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Writing - Upper intermediate B2. Information will soon be so easy to find on the internet that people will not need to remember anything.

Writing - Upper intermediate B2

Do you agree? Nowadays all the information we could ever need is available online and some people say that means the end of having to learn anything. It is true that these days everything you want to know is a few clicks away as long as you have internet access. HOW TO WRITE A GREAT ESSAY FOR THE B2 FIRST (Cambridge Exam English) – Intercambio Idiomas Online. How it is graded at B2 level: To say what grade you need to pass the writing part of the exam is not as easy as with the use of English and reading as the way it is assessed is fairly subjective and can be within a point of what another examiner would put.

HOW TO WRITE A GREAT ESSAY FOR THE B2 FIRST (Cambridge Exam English) – Intercambio Idiomas Online

See these sample student answers to FCE (Cambridge English First) Writing questions with feedback. How to write a C1 Advanced Essay. The Cambridge C1 Advanced is an excellent qualification to aim for if you’re thinking of studying or working abroad.

How to write a C1 Advanced Essay

It’s recognised by universities and governments all over the world and also helps you prove your language skills to future employers. One of the most demanding parts of the exam is Part 1 of the Writing paper, which includes writing an essay. For many of you, this won’t come naturally… especially in another language. So, to give you the best chance at success, we’ve created this in-depth guide full of Cambridge C1 Advanced Writing tips and useful language to get you producing excellent essays in no time. Resources for teachers. Rincón de una maestra. Plastificando ilusiones. 2 Profes en apuros. Blood. Listen Red Blood Cells Red blood cells (RBCs, also called erythrocytes) are shaped like slightly indented, flattened disks.


RBCs contain the iron-rich protein hemoglobin. Blood gets its bright red color when hemoglobin picks up oxygen in the lungs. As the blood travels through the body, the hemoglobin releases oxygen to the tissues. The body contains more RBCs than any other type of cell, and each has a life span of about 4 months. White Blood Cells White blood cells (WBCs, also called leukocytes) are a key part of the body's system for defending itself against infection (this system is called the immune system). Blood contains far fewer WBCs than red blood cells, although the body can increase WBC production to fight infection. Several different parts of blood are involved in fighting infection. Certain types of WBCs make antibodies, which are special proteins that recognize foreign materials and help the body destroy or neutralize them. Platelets. Video lessons. In this video we will be showing you why we like How It Should Have Ended For Kids.

We're focusing on two playlists: Silly Songs and Fixed Fairy Tales, with some practical ideas about how we use them in teaching young learners. Here's a link to an interactive video quiz at our site for one of the videos from the channel, and here's a link to the channel itself. Meetings 2: Getting involved in meetings. Speaking and Listening Educational Videos. Primary English Educational Quizzes. Featured blog of the month for September 2016. Starting primary. Cambridge English. Resources for teachers. English C1-Oral Skills. Reading skills practice. Describe a photo or picture. MyEnglishblogEsthereoi: How to describe pictures in English. Giving your opinion. Jack: Oh!

Giving your opinion

Hi Gemma. How’s it going? Gemma: Oh. Hi Jack. CAE-2015-SAMPLE-TEST. Meet Lauren Singer - zero waste girl. Presenter: The average American produces 4.3lbs (four point three pounds) of trash a day.

Meet Lauren Singer - zero waste girl

That’s almost sixteen hundred pounds a year but if we took some simple steps we could go off the trash grid and minimise thousands of pounds of waste into just a single jar! BBC Learning English - Course: Towards Advanced / Unit 1 / Session 4 / Activity 1. Sticky Grammar: Personality types. I'm sharing an activity I developed to work on personality types and synonyms with teenagers in a B2 level.

Sticky Grammar: Personality types

Since I knew it would be appealing to them, I used the movie "Divergent" and although the task was challenging, their being acquainted with the story helped consideably. After looking up some words in the dictionary and discussing the different profile a person in each faction should have, they had no problems whatsoever categorizing many different words which weren't familiar to them.

I'll show you how I did it. As a warm up: Each student chose 3 adjectives that they would use to describe themselves. Then, they assigned 3 adjectives to the rest of the people in the class. Sticky Grammar: Functional language. I developed this task for basic students to work on functional language when eating at a place.

Sticky Grammar: Functional language

In this video from the movie The Hobbit, Bilbo receives some unexpected visitors and struggles to be a good host. Througout the task ss will work on vocabulary, be exposed to authentic english, understand a movie scene and apply all this content in a productive way. Práctica. Examen. Convocatoria 2014.


Tony. - Key Stage 3 (11 - 14 yrs) - Population Structure. Escocesa in Madrid. Sticky Grammar: Discourse Markers. Hey everyone!

Sticky Grammar: Discourse Markers

I'm sharing an activity I developed to talk about marketing, the concepts we sometimes have about certain brands and how they are constructed. I found a great scene from the movie "What women want" which shows two people working on a famous brand's image and I used it to revise the use of tag questions and discourse markers. Throughout this lesson, students will identify and apply this useful structures. I hope you find it useful.Warm up: What features do you associate to the following brands? Reading Comprehension Exercises - Testing - A growing collection of English reading comprehension exercises. Test your understanding by reading through short passages of text and then answering a number of multiple-choice and cloze / gap fill questions. Select from the subjects below, or browse by level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. 30 Websites with Free ESL Teaching Resources.

Yesterday, Karen Schweitzer, an experienced freelance writer and copyeditor who also writes for and other education companies, sent me this article with very valuable information about Free ESL Teaching Resources.

30 Websites with Free ESL Teaching Resources

Every teacher needs a little help now and then inside the classroom and out. Fortunately, there are plenty of free ESL teaching resources that can be found online. Here are 30 useful sites worth checking out today. General Teaching Resources. Useful Websites for PET Exam Preparation ~ Sharing Learning. PET RESOURCES. 1. Photo description (Speaking Test) [printable file] 2. Picture/ photo description 4. PDF with useful words and phrases for picture description 3. PET Speaking: Home. There are four parts in the PET speaking test: Part 1: general introductions;Part 2: discussion about a situation;Part 3: photographs; andPart 4: discussion about a topic.

You can find up-to-date information about the PET exam at the Cambridge ESOL website. SixPix #41 ESL Listening Game about Two Lovers. Love is in the air. PET RESOURCES. Oposiciones al Cuerpo de Maestros (2015) El Blog de la Profe Isa: Práctico Común / CDI. Hola a tod@s, Oposiciones al Cuerpo de Maestros (2015) ISE III (C1) resources. Grades 10-12: Advanced. Advanced (CAE) preparation.