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Read fast - Speed Reading Extension Kaizena SpeakIt! - Note Free ebooks by Project Gutenberg - Gutenberg Autodesk 123D Catch Send from Gmail (by Google) Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids If you’re looking to inspire your students’ writing and creativity, turn to these fun and exciting writing prompts. Perfect for overcoming writer’s block or even starting a brand-new short story in a different narrative, creative writing prompts can help students begin a new piece with confidence. Plus, these story starters can also encourage students to explore different genres while honing their writing skills. There are a lot of ways you can use writing prompts in your classroom. Try: Reading a book in a genre, then having students use a story starter in that same genre. Take inspiration from classics like Treasure Island and newer popular series like The Bad Guys to explore how to write thrilling adventure stories. You’re part of a pirate crew in search of a long-lost storied treasure trove. Get students excited about adventure stories with these great books: If you’re looking to inspire your students’ writing and creativity, turn to these fun and exciting writing prompts.

Announcify - Note Sound Literacy on the App Store Black Menu - todos los servicios #Google en un intuitivo menú contextual #app #chrome TIC-er@s, os presento un app para el navegador Google Chrome que sin duda nos hará la vida mucho más fácil: BLACK MENU. Como dicen en la Chrome Web Store, el Black Menu es "un único menú para acceder a todos tus servicios preferidos de Google" (o por lo menos, los más utilizados). Por lo tanto, basta ya de tener que abrir una nueva pestaña en el navegador Chrome y acceder a nuestra cuenta Google para revisar el correo, nuestro calendario, nuestro Drive o Google Docs... Basta ya de tener que acceder al buscador Google o a la página de Youtube para buscar un vídeo del conocido portal de vídeos on-line... O qué decir si lo que queremos es mirar en Google Maps mientras comparamos hoteles, planificamos una ruta.... Porque con la aplicación Black Menu para el navegador de Google todas esas tareas las hacemos en un sólo click. Descargar Black MenuPágina de Google Chrome Store

Boomerang for Gmail Colar Mix in the Classroom: Lesson Tips and Ideas Colar Mix turns simple coloring pages into 3D animated experiences and lets you teach kids about augmented reality. Here are the lesson plan tips you need. Joli Barker-Erwin @Joli_Barker told me about this app on a recent recording of Every Classroom Matters (it will be posted soon but I just can’t wait to share.) Read how Joli is using the app to teach creative writing on her Fearless Classroom Blog. Joli shared with me that she used Colar Mix as a coloring page for her students. Then, she had them write a story about what was happening in the picture. I’ve shown this app to Kindergarteners to Seniors and they LOVE it. Download the free pages and print them, watch the video, peruse the pics on Pinterest and follow these tips. Do not use dark markers.