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Primary English Educational Quizzes. Featured blog of the month for September 2016. Starting primary. Cambridge English. Resources for teachers. English C1-Oral Skills. Monday, November 15th – Teaching/American Education System Useful Expressions for talking about Teaching(2) EXTRA MATERIAL Programme for International Student Assessment, also known as PISA.

English C1-Oral Skills

FINLAND Here [youtube= ( Bonuses for Teachers) Pisa. Reading skills practice. Describe a photo or picture. MyEnglishblogEsthereoi: How to describe pictures in English. Giving your opinion. Jack: Oh!

Giving your opinion

Hi Gemma. How’s it going? Gemma: Oh. Hi Jack. CAE-2015-SAMPLE-TEST. Meet Lauren Singer - zero waste girl. Presenter: The average American produces 4.3lbs (four point three pounds) of trash a day.

Meet Lauren Singer - zero waste girl

BBC Learning English - Course: Towards Advanced / Unit 1 / Session 4 / Activity 1. Sticky Grammar: Personality types. I'm sharing an activity I developed to work on personality types and synonyms with teenagers in a B2 level.

Sticky Grammar: Personality types

Since I knew it would be appealing to them, I used the movie "Divergent" and although the task was challenging, their being acquainted with the story helped consideably. After looking up some words in the dictionary and discussing the different profile a person in each faction should have, they had no problems whatsoever categorizing many different words which weren't familiar to them. I'll show you how I did it. As a warm up: Each student chose 3 adjectives that they would use to describe themselves. Then, they assigned 3 adjectives to the rest of the people in the class. Sticky Grammar: Functional language.

I developed this task for basic students to work on functional language when eating at a place.

Sticky Grammar: Functional language

In this video from the movie The Hobbit, Bilbo receives some unexpected visitors and struggles to be a good host. Througout the task ss will work on vocabulary, be exposed to authentic english, understand a movie scene and apply all this content in a productive way. I took the clip from enjoy the bits. Warm up: Look at the picture. Práctica. Examen. Convocatoria 2014.


Tony. - Key Stage 3 (11 - 14 yrs) - Population Structure. Escocesa in Madrid. Sticky Grammar: Discourse Markers. Hey everyone!

Sticky Grammar: Discourse Markers

I'm sharing an activity I developed to talk about marketing, the concepts we sometimes have about certain brands and how they are constructed. I found a great scene from the movie "What women want" which shows two people working on a famous brand's image and I used it to revise the use of tag questions and discourse markers. Throughout this lesson, students will identify and apply this useful structures. I hope you find it useful.Warm up: What features do you associate to the following brands? Reading Comprehension Exercises - Testing - 30 Websites with Free ESL Teaching Resources. Yesterday, Karen Schweitzer, an experienced freelance writer and copyeditor who also writes for and other education companies, sent me this article with very valuable information about Free ESL Teaching Resources.

30 Websites with Free ESL Teaching Resources

Every teacher needs a little help now and then inside the classroom and out. Fortunately, there are plenty of free ESL teaching resources that can be found online. Here are 30 useful sites worth checking out today. Useful Websites for PET Exam Preparation ~ Sharing Learning. PET RESOURCES. 1.


Photo description (Speaking Test) [printable file] 2. Picture/ photo description 4. PET Speaking: Home. There are four parts in the PET speaking test:

PET Speaking: Home

SixPix #41 ESL Listening Game about Two Lovers. Love is in the air.

SixPix #41 ESL Listening Game about Two Lovers

In the first picture, we have and they are very close to each other and they are sitting at a table and they are having drinks and the man in whispering something into the woman's ear. PET RESOURCES. Oposiciones al Cuerpo de Maestros (2015) Generales a) Ser español o nacional de un Estado miembro de la Unión Europea, o nacional de algún Estado al que, en virtud de los Tratados Internacionales celebrados por la Unión Europea y ratificados por España, sea de aplicación la libre circulación de trabajadores.También podrán participar, cualquiera que sea su nacionalidad, el cónyuge de los españoles, el de los nacionales de otros Estados miembros de la Unión Europea y, cuando así lo prevea el correspondiente Tratado, el de los nacionales de algún Estado al que, en virtud de los Tratados Internacionales celebrados por la Unión Europea y ratificados por España sea de aplicación la libre circulación de trabajadores, siempre que no estén separados de derecho.

El Blog de la Profe Isa: Práctico Común / CDI. Oposiciones al Cuerpo de Maestros (2015) ISE III (C1) resources. Grades 10-12: Advanced. GESE Advanced stage exams are for people with ‘advanced/proficient’ English language ability. At these grades, the candidate is expected to understand fully the examiner’s contributions and demonstrate accurate use of a wide variety of complex language. They need to express themselves spontaneously and fluently, and maintain and develop the discussion independently. Exam structure The exam takes the form of an unscripted conversation and a listening task with a Trinity examiner and lasts for 25 minutes.

There are five parts to the exam: The Topic presentation: the candidate prepares in advance to give a presentation on a topic of their choice. The Topic discussion: the candidate discusses the content of their presentation in more detail and responds to the examiner's questions and comments. The Interactive task: the candidate has to respond spontaneously to a task they have not seen before. Advanced (CAE) preparation.