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Ginger Software - The World's Leading Grammar and Spell Checker

Ginger Software - The World's Leading Grammar and Spell Checker
Ginger Software is developing an array of products that enable mobile devices and computers to understand the intended meaning of natural (human) language input. Ginger Software products are based on an innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform. NLP uses patent-pending technology to decipher the semantic and contextual meaning of text input by comparing it to billions of similar sentences from the Web. Ginger Proofreader, the first product that was released based on the NLP platform, is a free spelling and grammarcheck; it is suitable for both native English speakers and speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL). Ginger Proofreader checks and corrects spellcheck, misused words and grammar mistakes in accordance with the context of the full sentence. Even when a word is spelled correctly, Ginger Proofreader checks its grammar usage to ensure it makes sense in the sentence and, if needed offers alternatives to the word.

We Make Software! Top-selling Ashampoo® software in 2014 The tuning specialist for your PC! Learn More... No more clutter! The Undo 2.0 for your PC! Ten Anime Films You Should See Before You Die One of the most surprising, and gratifying, things that has happened since I started my blog, Tim Maughan Books, a year or so ago is the positive feedback I’ve had for the anime reviews—especially from people I know are far from being massive fanboys like myself. It’s gratifying because its part of the reason I started writing them; to try and introduce the medium to people who had never really indulged in it all, at least not past perhaps watching Spirited Away with their kids. The problem is, once you’ve had your first taste, where do you go next? Type ‘anime’ into Google and the results are bewildering, and without a little bit of guidance and a quality filter finding something to watch can be a daunting task. There’s a lot of shit out there, plus a lot of stuff that isn’t really meant for you…unless you’re a ADHD stricken 12 year old emo-ninja-obsessed boy that refuses to eat anything except Pocky and instant Ramen.

Accessibility: VoiceOver Languages Learn how to enable VoiceOver, Zoom, Invert Colors, and other accessibility features in iOS. When you turn on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for the first time, you can quickly enable VoiceOver or Zoom to assist you in configuring the device. Here's how: VoiceOver Press the home button three times quickly. Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions What is fair use? The Copyright Act gives copyright holders the exclusive right to reproduce works for a limited time period. Fair use is a limitation on this right.

ChromeVox Interactive TutorialStep 1 of 9 :Lesson 1: About ChromeVox and the Keyboard ChromeVox enables you to use your keyboard to explore the web with the help of synthesized speech. You can stop ChromeVox from talking at any time by pressing the Control key. Let's start off with the basic keyboard shortcuts required to read this guide. On your current platform, when pressed at the same time, the Control and Alt keys are known as the ChromeVox keys. If you already know where these keys are located, you can press ChromeVox+Down Arrow now to move to the next paragraph. If you would like more information on the location of these keys, press the Spacebar.

Anime Movie Guide Movie Count: 63 Do you have feedback, questions, movie suggestions or review copy offers? You can contact us at Software Add-On: Ghotit for MS Word Ghotit Real Writer & Reader for Macintosh Ghotit offers the most powerful English spelling and grammar checker for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other writing difficulties. Ghotit Real Writer & Reader is a Macintosh application that integrates with familiar Macintosh applications (i.e. Word, Pages, Safari, Powerpoint, Excel …). In addition, Ghotit Real Writer can be used as a stand-alone text editor. Blog2Print - Print your Blog. Save your Blog. Love your Blog Book. Login trouble? The Blog2Print platform makes use of data fed to us directly from WordPress. Your login information is required by WordPress in order to send us the data. If you are having difficulty logging in, or have forgotten your user name and/or password, the WordPress site is the best place to retrieve it. To access WordPress for login assistance, try: Once you are able to login there, you will be able to submit your login to Blog2Print here and get your book started.

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