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Aa A-Level Advanced Level qualifications are available for 16-18-year-olds in various subjects, consisting of six units with assessments and a coursework element. Sometimes referred to as an A2. They are a necessary requirement of university entrance. A-Level - vocational

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How can I save on my energy bill? Could you save yourself more than £200 a year by switching supplier? According to a report from the Competition and Markets Authority on 18 February, 95% of the customers of the big six energy suppliers could save that much by switching tariff and/or supplier. Yet relatively few people bother to switch. Verification Handbook: homepage Trushar Barot is assistant editor at the Social Media and User Generated Content hub at BBC News. He has worked in the British media for the past 15 years, across newspapers, TV, radio, online, social and digital. Over the past 4 years, he has helped develop and implement BBC News' social media strategy and its "social newsroom" at its new headquarters in Central London.

Personal Finance The Myth of the Rich Doctor Are you in a financial position to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Explore the relationship between physicians' income and their ability to build wealth. Stop Making Money Dirty Money in medicine is not dirty. Courses Below is a list of training opportunities that may be of interest to those pursuing a career in sustainable finance. For more information on the sustainable investment and finance industry, see our Events listings and FAQs. For details of companies with involvement in sustainable investment and finance, see our directory. Leonardo Project Sustainable Investment Training Course for Financial Advisers – IN DEVELOPMENT UKSIF, along with eight other European organisations including France’s Novethic and FNG – the German, Austrian and Swiss Sustainable Investment Forum, is currently working on a European Commission funded project to deliver a SRI training course for financial advisers.

The Challenge Online Central to the National Numeracy Challenge is the Challenge Online. This is a confidential, friendly, easy to use interactive website designed to assess and improve your everyday maths skills in bite-sized steps, while building confidence along the way.The Challenge Online is available for everyone. If you become a partner, we can provide you with unique web links. These enable us to provide reporting on usage and engagement for your organisation.The tool is cost-free at the point of access.

BBC Consumer - Monthly interest calculator: the payday loan trap 3 December 2013Last updated at 09:26 Payday loans with high interest rates are advertised as a stopgap until your next payday. But what if you can't pay them back? Taking out a new payday loan every month to pay for the last one leads to spiralling costs. Download 100,000+ Images From The History of Medicine, All Free Courtesy of The Wellcome Library The Wellcome Library, in London, specializes in the history of medicine. While the institution has long offered a good digital collection for browsing, the library announced yesterday that they are making more than 100,000 historical images free to download under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. (Users can distribute, edit, or remix at will; the license even allows for commercial use, with attribution.) The Wellcome’s holdings represent the institution’s long-term interest in collecting art related to medicine, the body, public health, and medical science. The drop-down menu labeled “Technique” in the standard search box returns a staggering array of types of visual culture, from aquatint to carving to fresco to X-ray.

Research at BIS The BIS carries out research and analysis to contribute to the understanding of issues of core interest to the central bank community, to assist the organisation of meetings of Governors and other central bank officials and to provide analytical support to the activities of the various Basel-based committees. The BIS also comments on global economic and financial developments and identifies issues that are of common interest to central banks. The research agenda of the BIS is focused on key areas of interest to central banks, such as monetary and financial stability, monetary policy and exchange rates, financial institutions and infrastructure, financial markets, central bank governance, and legal issues. The research by BIS economists finds its way into the BIS research publications found on this website, including BIS Papers, Working Papers and Other publications (a compilation of miscellaneous reports). What's new

Good Money Week Money can be a powerful agent for change. You may not necessarily think of yourself as an investor but if you have a bank account or use any other financial product you can engage with how your money is being used. Download and share The Life of a Fiver for a thought-provoking look at how your money can be used. Simple ways to get involved in Good Money Week 1. Hold a meeting or event at your campus

Tax explained — Brightside Planning to earn some extra cash to fund your way through uni? Make sure you know your facts about tax otherwise you may end up paying too much. Maybe you got your first pay packet but didn’t take home as much cash as you were expecting. Using Wikipedia in the classroom: a cautionary tale (Updated) Last fall, one of my students contacted me to ask if she could do an “Honors Conversion” of the first-year seminar I was teaching on Ecological and Evolutionary Medicine. After learning what that meant (basically, just that the student has to do an extra assignment in order for the course to count towards the Honors Program), I decided that this could be a great opportunity to do a trial run of an idea I had considered in the past: having students edit Wikipedia as part of their coursework. The project ended up being much more of a learning experience for my student and myself, as I will describe below. But to cut to the chase: will I use Wikipedia in the classroom again? Right now, I’m not sure. Using Wikipedia as an educational tool was really appealing to me.