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FindA.Photo Stock photo search made easy Browse through over 1 million high-quality stock photos across multiple free and paid stock photo sites - from one tab. Enter your search term here ALL Filter by All, Findaphoto (Click again on filter that you want to exclude) Pixabay Filter by All, Findaphoto (Click again on filter that you want to exclude) Services - Get The Word Out Communications Get The Word Out Communications offers a range of customized services and programs to help you apply the “Get Slightly Famous” marketing model to your business or organization. Our results-oriented programs build on our track record of helping companies establish themselves as thought leaders and indispensable resources to their best clients and customers. Personal Fame Program This cost-effective, one-on-one program is ideal for small to medium sized businesses serious about becoming recognized experts in their industries.

App Icon Template What’s inside? This is a Photoshop document that, through Smart Objects, automates the process of rendering the various screenshot sizes needed for the app store. The idea is to edit the largest size and have the smaller sizes automatically rendered, enabling a much quicker workflow when making screenshots. Inside you'll find iPhone templates for placing screenshots in a screen (inception), editable text layers and powerful export actions that'll let you export a single screenshot in the 4 size variants or as much as 5 different screenshots in all the variants- 20 screenshots at once. How do I use it? You’ll need Photoshop CS6 or later.

How to Become a Wildly Successful Motivational Speaker I frequently have people say to me, "I think I'd make a good motivational speaker. How do I go about it?" And since I get this question a LOT, I thought I'd just put all the answers down in a blogpost and then I can direct people here when they are looking for answers. Here you go. Have something extremely important to share with people - information SO valuable that you know it will change people's lives for the better. Write a brilliant, funny, substantive, Pulitzer Prize winning, story-rich one hour speech about it.

Free Intro Classes from Get Storied Storytelling Mojo: How to Get Paid for Being the Real You Discover how to use storytelling to position your work, attract better opportunities, and deepen your impact on the world. I created this online workshop: to empower change-agents and creatives who have a deep calling to serve yet struggle with explaining the full story of who they are and what they do. If you’re a consultant, coach, or trusted advisor — this free training is especially for you. You’ll learn how to tell an authentic story about your work, your background, and your expertise, in a way that attracts more of the clients and people you are meant to serve. Help people connect to the real you.

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) Introduction OK, first things first. This guide is not for everyone. Who is this guide for? LBME2_Bonus_Thanks With Barry Plaskow & Team This webinar will start in: 3 Days 2 Hours 7 Minutes 27 Seconds 10 Responsive Design Problems and Fixes The Internet is changing, with responsive websites quickly adapting to any device and screen size to bring the user the most dynamic experience possible. From multinational corporations like Sony, Microsoft, and Nokia to global tech stars like Salesforce to online travel giants like Expedia, serious players are turning to responsive web design to march in step with the current trends in and reach an even wider audience of customers. But making responsive websites has its downsides.

Twitter Explosion Shockingly, most people don't even know how easy and profitable it is to start making money from Twitter today! Introducing: Twitter Explosion I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about setting up and using Twitter so you can start harnessing its power today. It's really that simple!