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How to tie a Turk's Head

How to tie a Turk's Head
Uses: The Turk's Head (ABOK # 1303 - 5, p 232) is widely used as a slide, or woggle, for scout's scarves. Tying it: The Turk's Head is usually tied around the hand. For the demonstration here, the braiding was performed round a piece of wood and the work was rotated as the braiding advanced. Variations: There are many variations on the simple Turk's head. Braiding a Single Rope Demonstration: The process of braiding using a single end is readily understood by practicing Braiding with a short length of rope as shown here. Turk's Head Beads Turk's Head Beads: The Turk's Head can also be used to make a string of beads - not unlike a Rosary. Finishing: Traditionally scout woggles were not secured. WARNING: Molten nylon is dangerously hot.

s Fine Craft Tutorials & Project Ideas! Everyday Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial Everyday Wrapped Bracelet This easy-to-wear bracelet is addictive to make. Finished length 7 inches Note: this bracelet is designed to fit the wrist snugly. Ingredients - 20 inches leather cord, 1.5 mm - 6 inches ball chain, #3 - 28 inches Irish waxed linen cord - 1 12mm Elaine Ray Round Bead Tools: - Scissors 1. 2. 3. Variations: Try your own color combinations or substitute 6 inches of Swarovski crystal chain for the ball chain. Click here for a printable version of this tutorial Amazing DIY & Crafts Ideas #2 Cupcake pin cushion via (dollarstorecrafts) Magazine rolled up bowl Mosaic Ornaments from CDs Pallet – just stain and take out some slats. Write out your favorite song lyrics or favorite chapter of a book. Dipped pinecone placecard holder Painted vases Puzzle shelf Spoon ornaments could ad a unique twist to a Christmas tree. Turn a Bookshelf into a Shoe Rack!

Cord and Chain Double Wrap Bracelet The Braided Chain Bracelet tutorial that I posted back in August was so well loved, that I decided to do yet another bracelet tutorial. This one doesn't involve braiding, but it uses the same concept of incorporating some sort of thread/cord into chain. (By the way - Check out S&P's Facebook fan page for an entire album full of other talented ladies' versions of the Braided Chain Bracelet! I spotted CC Skye's Thompson Double Wrap Bracelet on about a month ago - I loved how the leather cord adds a touch of badass to the chain. CC Skye - Thompson Double Wrap Bracelet ( Thompson Double Wrap Bracelet, $264 ( Supplies:- Curb chain (I used brass) - At least 60 inches of cord (The original version used leather. 1) Measure a length of chain that will fit comfortably around your wrist. 2) Insert the cord through the topmost link in one of the strands. 4) Pull it through, and bring it back up "behind" the chain and into the next link...

Three New Necklaces. I was Playing around Last night and I came up with these three necklaces. All three are made with leather, one with wood beads, one with green stones, one with pink stones. The only thing I bought was the leather. You can find it in the jewelry, bead section of Wal-Mart or Michaels about $3.00. I recycled a white wood bead necklace for this one. And a green stone necklace for this one. You just take a piece of leather and string beads to both ends. Then, fold it in half and wrap it around your neck, put the beads through the loop. Easy!! You can experiment and make all kinds. Happy Saturday Night.

13 part turks head bracelet in pictures Unwind the cord and work out all the kinks so it is relaxed. Find the center of the cord about 15 ft from one end and place a loop under the left hand rubber band. (The rest can be coiled up and placed inside the cardboard tube) bulk cord in white and hand dyed colors available here go half way around the tube and place another loop, (or "bight") under the right hand rubber band. keep going around the tube and cross OVER the first (standing) lead. Here you can see the pattern clearly. When you get to the starting point, place the bight under the left hand rubber band placing the running lead OVER the standing lead. need something easier? Headband Refashion Our headband had a flower that was starting to look a little tired and worn so we made it new again! This braided ribbon could embellish many things— a hair clip would be cute too! These headbands would make great handmade gifts for little girls to make each other! Woven Ribbon Headband Gather a headband and about 4 1/2 yards of ribbon. You can use any with — I chose 1/4 inch. Begin by finding the middle of the ribbon. Now bring the bottom ribbon up and make a loop and send it through the beginning loop that you just made by crossing the ribbon. Pull the right side snug. Now repeat for the other side, picking up the right side, making a loop and sending it up through the loop just made on the other side. Pull the left side snug. Pull right side snug. Continue braiding until you have a piece long enough to cover the headband. Bring the other side over and then trim. Hot glue ribbon to headband. Finished!

Top 10 Bracelet Tutorials – Best DIY Friendship Bracelets – Favorite Stylish Wrap Bracelets Hi! Welcome to Small for Big – the place where all things playful and well-designed hang out together! (scroll down to learn more about my design finds!) Um. I have this overwhelming addiction right now: DIY Bracelets. I want a stack of them a mile wide going up my arm (the one that ISN’T covered in Shingles, thank you very much). I’ve already made the first three bracelets on the list – but maybe one day I’ll have tried them all. DIY Gold Tube Bracelets| Summer Bracelets DIYDIY Wrap Bracelet | Zipper BraceletBraided Hex Nut Bracelet | DIY Rope BraceletBeaded Wrap Bracelet | Braided Beads BraceletDIY Macrame Bracelet | Friendship Bracelet New to the blog? For new design finds every day of the week, please sign up for Small for Big’s email newsletter! Thanks so much for stopping by – enjoy!

How to make wrapped leather bracelets « Rings and Things Triple-wrap leather bracelet with blue tigereye beads Let me begin by stating the obvious – this style of wrapped leather bracelet is EVERYWHERE this season. Everywhere! Even my athletic clothing catalogs – which only have maybe three pieces of jewelry – are featuring this style. Why? Because it is casual yet chic and infinitely customizable! Five different leather wrapped gemstone bracelets designs: green opal, mookaite, African turquoise, hematite and rhodonite The supply list is pretty short: 4-6mm round beads We used gemstone beads, but glass, crystal beads or pearls would also be lovely. Wrapped bracelet made with green opal gemstone beads and natural Greek leather. The technique: Choose your bracelet length and cut your leather. If your button has a small loop, you might need to miter (angle) the leather end and pull it through with pliers. Other design options: Have fun creating your own wrapped bracelets! Need supplies? Other how-to’s: (answers selected from replies to blog comments)

BEADED WRAP BRACELET DIY This Beaded Wrap Bracelet DIY is a great way to reuse the beads from old necklaces or any odd beads you have lying around from other projects. (I used at least 3 old necklaces for this bracelet.) I feel invincible, like I have Wonder Woman’s gold cuff on! This Beaded Wrap Bracelet is so fun because it feels like a gauntlet on your arm. You can adjust the wire to fit snugly or to be loose and dangle, its up to you. Wire – I used 20 gauge (if you can find beads that fit on the larger 16 gage I’d recommend that, your bracelet will be more stiff, BUT mines still great on 20 gauge!) Step 1 Keeping your wire in the original coil, using your wire cutters count 10-12 rounds and cut. Step 2 Using your pliers bend one end of your wire into a small loop. Step 3 Start putting your beads on your wire. I noticed that when I was putting the beads on the wire, my wire straightened out but don’t worry you’ll be able to coil it back up once you’re finished. Or better yet, use memory wire. Step 4

Paracord Survival Bracelet After the positive response we had with The Magic Braid, we decided it would be fun to combine my pictures into a “mini tutorial”. For this project I will be using about 7ft of paracord to make survival bracelets for the kids interested in surviving the great outdoors! These bracelets are easy to make and a fun project for hikers and campers of all ages. Typical uses include attaching equipment to harnesses, as strapping to avoid losing small or important items, tying items to vehicle racks, securing tents and tarps, tourniquets, etc. Use a flame to melt the ends of the paracord to keep your bracelet from fraying. Related Posts: Macrame - By Stefan. Back to Tutorials. This tutorial is supposed to teach you how to make macrame bands in different styles. They can be used as bracelets, belts, or just for decoration. Under each image I will indicate what knot you need to make the band. Reversed half-hitches. Square knots. Hitches. Double Hitches.

V and Co: how to: make a leather cuff from a belt so about 2 and half years ago, i bought a leather cuff. i LOVE it. and i wear it to dress up with my jeans, or (when spring and summer rolls around) shorts. not frilly like most bracelets, wearing these cuffs will make you feel like a rock star. and you'll be recycling any old leather belts you can get your hands on! what you'll need: -some recycled worn belts. i went through my closet, asked my neighbors to go through their closets and then i went to goodwill. all in all there are some pretty cool belts out there that can potentially become cool cuffs. look for cool designs or painted belts-leather snaps brass plates -maxi punch set (these are the ones i used, and they seem to be priced the best. i physically bought my snaps at micheals, and my maxi punch set at hobby lobby. but these from amazon are the same that i got at the stores.) -measure around your wrist with a belt while paying attention to the design of what will show on top of your cuff. you are done.