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Blueprint: Slide and Push Menus

Blueprint: Slide and Push Menus

Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions Being a Freelance Designer Stumptown helvetica cardigan, odd future seitan tattooed flannel. Kale chips direct trade cray beard. 8-bit etsy butcher post-ironic blog lo-fi mcsweeney's, sustainable pickled umami flexitarian DIY ethical plaid trust fund. Working with Photoshop Cosby sweater odd future gluten-free actually dreamcatcher. Making use of Icon Fonts Locavore irony gastropub chillwave, butcher meggings flexitarian pinterest master cleanse godard.

PHP statt Frames | EasyBytes Suchmaschinen mögen nicht besonders gern Seiten, die mit Hilfe von Frames gemacht sind. Ach wie schade, denn eigentlich ist es sehr bequem, beim Anlegen einer neuen Seite, den neuen Menüpunkt in nur einer Datei einzutragen, und nicht in jeder bereits existierenden Seite. Das Gleiche gilt z.B. auch für Projekte, die einen Newsblock oder Ähnliches auf jeder Seite eingebunden haben, der ständiger Aktualisierung bedarf. PHP schafft Abhilfe mit der include Funktion. Man kann so gut wie alles includen. An der Stelle, wo wir das nun einsetzen, wird der Inhalt der datei.php in unsere Seite eingebunden. Zu beachten ist, dass der Parsemodus für die include Dateien automatisch auf html geschaltet ist, und somit müssen wir den vorhandenen PHP Code der include Dateien wieder mit php kennzeichnen. Der html Code kann einfach in die Datei geschrieben werden. Hier ein kleines Verdeutlichung-Beispiel: Die Ausgangsdatei: Datei Nr. 1 head.php: Datei Nr. 2 footer.php: Datei Nr. 3 index.php <? Where to find the best free photos and graphics This is my collection of the best websites to find free photos, icons and patterns. If you’d like to suggest a resource, send me an email. Photo Blogs Quality over quantity. Usually a photo blog is one photographer releasing photos as they shoot them. Generally these blogs have around 300 high-quality photos. Photo blogs are all about quality (not quantity). Wondering how to search all these blogs in one place? You might also be interested in Splashbox, a way to sync new photos with your Dropbox. Photo blogs like Unsplash are all about quality. Photo Search Engines Quantity over quality. Photo search engines such as Pixabay are all about quantity over quality. Icon Collections My favorite spot for icons is Icon Monstr. Otherwise, there are a number of other great icon spots that I hear about: Font Awesome, The Noun Project, Find Icons and Icon Sweets. Patterns I love Subtle Patterns. Unusual but Awesome Tools Here’s a few awesome tools that are a bit unusual. Placeit is awesome.

Common layout codes | HTML and CSS tutorials | inObscuro printer friendly version Note: if you came here through a search engine looking for premade designs to use on your website, proceed to designs. This is a turorial on how to code a layout yourself. If you're just starting out with HTML, you might wonder how to make div or table layouts. My advice is, don't try to do anything remotely complicated if you're not familiar with the basic codes and more basic codes. In this tutorial codes are avilable for the following layout types: Preparation If you followed my tutorial about designing a layout now you have some pretty header image to use. Table layouts Newbies like them because they're easy to generate through editors like Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Here are two most common table layouts. Three-column 100% wide table layout Left and right column are fixed-width, while the width of content area adjusts to window width. Just copy the code from the textbox, add your content and adjust the colors in the stylesheet. Two-column 100% wide table layout

15 great HTML5 and CSS3 generators HTML5 and CSS3 are great languages to start off learning with, and I’ve always thought that one of the best ways to start learning is to just dive in and manipulate the code. As you could probably tell, this is where generators step in. They are a great way to generate some code, play with it, and learn. Not only that, they are incredibly useful because often times as a developer or designer we find we are doing things over and over again. As an example, I have a text-expander snippet that creates an HTML5 template that I wrote about here. I will say that most of this list is going to focus on CSS3 generators, simply because they are in demand more than HTML5 generators, and we will learn why. CSS3 Generators There is a somewhat negative connotation when it comes to these generators, and I have to say that as a designer and developer there is nothing negative about using one. General Generators This section will focus on generators that take care of the broad spectrum needs and usages.