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Choose from 3,441 live vacancies

Choose from 3,441 live vacancies

Société Chimique de France - Le réseau des chimistes ChemSkill Getting a graduate job in engineering and manufacturing In order to achieve a graduate job in the industry, you'll need to tick a number of different boxes Do I need a relevant degree? A degree in an engineering or technology-related subject is usually necessary to work in this sector. Engineering - To gain employment as an engineer you will need a relevant degree. There can be flexibility between disciplines, but to move between areas you may need to complete a conversion course. However there are areas of this sector that will not require an engineering degree, such as finance and accounting, human resources (HR), management and marketing and communications. What skills do employers want? Graduate employers within the engineering and manufacturing sector require candidates with: analytical and problem-solving skills; awareness of statutory, industry and company health and safety practices applicable to the job role; innovation; a high standard of numeracy, literacy and computing skills; planning and organisation skills. SOC Acceso directo a los contenidos Ir al inicio de la página Acceso directo al sistema de navegación Ir a la página de accesibilidad y atajos de teclado Buscador de empleo Mapa web Consultar toda la oferta formativa que os ofrece el SOC » Departamento de Empresa y Empleo » Observatorio de Empresa y Empleo » Consorcio para la Formación Continua » Oficina Virtual de Trámites » » Buzón de contacto » Ver todas Registro de centros y entidades de formación del SOC, nuevos trámites Más información Todas las ofertes de empleo de turismo y restauración Consulta en Feina Activa Jornada “Trabajo y experiencias en el extranjero" 14 de abril, la Sagarra Documentos de interes FORMA EMPRESA50.CAT Formación bonificada para empresas © Generalitat de Catalunya - Todos los derechos registrados, 2007

Career planning for researchers - University of Leeds Careers Centre Career planning for researchers Career planning strategy for research students Employers increasingly value PhD holders as they recognise their high level skills transfer readily into a wide range of sectors. Your experience of postgraduate study may have whetted your appetite for a career in academia and so you might be looking for a research or lecturing post. In coming up with a careers strategy, you first need to undertake a self audit. You may have already decided on your future career path. The Careers Centre runs a number of workshops tailored for researchers which can help you with your career planning. Find out more Prospects: Use your Qualification - Lists of jobs related to your degree.

Target Jobs PeopleBank Benefiting your company & your candidates! PeopleBank provide a complete range of fully customised solutions to attract and recruit the best new talent, whilst significantly reducing your Cost Per Hire and Time To Hire. PeopleBank is the UK's most experienced provider of Talent Banking, e-Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Solutions, with particular strengths in Talent Attraction and Candidate Experience. Our Recruitment Management Solutions delivers significant reductions in time spent on the recruitment process, direct and indirect costs incurred, and at the same time increases the quality of candidates you are seeing. By improving your online Employer Branding and managing all your applicants through one portal, no matter where they came from, you get to see the best talent faster. As your unique Talent Bank grows, you become less dependent on expensive advertising campaigns and recruitment agencies and your cost per hire and time to hire are reduced significantly. Read more About Us

GradJobs Imagine Recruitment Kelly Group JobsDB Select jobs in: Remember my choice Job opportunities in China | Hong Kong | Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand Jobs in Dubai Salaries in Dubai When looking for jobs in Dubai, most candidates ask the same question, i wonder what salary i will command. The Middle East is a strange place when it comes to jobs and salaries, there is no set salary, many employers will not post a salary , they will just give you an offer according to your experience and employment skills, then you accept the offer or not Employers in Dubai can pay in different currencies, there are so many different factors, just remember, it is important to note: The UAE and most of the Middle East is tax free and pays above the norm, that’s why everyone what a job there, the best rule to note, they can pay upwards of 30% more that what you earn in the western world or Asia and there is no tax. What type of resume for Dubai Looking for a jobs in Dubai but not too sure how to prepare a resume, we will help you first things first, do not use a cover letter, no one reads that in the Middle East, it’s a waste of your time and the employers time

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