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College Study Tips - Study Skills

College Study Tips - Study Skills

Free! College Software Guide « The Frugal Pupil There is one thing college students don’t need when it comes to their software: another expense. With books, tuition and the million other expenses that come with going to college, the last thing you should have to pay for is some decent software. Thankfully, there are many great free options to load up your computer with. For those of you that can’t afford to pay the premium price in purchasing Microsoft Office, even with a generous student discount, you’ll want to look at For those of you using NeoOffice or other productivity software on your Apple Mac computers, you’ll now be happy to know that runs natively on Mac OS X, meaning that there is no need to load that strange X11 emulation software thus increasing the usability and usefulness of It also reads and writes Microsoft Office formats, meaning it is perfect for opening documents from school, or sending essays to your professors. Download at Adium & Pidgin

Remember What Read - Tips for Remembering What You've Read When reading a book (or a report for work or school, etc.) do you ever find yourself at the end of a page and realize you have no idea what you've just read? You are not alone. Many people with ADHD - and even those without - struggle with reading and remembering. Please share your own experiences, as well as strategies that help you comprehend, focus, and recall when reading. Suggested Reading Strategy There is nothing like highlighters to help guide your attention to the important points of what you are reading, but I need to take it one step further in order for it to sink into my mind and understanding. —Guest Adrienne Reading and Remembering I've always been a slow reader. —Guest CoachRoche Calming Music (Sans Lyrics) Recently, I discovered that listening to instrumental music--specifically, classical and jazz--helps me to remain focused and block out my family's chatter/tv noise when I'm studying. —Guest Dawn Running My Finger Along Words as I Read —Guest Ben Study Techniques —jwplante

100 Best Lifehack Lists for Recent College Grads Recent college graduates tend to be anxious and excited about the new adventures that face them, but even the most capable grads can have a hard time adjusting to moving across the country alone, dealing with rejection on the job front, and maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle after school. To help them out, we've put together 100 lifehack lists that feature countless tips on staying fit, eating right, keeping track of a sensible budget, and more. General Tips Here you'll find all sorts of tips for post-college life, including taking care of your old car, avoiding Internet scams and cooking comforting, healthy recipes. Finding a Place to Live Whether you're moving across the country all by yourself or moving back in with your parents for a little while, these lifehack lists will help you find a place to live. Paying off Debt Did you have to borrow money to graduate from one of the best online psychology programs or top online computer science programs ? Graduate School Networking