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Tech2Learn: Success Stories of Technology Integration in the Classroom

Tech2Learn: Success Stories of Technology Integration in the Classroom
Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Edutopia on Twitter Google+ Pinterest Edutopia on Pinterest WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation Enhancing Lessons With Blended Learning VIDEO: Blended Learning Energizes High School Math Students (2012) Educator Peter McIntosh helps his students to take ownership of their learning by using interactive subject-mastery tools like Khan Academy. Back to Top Collaborative Digital Presentations With Online Tools VIDEO: Collaborative Digital Presentations Enrich Projects (2012) Educator Kate Summers engages her students by asking them to "teach back" chemistry concepts to their peers via online demonstrations created with tech tools like Google Docs, Keynote, and PowerPoint. Engaging Kids With Digital Video Production Differentiating Instruction Through Technology Getting Started With Free or Low-Cost Technology Tools Programming and Video Games in the Classroom

Great App Review Checklists for Teachers The more apps I review here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning the better I become at recognizing and selecting the right educational apps to share with you. I have probably reviewed a little over 200 apps in the last couple of years but when I first started reviewing apps there were not many guidelines and checklists as is the case now. With the help of carefully crafted rubrics like the ones below, teachers can now follow a set of guidelines to select the apps that can work for them in their teaching. Parents too can use these checklists to sift through the piles and handpick the ones to give their kids. It is of paramount importance that you keep apps evaluative rubrics at your disposal to turn to whenever you want to recommend an app for your students . Today, I am sharing with you some new resources I came across through Speech Gagdet and Learning in Hand. 1- App Review Checklist and Rating Chart Click Here to download it

Estudios de caso: ¿Cómo los profesores utilizan la tecnología para apoyar el aprendizaje | mentalidad más Erin Scott Starting the year off with ideas on the best ways to use technology to support learning, Larry Ferlazzo collected an invaluable list of criteria last year from educators, to which he added more resources in his recent blog post for EdWeek.Other posts in the series include Using Ed Tech to Create Deep and Meaningful Experiences and Effective Ways of Using Tech in the Classroom. Here is MindShift’s contribution to the collection of ideas. For those wondering what a game-based classroom looks like in a traditional school, take a peek into Ananth Pai’s third-grade class in Parkview/Center Point Elementary school in Maplewood, Minnesota. Teacher Kevin Ballestrini turned his introductory Latin class at Connecticut’s Norwich Free Academy into an alternate reality with an online video game. In Ramsey Musallam’s A.P. “Sure, that’s kind of cute,” he says, admitting that it can be seen as gimmicky. Related

10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library Today’s hottest web and mobile technologies are offering libraries a new world of opportunities to engage patrons. Ultra-popular social media websites and apps combined with the availability of affordable cloud-based services and the evolution and adoption of mobile devices are enabling librarians to share and build communities, store and analyze large collections of data, create digital collections, and access information and services in ways never thought about before. Libraries have become technology leaders by integrating cutting-edge tools to enhance users’ experience. It’s not enough to redesign the library website. Best practices mean developing user personas and following usability strategies to produce user-informed designs. New digital collections are stored in the cloud and mobile applications are developed around them. Forward-thinking librarians are actively experimenting with and incorporating these new technologies into their digital strategies. Make a quick screencast

Annie’s Resource Attic » Blog Archive » Classroom Suite Detective Learn To Investigate Classroom Suite Activities Like A Detective! Intellitools Classroom Suite® is such a powerful application that you may wonder how you’ll ever learn all that it can do. The answer is, you can’t–but you really don’t need to learn everything to be a power user. You do need to know the basics of using the templates and saving activities. This workshop will equip you with the strategies you need to be an efficient detective. A Page From Detective Work Workshop Resources The workshop consists of a PDF file that discusses in detail eight strategies for analyzing activities. Hands-On ExamplesDetective Work is a mine of information on tricks and techniques. 1. I’ve packaged up Detective Work and the Classroom Suite Detective tutorial in one zip file, so that participants in a workshop can install and have both the tutorial and examples open in ICS. There is a separate file that includes the tutorial, extra notes, and a Quickstart list of the eight strategies.

La Fundación GSD reconoce los mejores trabajos de innovación educativa La institución promovida por el grupo de enseñanza Gredos San Diego Sociedad Cooperativa Madrileña ha premiado las iniciativas más innovadoras en el ámbito de la docencia al organizar el I Premio Nacional Fundación GDS de Innovación Educativa. Este galardón reconoce la labor y el trabajo de los profesionales que mejoran los procesos de enseñanza y de aprendizaje. Con un total de 20.000 euros en premios, este certamen se ha desarrollado en dos modalidades. En la primera de ellas, han participado proyectos educativos desarrollados por docentes que trabajan directamente en el aula, siendo galardonados los siguientes trabajos: -Primer premio: ha recaído en el proyecto ‘Doña Emilia en Femenino plural’ del centro IES de Sabón en Arteixo (A Coruña). -Segundo premio: para el trabajo ‘Educar Actuando’ del IES Joaquín Romero Murube en Sevilla. -Tercer Premio: ‘Barxas Emprende: Productora audiovisual’ del IES As Barxas en Moaña (Pontevedra).

Using Technology to Enhance a Library as Place -- Breeding, Marshall [Library Technology Guides] Abstract: Technology can play an important role in the ways that libraries make use of their physical spaces. I have seen some great examples of the ways technology can add to the vitality of a library's facilities, both in conspicuous and dazzling ways and with more subtle approaches. When I visit a library, I'm always interested to learn about how the librarians there use technology, both behind the scenes in the ways that they manage their operations or build collections and in their public spaces to enhance their patrons' experiences. Libraries today have to seek out strategies that promote stronger engagement with their users. In these times where so many public libraries face threats of budget reductions, it's important that they demonstrate vigorous use of their facilities and services and satisfy patrons who will help defend them and lend support when needed. Technology also can play an important role in the ways that libraries make use of their physical spaces.

Tools for Life Resources | Relationship-building Solutions for children age 3 to Grade 8 Cómo mi entorno de aprendizaje ha evolucionado ~ Blog de la señora Wideen Over the course of the last 4 years I have transformed as an educator. I previously was a kindergarten teacher, who taught routines and was fearful of change and what it meant to our routines. I then began teaching grade 1 and wanted to change the way I delivered my message more over I wanted learning to be enriched. There have been 4 contributing factors to the change of the environment in my classroom. My mindset, my students’ mindset, the social space and the physical space. It is my goal as an educator to foster discovery and reflection through the dialogue and sharing of ideas. The iPad cart is open for students to freely use to update their blogs and select the application that serves their learning need. In order to have a positive social environment, I honor student voice and model positive interpersonal relationships. Students are given problems that are relevant and important to them. My students come to me as technology consumers. I have not done this alone.

University of New Haven : Integrating Instructional Technology Into the Classroom Introduction Teaching and learning can be enhanced through the effective use of technology. This section opens with links to websites that provide teaching strategies, examples, and information for using technology in teaching all disciplines, followed by a link for courses in the sciences. Specific Teaching and Learning Strategies Using Technology Active Learning with Powerpoint (University of Minnesota, Center for Teaching and Learning Services).An online tutorial on using Powerpoint more effectively in the classroom: for active learning, active lecturing, assessment, and educational games. Blogs for Learning (Michigan State University)This site is a resource on using blogs for instructional purposes. “A Flexible Alternative to PowerPoint,” Richard Olivo (Harvard University, Derek Bok Center).Describes the use of a Web browser for teaching, offering guidelines for creating presentation pages and multiple links. Back to top

Joy Zabala SETT Framework Construcción del Conocimiento Contenido: Colaborar y Curate cross posted to Langwitches Blog by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Mark Engstrom. 8th grade Geography teacher and Assistant Principal at Graded- The American School of São Paulo, has redesigned his entire course. Students move through the modules of this blended learning course on Geography at their own pace. They build out content knowledge using a Personalized Map (through google maps) and the content delivered through this Digital Learning Farm method will be curated so that they can build out multiple pins on their map. This content is then used as content knowledge to increase their understanding of the region. He wanted to experiment with a different type of note taking to add to students’ documentation of gaining subject specific content knowledge. The class was divided into 3 groups. Take look at the following video summarizing the class. It is incredibly insightful to be going through and analyzing the backchannel chat after the class is over. Digital curation

Teacher's Comprehensive List of Great Educational Technology Resources Coming to you from the Canadian Maritimes ( Halifax), Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is an educational blog dedicated to curating, reviewing and sharing EdTech tools and mobile apps. The purpose is to help teachers and educators effectively integrate digital technologies into their day-to-day teaching, learning and professional development. For any questions regarding our website or the content we publish, please contact EdTech admin, editor and blog owner, Med Kharbach at: Med Kharbach is a doctoral researcher and a former teacher with 10 years of classroom teaching experience. Kharbach, M. Example: Kharbach, M. (2016, December 30). 9 Fundamental digital skills for 21st century teachers [Blog post].

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