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ON SCREENWRITING: How to introduce your hero in a script. – Phil Parker. On Monday, I wanted to get out of my stuffy apartment and soak up some air-conditioning.

ON SCREENWRITING: How to introduce your hero in a script. – Phil Parker

Whatismymovie? Website uses intelligent search technology to find films. 1/30 Hail, Caesar - 5 February The Coen brothers' latest film might be their most ambitious yet.

Whatismymovie? Website uses intelligent search technology to find films

Telling the story of a Hollywood fixer struggling to keep A-listers in line, it has a movie within a movie, an amazing cast, and, judging by the first trailer, some luxurious visuals 2/30 Deadpool - 12 February Comic book superhero movies have been getting slowly more self-referential and self-parodic lately, and Deadpool looks to be taking itself even less seriously than Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man. It looks as though fans will finally be getting the comic book-faithful, foul-mouthed version of the character they wanted, but it remains to be seen whether Deadpool will actually be funny, or just descend into toilet humour 3/30 Zoolander No. 2 - 12 February Zoolander's return was derailed somewhat by backlash over a trans/gender fluid character played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Tugg. Can I add my movie to the Tugg library?


Absolutely! We work with all kinds of content owners – from major Hollywood studios with wide theatrical releases to independent filmmakers on the festival circuit. Tasmanian eco Film Festival. All films must have some environmental focus or an aspect of environment in the story line.

Tasmanian eco Film Festival

We encourage the films submitted to be engaging and come from the premise that caring about the environment need not be boring. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit fiction films that have an environmental flavour. Or that have been made environmentally minded (ie recycled sets, costumes, digital film etc) Should your film become an Official Selection, we want you at the festival. Understanding The Art of Good Dialogue. Good dialogue strikes a nerve, usually in my spine.

Understanding The Art of Good Dialogue

I’ll sit up taller or lean in closer to hear it better while my brain stores it away for later. Bad dialogue hits me in my gut, or slaps me in the forehead. It’s tough to nail, this art of saying enough to move a scene forward but also reveal our characters’ personalities and desires. 2015 Script Downloads. Awards season is coming in hot!

2015 Script Downloads

That means it's high time you brushed up on some of 2015's very best screenplays. Happy reading! 99 Homes (Broad Green Pictures) Beasts of No Nation (Netflix) The Big Short (Paramount Pictures) The Great Screenwriters: Part 1 - Shakespeare, The First Screenwriter. The Great Screenwriters is a new monthly series from TSL that takes an in-depth look at greatest writers for the screen - from Hecht to Mamet, from Trumbo to Cody.

The Great Screenwriters: Part 1 - Shakespeare, The First Screenwriter

These are the men and women that any aspiring screenwriter ought to know about. Crowdfunded Publishing and the Writer's Vision. As a veteran screenwriter, Patrick Sheane Duncan is used to hearing suggestions, some mind-boggling, about his work.

Crowdfunded Publishing and the Writer's Vision

With his script for the 1995 thriller Nick of Time, some suggested removing the 90-minute ticking-clock element pressuring the protagonist later played by Johnny Depp. When he shopped around the script for Courage Under Fire (1996), studios wanted a romance between the Army investigator later played by Denzel Washington and the potential recipient of the Medal of Honor (Meg Ryan, whose character is dead when the movie starts). The Great Screenwriters: Part 2 - Ben Hecht. The Great Screenwriters is a new series for Scriptlab that examines the life and work of the finest writers for cinema, from Shakespeare to Diablo Cody.

The Great Screenwriters: Part 2 - Ben Hecht

In Part 2, Martin Keady examines the legacy of the man often regarded as the Greatest Hollywood Screenwriter of all, Ben Hecht. Ben Hecht himself would have appreciated the irony that, for all his wonderful plays and screenplays (not to mention his journalism, memoirs and other writing, which reportedly included ghost-writing Marilyn Monroe’s biography), he is probably best remembered today for something that was written not by him but to him. Top 10 Female Characters Who Know What They Want. The Great Screenwriters: Part 3 – Leigh Brackett. Almost everything about Leigh Brackett was uncertain, ambiguous and even androgynous, beginning with her name, which many people (including the legendary director Howard Hawks) initially took to be that of a man.

The Great Screenwriters: Part 3 – Leigh Brackett

That sense of uncertainty and ambiguity extended to her career. Location, Location, Location. “Location, location, location”. This is a common response to the question, “What is important in real estate?” , but what about screenplays? Locations play an indispensable role in a screenplay, but their significance can be overlooked because they, unlike characters, do not move. Adjectives describe locations, and good writing in screenplays, the kind that keeps the pages turning, is often fueled by verbs, words that describe action. Introducing The Script Lab University (TSLU) Educating and inspiring screenwriters, filmmakers and content creators since 2010, The Script Lab is committed to helping writers develop their craft — from their first page through the final draft to breaking into the industry.

This year, TSL is launching an exciting new online education initiative, The Script Lab University (TSLU), a series of e-learning courses designed to help aspiring writers around the world successfully complete their first screenplay. To help us create the best possible learning experience, we've just launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign that will help defray the cost of developing and producing our first course title, TSLU 101: Introduction to Screenwriting. The course will cover the five major plot points and eight sequences that make up the three act structure typical to any feature film project, as well as the critical role played by the first 20 pages of the screenplay. Navigating Plot and Character in a Screenplay - Part 1.

In the first of this two-part feature, independent filmmaker Brian Ackley breaks down the experience of writing his latest feature, Alienated. What shapes a screenplay? What determines the path a story takes? To kick off my process I begin with what might be overlooked as common sense. I begin with what interests me. Navigating Plot and Character in a Screenplay - Part 2. In the conclusion of this two-part feature, independent filmmaker Brian Ackley breaks down the experience of writing his latest feature, Alienated.

The Great Screenwriters: Part 4 – Jacques Prévert. The great French poet and screenwriter Jacques Prévert wrote many films (more than 20 in total, including several animated features), but his reputation endures principally because of his scripts for two masterpieces - Le Crime de Monsieur Lange (1935) and Les Enfants du Paradis (1945) - which between them tell the story of France before World War II and during it, showing first the situation in France ahead of the war and then the extraordinarily imaginative attempts by many French people to resist Nazi occupation. Prévert was born just after the start of the 20th century (on 4 February 1900) and lived almost to the end of it (dying on 11 April 1977).

Review: Marguerite - An Awful Voice Makes a Great Story. First Person: “Making it” Means Making Magic. Welcome to 'First Person', a new series of tell-alls from the perspective of writers like you. We're putting out the call for screenwriters interested in sharing their insights and telling their stories, regardless of career stage. Recapping the 2016 Toronto Screenwriting Conference. The Great Screenwriters – Part 5: Herman J. Mankiewicz. In many ways, Herman J. Understanding The Art of Good Dialogue. Weekend Read on the App Store. Screen Producers Australia calls for Netflix local content quota, Nine prefers deregulation. Gerard Depardieu in Netflix's first original European series Marseille. Learn How To Create Compelling Business Videos & Thrive In Your Business.

Learn How To Create Compelling Business Videos & Thrive In Your Business. Linda Aronson - Linda Aronson Website. The Complete Screenwriting Process. Diving into the River: Screenwriting in the Digital Age. The Civilizing Habitus of The Walking Dead. Composing Portraits on Screen: And Still I Rise and Maya Angelou — Kill Your Darlings Journal. Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. Explicit cookie consent. A Beginners Guide to Successful Crowdfunding. Over the last few years crowdfunding has been an incredibly popular way of funding independent movies, games, and other projects. Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns have made millions through sites like Kickstarter and indiegogo and given their creators an opportunity to create their project without a studio or financial firm backing them. Disruptors: How Netflix & Amazon Are Creating Greater Tum.

Untitled. Untitled. PODCAST: Why Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction Is So Hard to Adapt for Film. Knit One. The Lie Most Frequently Told In Hollywood. Free Video Maker Software - Make Animation Online - Try it! Don’t look back... something might be gaining on you. 15 Things That Stanley Kubrick Can Teach You About Filmmaking.