width of the one shown in the video and it was easy as hell. My wedding ring (which is about the same size as the one in your linked video) still works, but takes more effort and can hurt if I don't leverage it JUST right. I would also like to echo the sentiments of not using your wedding ring (At least in view of your significant other). Use Your Wii as a Media Center I have the orb working on my PC -> Wii setup. Overall, I am very unhappy with the whole thing. Here's my list: As many have already stated, the video playback in the Opera Web Channel is horrible; wireless OR wired, it doesn't matter. The Opera browser currently has this annoying feature you can't turn off that it makes a sound whenever you select an item ... gets annoying as you navigate.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Train, Exercise, and Better Your Brain Take 4 omega 3-6-9 omega 4 fatty acid pills. Then the following days take one pill every hour and half until you have reached ten pills. Then take 3 pills every day. IKEA RGB Led Strip Hack - openPicus Wiki Introduction The following project describes how to hack an IKEA DIODER RGB Led Strip to add a WiFi connectivity and access to an internal Web Server for configuring colors using low budget solutions! The hack utilizes an openPicus Flyport WiFi module and a Proto NEST expansion board, enabling RGB color selection through a Web page. The selection of the various color values is done within a Web page using a Color Picker The Concept

You May Be Able to Actually Make Yourself Smarter—All It Takes Is Practice I totally agree, but don't think that wikipedia-surfing is a good example, because you search for stuff that you want to know (or maybe easier to understand) while when reading a scrience book f.e. you have to read all the way through the article, even if some parts are harder to understand I tend to agree as well, but I've found that as someone who strives to learn almost to the exclusion of all else in my life, when that learning is severely depressed by any of a variety of factors, I'm encouraged to drink. Maybe dumb people don't 'not care,' but they're just not as capable of learning, and lack to means of acquiring the necessary facilitation to expand their minds. Or, maybe you're right and they don't care. I think, as the years go on, I've come to believe that intelligence levels and opportunities are a lot more situational than I'd once thought.

LightScythe - The Mechatronics Guy Battery power is provided from a 6V SLA battery, which is able to power the strip directly without regulation. Parts list (Per scythe): Software: Arduino code: You're the Guinea Pig: Experimenting with Your Sleep and Dreams I have about 30 sleep apps on my iPhone. It's become a hobby, testing them all out. I am a hospice CNA and a full-time nursing student, so sleep is vital, unfortunately I also have pretty bad insomnia. The best apps I have found for good sleep are the TESLA entrainment apps (Tesla is the company, if you search in the app store. They have a gazillion different packages, both paid and free). They have different wavelengths for naps, deep sleep, and even a 5 minute "caffeine" app to give you a boost and a concentration app.

How to Use Bluetooth to Control Your DSLR (Or Any Device with an Infrared Receiver) You can add Bluetooth capability to an old stereo, a retro mouse, or even your car's cassette deck. If you can think of a device, someone has probably found a way to control it with Bluetooth. This hack is a little different, though. Kai Aras put together a simple guide to adding Bluetooth to just about anything with an infrared receiver. In the video below, you can see him take pictures with his DSLR via Bluetooth using his iPhone and MetaWatch smartwatch. It's actually really easy to do. The Stupid Things You Do in the Kitchen (and How to Fix Them) Love cooking or hate it, much of your time in the kitchen is likely wasted by easily correctable mistakes you probably don't even know you're making. You waste time prepping ingredients, use your knives incorrectly, mix and match the wrong utensils, and throw out food that's still good—and those are just a few of the stupid things you do in the kitchen. Here's how to fix them.

Photoshop Video What is Photoshop CC? With the release of Photoshop CC (here in the middle of 2013), Adobe has decided that they will no longer sell their software, instead opting to rent it to those who wish to use it. (I’ll avoid all the technical jargon about perpetual licenses, etc…) Bottom line is, if you want to upgrade past your current version of Photoshop anytime in the foreseeable future, you will have to pay-per-month to have access to Photoshop. Things could get hairy if I can’t kick my $60 a month addiction to McDonald’s McNuggets. Darn. Ways to Stop Wasting So Much Food in the Kitchen Unless you're a kitchen ninja that can plan and measure out the exact portions for every meal you make it's likely you find yourself wasting good food because you didn't plan right, you forgot about it, or you just had no idea what to do with it. Thankfully, it's not too difficult to cut down on your kitchen waste. Here's how to do it.P Whether you're cooking for 10 or for one, wasting food in the kitchen is easy no matter how strictly you plan everything. Of course, planning is the first and most important part, but if you're no good at that we've got tips for organizing your fridge and finding alternatives for food on its way out. Let's start with the ever-important plan.P