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25 Awesome Beta Research Tools from Libraries Around the World

25 Awesome Beta Research Tools from Libraries Around the World
If you're tired of using the same old search box on your local library website for research projects, it might be time to broaden your horizons. Try out one of these in-the-works betas sponsored by world-class libraries around the world. From academic libraries like that at MIT or renowned research centers like the Library of Congress, the following beta research tools feature innovative tricks to connect you with the most relevant, valid results on the Internet and in their card catalogs. Melvil Dewey would be proud. Tools Used at College and University Libraries Check out this list for academically-minded beta search tools sponsored by universities around the world. Vera Multi-Search: MIT: This new tool is still in the works, but once it's officially approved, students and researchers can use Vera Multi-Search as a way to find material in several different databases with one single search. Related:  College Tech

50+ Open Courseware Writing Classes from the World's Leading Universities Although technical courses tend to get more attention, the availability of writing courses online is impressive. Whether you want to learn how to write for business or just brush up on grammar, you're sure to find what you're looking for. We've compiled more than 50 of these classes, and they're open for anyone to take. Introductory Courses Get beginning writing knowledge from these courses. Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose: In this course, you'll learn how to write for an academic audience. Grammar & Language Use these courses to perfect your writing mechanics. English Grammar in Context: This course will teach you about the importance of grammar, features of speech, and more. Research Whether you're researching for pleasure, work, or school, these courses will steer you in the right direction. Intermediate Writing: Research Writing in a Persuasive Mode: In this 16-week course, you'll learn how to use critical reading and thinking skills to create persuasive research writing.

99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools, and Tips So, there you are staring at that black sheet of paper again. Or perhaps it's a black Word document on your computer screen. Whichever it may be, it's obvious you're about to take notes for that big essay assignment or group project, and you're not too excited about getting started! That's where a different kind of note taking comes in to play, one that is actually fun to do and will also help you to understand your notes better. Free Software Free Mind - the premier java-based mind mapping software known for its quick, one-click "fold/unfold" and "follow link" operations. Wisemapping - "Visual Thinking Evolution", offering free web based mind maps you can share anywhere on the web. Mindplan - mind mapping and project management combined with Lotus Notes. Mindomo - an online mapping application offering both free and paid premium accounts. Recall Plus - enhance your learning power with the downloadable software for free, or upgrade to Plus for full functionality. Resources In the News Books

99 Resources to Research & Mine the Invisible Web College researchers often need more than Google and Wikipedia to get the job done. To find what you're looking for, it may be necessary to tap into the invisible web, the sites that don't get indexed by broad search engines. The following resources were designed to help you do just that, offering specialized search engines, directories, and more places to find the complex and obscure. Search Engines Whether you're looking for specific science research or business data, these search engines will point you in the right direction. Turbo10: On Turbo10, you'll be able to search more than 800 deep web search engines at a time. Databases Tap into these databases to access government information, business data, demographics, and beyond. GPOAccess: If you're looking for US government information, tap into this tool that searches multiple databases at a time. Catalogs If you're looking for something specific, but just don't know where to find it, these catalogs will offer some assistance. Directories

101 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You Smarter & a Better Student If you own a smartphone, chances are you're already well-versed in the ability of your device to make you smarter than ever, but there's so much more that you can do. From add-ons to hacks, there are many ways you can make your smartphone even more flexible than the manufacturers intended, so read these tips to make you and your smartphone both smarter and better. Communication Turn your smartphone into an even better communication tool with these tools and hacks. Make cheap calls: Connect your smartphone to Jajah's Mobile Web, and you'll be able to save some money on international calls. Finance With these strategies, you'll be able to use your smartphone as a personal finance manager. Track your budget: Automate budget tracking by IMing a budget bot from your phone. Travel These are a few ways to make your smartphone an awesome travel companion. Organize your travel: WorldMate will make it easy to get up-to-date travel information from your smartphone. Media & Entertainment Organization Hacks

13 Must Read Blogs For College Students Lifehacker There's a reason why Lifehacker is at the top of this list, and it boils down to one important thing: making your life more productive, easier, and most importantly, more fun. Computer geekery dominates much of the blog's content, but not in the over-your-head kind of way. Editor Gina Trapani takes technology out of the proverbial box, takes it apart, shows us how it works, and puts it all back together again. Then she sends us off feeling better about ourselves because we learned something new. Lifehacker is a must-read by everyone interested in improving their lives through technology (and if you're not trying to be a more productive person than you have some real serious issues you may want to address). Kineda Okay kids, let's face it: we are a society that is obsessed with our lifestyle. Gizmodo Speaking of obsession, if there's one thing we love more than being hip, it's having all the hip stuff. Perez Hilton Oh boy, here we go. College v2 Positivity Blog Boing Boing

100 Extensive University Libraries from Around the World that Anyone Can Access Universities house an enormous amount of information and their libraries are often the center of it all. You don't have to be affiliated with any university to take advantage of some of what they have to offer. From digital archives, to religious studies, to national libraries, these university libraries from around the world have plenty of information for you. Digital Libraries Capturing images of manuscripts, art, and artifacts, digital libraries are an excellent way of both preserving the past and sharing it with everyone. Harvard University Library. International Digital Libraries These digital libraries either have a focus on a culture other than that of the United States or are housed in another country. The Digital South Asia Library. Texts These libraries offer books or texts for you to read online and free of charge. Universal Digital Library. Medical Libraries These libraries offer medical information for both the professional and the lay person. Welch Medical Library. Legal Libraries

The Ultimate Guide to Using Open Courseware: 70+ Apps, Search Engines and Resources for Free Learning While you can't get college credit for taking open courseware classes, you can make the most of the information and education they offer both in personal and professional aspects of your life. After all, even if you're not working towards a degree, taking the same courses as those in the ivy league can't possibly hurt you and may even be able to better keep you informed and on the cutting edge of what's going on in your field. So how can you make the most of these free online courses? Here are resources we've collected that can help you search for classes, find information and learn everything you need to know about how open courseware works. Search Engines and Directories Check out these sites for finding courses and materials you're interested in. A World of Ideas: Give this site a look for catalogues of both audio and video lectures from universities and radio stations on a wide range of topics. Open Courseware Collections Podcasts Videos eBooks Educational TV What Is Open CourseWare?

Tips for Keeping your Smartphone from Ruling Your Life The smartphone is perhaps the most important technological innovation of the century thus far. At least in terms of sheer popular use, phones like the iPhone, the Droid, or the Blackberry have single-handedly changed the way we communicate, the way we do business, and even the way we find restaurants and bars. Despite the immense convenience that smartphones have added to our lives, this convenience, as with all technological convenience, comes at a cost. Who has not experienced the connnectivity neuroticism that arises from having a mobile device in which the world at large is at your fingertips at all times? Whether it's checking Facebook, Twitter, email, or even the news, we have a constant desire to be connected with the larger and more fluid social networks that the Internet enables. But as most of us are doubtlessly aware, having your Smartphone on you can be both a boon and a curse.

The Top 100 Productivity and Lifehack Blogs for College Students Having a little trouble getting motivated? From school responsibilities to personal calendars and social commitments, college students find themsselves stretched in too many directions. To give you a little boost, we've generated a list of the top 100 productivity and lifehack blogs for college students. Most Popular Following is a collection of some of the most sought after blogs about productivity on the Web. 43 Folders: Productivity guru Merlin Mann gives advice on "simple ways to make your life a little better." Organize your life with the advice and tools found on these informative blogs. Your Life. Get more done at the office with helpful tips and advice from these bloggers. The Daily Saint: Avoid being a workaholic with the tips found on this blog, which urge readers to find the right work-life balance. Let the experts share their professional approaches to organizing your life at home and at work. Sometimes the key to getting your life in order is to first organize yourself.