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Everyone's Trying to Track What You Do on the Web: Here's How to Stop Them

Everyone's Trying to Track What You Do on the Web: Here's How to Stop Them
Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. For those who still aren't getting it, first I respect your judgment, please respect mine. If you don't care about your privacy then it's ok, really; just allow those who do care to talk about it too. And in the meanwhile your privacy being violated is making my internet still free so I'm grateful, really. Maybe we are all looking at it the wrong way when we talk about ad blocking and tracking. If you call your bank and say you've lost your card or you're changing your address they're going to want some identifying information from you... last four, mother's maiden name, first teacher, favorite pet, you know the stuff. Now we all laugh and think it's funny when Anonymous take down the CIA's site or some big business' site but they do it with impunity. Why is the number on the back of your card called a security number? It's 2017 and a Tea Party republican is in the White House.

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Secure Your Internet Privacy With This Guide There’s a lot of talk these days about internet privacy and online security. With over two billion people accessing the internet on a regular basis, it’s about time you started protecting yourself! So, I figured I’d put together a little guide to some of the most popular security precautions and privacy measures available to you online. In this easy-to-follow guide I’ll show you how to make your internet life more secure, starting right now. Two-Factor Authentication What it is: Two-factor authentication is available with a large number of popular sites and services.

Warns Marketers That Mobile Apps May Violate Fair Credit Reporting Act The Federal Trade Commission warned marketers of six mobile applications that provide background screening apps that they may be violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FTC warned the apps marketers that, if they have reason to believe the background reports they provide are being used for employment screening, housing, credit, or other similar purposes, they must comply with the Act. The companies that received the letters are Everify, Inc., marketer of the Police Records app, InfoPay, Inc., marketer of the Criminal Pages app, and Intelligator, Inc., marketer of Background Checks, Criminal Records Search, Investigate and Locate Anyone, and People Search and Investigator apps. According to the FTC, some of the apps include criminal record histories, which bear on an individual's character and general reputation and are precisely the type of information that is typically used in employment and tenant screening. "coWPAtty is designed to audit the pre-shared key (PSK) selection for WPA networks based on the TKIP protocol." - Joshua Wright. Project Homepage: also see: Local Mirror: cowpatty-4.6.tgz MD5: b90fd36ad987c99e7cc1d2a05a565cbd Installing coWPAtty coWPAtty Dictionary Attack What to Do Before Bed and After Waking Up for More Daily Energy I still have sleep issues, and this was a game changer for me. Once my bed was designated as sleep zone only, it was so much easier to sleep. The other thing that changed everything: if I am tossing and turning for more than 15 minutes, switch ends of the bed. Just flip. I'm usually out in 5 minutes when I do that. Another really great tip, if you can't sleep, get up. How to Really Browse Without Leaving a Trace Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Glad to see these explanations, but this is still not complete. There are more levels of clean: booting a LiveCD (Incognito or Anonym.OS-like) with randomized MAC on a public 802.11 WiFi, public proxies and DNS, with TOR or other darknet (VPN) obfuscation.

6 Useful Tools for Easy Viewing and Editing PDF Files You Need To Know PDF files have become the gold standard of document viewing. Why? Their main benefit is that they retain their format even when viewed on different computers, using different programs. I’m sure some of you have experienced viewing a word document only to find it’s screwed up because your viewing software couldn’t maintain the formatting. It’s pretty annoying when that happens, right? Is the debate over data and online privacy misguided? Consumers have long been trading their personal data in return for access to Web sites like Facebook. The tradeoff has worked well for both companies and consumers but, as the pool of data grows bigger, so have concerns over privacy. (c) 2012 Pinar Ozger.

Free IP Changer Software About this IP Changer This is a Firefox add-on that changes your IP address by swapping browser proxy settings. This is the exact same software that comes with the service, but without the private IP relays. Instead, you'll use the "free proxy" instructions below for entering public settings. Aziz Ansari gets candid about love: “elusive and sadly ephemeral” Comedy fans have been tracking Aziz Ansari for a long time, and across a wide variety of comedy platforms. He earned national attention on TV with sketch troupe Human Giant. He broke into films with Observe And Report, Funny People, and 30 Minutes Or Less, among others. He’s involved in online-comedy videos, prominently appearing on Funny Or Die. He’s back to starring on TV with a regular role as Tom Haverford on Parks And Recreation.