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Related:  mamiecelesteOcioillustration et BD.court métragexanon First to purchase will own this one of a kind asset 1,538 Customers shopping on HugeDomains right now! 73% of all domains registered on the Web are .coms. The creators of “The Dam Keeper” plan to expand the short’s universe with a graphic novel series and a feature film. (Click to enlarge.) Tonko House, the studio founded by former Pixar art directors Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, is developing a feature film based on their Academy Award-nominated short The Dam Keeper. The announcement was made along with the news that Tonko House is partnering with First Second Books, an imprint of Macmillan, to expand their short into a graphic novel series. “The reason to continue telling stories in the universe of The Dam Keeper is a deeply personal story close to our hearts,” said Tsutsumi. The first book in The Dam Keeper graphic novel series will be released in 2016, picking up the narrative some years after the original story of the orphaned Pig and his quest to maintain the town dam.

LA LUNA 11.4KGoogle + Don’t worry guys, we’re not here to give you a broken link! The only thing you need is a comfortable seat. That’s all, because we have Pixar‘s Oscar-nominated shorty La Luna, and as usual – we want to share the fun with you! As you probably know, Enrico Casarosa‘s short movie played this June in theaters together with Brave, but you can also catch it on the Blu-Ray/DVD of Brave this month. L'HumanosphèreL'Humanosphère - Site d'actualités positives Animation – Art : Il y a des gens vraiment doués sur cette planéte et je pense que Monsieur Robert Showalter du Collège Ringling d’art et de design en fait partie! Il nous conte ici la merveilleuse histoire d’un petit robot en quête d’identité! A voir

ORIENTACIÓN: PROPOSTA DE TRABALLO 3º E 4º PRIMARIA: VIOLENCIA DE XÉNERO PROPOSTA 3º EDUCACIÓN PRIMARIA: HAI ALGO MÁIS ABURRIDO QUE SER UNHA PRINCESA ROSA? O conto " Hai algo mais aburrido que ser unha princesa rosa? traballa os estereotipos e roles de xénero. Wooden Rug After fiddling around with different configurations, I decided to go with a staggered, brick-like pattern for interest and movement. I would be using a strong 1/2 inch cotton rope to hold the blocks together, but since I wanted the top of the rug to be smooth, I would need to drill into the sides of the blocks, thread the rope through these holes, for a flawless rug surface. Since my blocks were 5 inches wide, I would drill two holes into the sides of the blocks, both at the 1 inch mark of each side. This way the staggered configuration could hold strong. I used a drill press to make the holes, and a drill bit that was slightly larger in diameter than my rope.

Exclusive: John Korty’s ‘Twice Upon A Time’ Coming To Home Video Warner Archive will release the cult 1983 feature Twice Upon A Time onto home video this spring. The news was confirmed last night in Brooklyn, New York, during a film screening at BAMcinématek, with director John Korty in attendance. “Twice Upon A Time.” (Click to expand.) Films d’animation (création, ressources, outils…) La Fête du cinéma d’animation La 14ème Fête du cinéma d’animation se déroulera du 1er au 31 octobre 2015. Elle est le moyen, durant un mois, d’impulser et d’accompagner des initiatives et des projets pour faire connaitre le cinéma d’animation sur tout le territoire français et au-delà. L’événement se déroule chaque année dans plus de 200 lieux en France, et dans le réseau culturel à l’étranger. Jellycam pour les ordinateurs Windows et Mac. (gratuit) Créez des films en stop-motion à partir de captures webcam, ou de photos. Ajouter une bande son mp3.

Christopher, je t'en prie, nettoie ta chambre! par Vincent Gauthier Générique réalisation Vincent Gauthier animation Jo Meuris ORIENTACIÓN: PROPOSTA DE TRABALLO: 25 dE Novembro 1º E 2º DE EDUCACION PRIMARIA PROPOSTA 1: CONTO ARTURO E CLEMENTINA (2º EP) Adela Turín escribiu en 1976 este conto que, tristemente, segue de actualidade. Apoyaremosnos nel como guía para traballar co alumnado a prevención da Violencia de Xénero. Para a sesión utilizaremos:

Marble Machine 4.0 This is the fourth design of my marble machines. This was a collaboration between busted bricks and myself, he originally came up with the design and I have modified, improved and added a motor to it. The machine is cut from 3.2mm laser mdf,I sell the kits through my own website and I share most of my files on thingiverse. This instructable will take you through the complete process of assembling this little marble machine.

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