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My Study Life - The Free Online Student Planner

My Study Life - The Free Online Student Planner

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Clearly Distraction-free reading Create the perfect online reading experience by clearing away everything but the content. Make it your own Choose from several pre-set themes or build one to suit your needs. How to use search engines like a pro: Search engines are pretty good at finding what you’re looking for these days, but sometimes they still come up short. For those occasions there are a few little known tricks which come in handy. So here are some tips for better googling (as it’s the most popular search engine) but many will work on other search engines too. 1.

Help Students Get Organized with My Study Life This is a guest post from Jennfer Carey (@TeacherJenCarey) of EdTechTeacher - an advertiser on this site. Students and teachers often operate on fast-moving, jam-packed schedules with lengthy to-do lists. Check out My Study Life, a free tool for students that allows them to incorporate complicated schedules (like that new rotating block schedule your school implemented last year), to-do lists, homework reminders, and more.

yHomework-Math solver Having trouble with algebra? Equations, inequalities and graphs leave you frustrated? Tried to solve the problem but you're not sure you got it right? Meet yHomework - the math solver that actually works 100% of the time!No gimmicks, no fuss, no excuses - we simply give you the an instant full step-by-step solution and explanation. One Page CV Currently this profile is simple pre-defined set of nodes, blocks, views, etc covered by beautiful theme. But that's just a first stage of development. Nearly plans are: configuration wizard, base theme, additional features, vertical and horizontal settings, etc.Feel free to post thoughts via issues queue. There is a separated branch of a great one page websites distribution.

Brain in Hand How Advanced Technology Is Being Used To Great Effect In the latest edition of Professional Social Work, a viewpoint article features Jane Carolan, Director of Client Services at Wirral Autistic Society. Whilst posing the question ‘Can machines replace humans in providing support to service users?’ she shares some of the fantastic results they have seen using Brain in Hand. To read the full article visit Top 5 Tools for Webinars Infographic Distance Education Infographics Educational Technology Infographics Top 5 Tools for Webinars Infographic Top 5 Tools for Webinars Infographic In the growing field of eLearning, soon expected to cross the $107 billion mark in terms of global worth, web seminars or webinars hold the dominant spot. They are easy to use and their ability to actively address and interact with a large pool of geographically scattered individuals remains a favorite in terms of information dissemination and knowledge sharing.

Aplicaciones educativas “i Tell a Story” allows children to narrate and record their stories. As a complete audio recording and editing tool, there are countless other uses, such as having adults record stories and messages for the little ones in their lives to listen to. Add funny sounds and music if you want, plus a picture, title, and your name, and send your audio book for others to enjoy. Students can use the i Tell a Story app to practice oral reading fluency, transform poetry writing, explain how they solved a math problem, practice using new vocabulary terms, or record a written story. Teachers can use “i Tell A Story“ App to practice reading fluency and to create an audio book for kindergarten students. Psychological sciences have proven that stories children hear in their childhood have a great impact on how their personality develops over time.

Study & Revision material - Student Enrichment Services Ltd. Hopefully, you will find the information contained within these links very useful. May we wish you the very best of luck with your study! Always remember: "Great people are ordinary people with great amounts of determination!" If you are aware of other educational websites that would prove useful to students, please let us know and we will try to include them in our list. Irish: Great resources; will also help you to prepare for your oral exam. From Colaiste Choilm. CiviCRM Starter Kit This distribution bundles Drupal and CiviCRM into a single download along with some of the most popular CiviCRM related modules. This is a STARTER KIT . These are not the only modules you will likely want to add to Drupal or extension to CiviCRM.

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