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Stand Wild is a Los Angeles based NPO with aim of saving animals, and their audience is sports fans and sports organizations which teams carry mascot symbols of animals. Set against a gray background texture with images of different animals, Stand Wild's homepage is both informative and eye-catching. It features an image of activists on first view, a short "About" section with large, prominent fonts, and a large "Make Your Stand Here" call-to-action button. It also has three text teasers about team mascots, a Latest News section and more. Navigation links are set in a full-width toolbar along the top, with a Log In/Sign Up button and a Facebook button for quick access on the top right - a familiar location for most website visitors. The Make a Stand page adopts a minimalist approach to web design, so visitors are not overwhelmed with either too much text or images.

How Has The Internet Changed Education? User Rating: Details Published on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 15:14 Written by Sahiba Pahwa Hits: 106 Online Gallery Friday, January 30, 2009 Audrey Kawasaki The nice side of Audrey Kawasaki Looking for someone?! Intelligence Testing July 30, 1993 AbstractBy Sarah Glaser Do traditional IQ tests overlook some bright students? Ingrained in the nation's educational system, intelligence tests are as American as apple pie. They play a crucial role in everything from college admissions to military job assignments. But IQ and aptitude tests have come under increasing criticism in recent years as measures of real-world intelligence.

The 5 Best tools for checking Plagiarism — CSCampus Inc. There are many tools available on the internet from where you can easily detect Plagiarism and/or duplicate content. In this post we'll see 5 of the best tools, which can help you to easily detect plagiarism or duplicate content. 1. Copyscape Copyscape is ranked no. 1 in the world and it is the most popular online plagiarism detector. My Tech knowledge: A little hack for RDP on Vista Home Premium 1. Download from 2. Download termsrv.sp1.patched.dll from 3. The Differential Aptitude Test: A Review and Critique. The Differential Aptitude Test (DAT) is a multiple aptitude battery designed to measure junior and senior high school students' and adults' ability to learn or succeed in certain areas. The test is suitable for group administration and is primarily for use in educational and vocational counseling, although it may be used in employee selection. The DAT contains two levels, with two equivalent alternate forms for each level. Eight subtests measure abilities.

Explain Everything X 4 Ways When it comes to flexible iPad apps, nothing quite fits the bill like Explain Everything. Developed as a screencasting app (in my opinion, the best in the app store), I have recently found that I am using the app for anything but screencasting. 1. Sand Animation by Kseniya Simonova - Ukraine's Got Talent Jul 28, 2009 This is an absolutely breathtaking performance by Kseniya Simonova on the popular show Ukraine’s Got Talent. The 24-year old artist specializes in sand animation, a style of live performance art. Using a simple light table, Kseniya uses sand to tell her story. The canvas is in a constant state of change as she moves seamlessly from scene to scene.

A website dedicated to Ancient Times. Welcome to Earth-History Welcome to my completely renovated website, now with many new features. My old HTML website is still available if you have a slow connection, but will NOT be updated in the future. This website consist of several parts. Integrate iPads Into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy With This 'Padagogy Wheel' You’re going to want to turn on your printer and fire up a PDF viewer. This is just that good. It’s called the Padagogy Wheel and it offers a fantastically useful perspecitve on how to figure out which iPad apps work with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Created by Allan Carrington, this thing is a monster and deserves some focused attention. So I’d make a personal plea to save the hi-res image (below) or print out the PDF (available here) and then spend your long weekend closely examining this thing. The Padagogy Wheel takes an expanded approach Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and offers 62 iPad apps that fit into the organized chaos that is Bloom’s.

Developers API Tutorials - Zen Cart(tm) Wiki InitSystem initSystem Introduction Why initSystem ?? The term initSystem, apart from being a tag used to group certain PHP files together in the new documentation, is meant to embrace all of those files that are automatically included/initialised before any 'command' scripts can be run. Zen Cart® v1.x uses a (non Object Oriented) page controller pattern to decide the scripts to run, based on HTTP_GET parameters. PHILIPPINE FABLED GOLD, FUTURE WORLD’S TREASURES Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra The Philippines abounds with stories about the ‘Yamashita gold’, a part of which accordingly went to the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Incidentally, certain writers did pen some well researched books about the subject, the result ending among the ‘controversial’ topics in town. Just exactly where did Yamashita, Japanese ‘tiger of Malaya’ fame, get all those tons of gold isn’t difficult to imagine. The gold bullions and treasures were plundered from the Asian territories where the general’s forces went, carted to the Philippines en masse, before being transited to Japan for use by the Imperial state.